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18 Jun

OK, that was a waste of time… England… FAIL!!!  NEXT!!! So my list is Brazil and Portugal and maybe another team I haven’t decided with yet but England is a goner in my list to win. At this rate with this chance for round 16, I don’t see them going anywhere with 2 draws, UNLESS they pull off some miracle win SOMEHOW!


World Cup Time

11 Jun

YAY its time for the world cup and so far the 1st match already became a draw with South Africa and Mexico  with a 1-1 score. I’m not sure what teams I want to go with just yet, I used to root for England and Brazil a lot but now I might have a change of teams.

Well as I’m still deciding what teas to root for the current match with Uruguay and France is boring me a bit, like nothing is really happening. It could be because I’m watching the game on mute cause all off those horn noises going on through the match gets really annoying but it could probably be just the game.

So other than my random babbling are you watching the World Cup and if you are which teams are you rooting for?