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Kuma Chang Outed?

27 Jan

Apparently Utada just outed her teddy bear Kuma Chang o.O? lol ya its pretty funny. In a way to show her support for Gay Marriage Utada decided to draw on these baseballs that were given out to random few during her San Francisco tour date. On these particular baseballs she drew her favorite teddy bear Kuma Chang holding up signs saying to legalized Gay Marriage. It was really off guard move from her seeing that it was her “1st” act towards this situation. She took to her blog and posted this picture and entry.

Gay Kuma series 🙂

Macho-gay Kuma, girly-gay Kuma, and drag queen Kuma!

Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever really explained it here, but Kuma really is gay (he’s a boy but likes men only, no interest in girls…) so these illustrations flowed pretty naturally.

Oh, did I just out Kuma?

There you have it, by the words off Utada herself, Kuma Chang is indeed and in fact now a gay Teddy Bear. Random but interesting/silly/o.O?

Blast You Utada

22 Jan

Everyday a new video gets posted of her “In the Flesh” tour and makes me hate how she is not touring in Florida. But then I look up and see the awesome autographs o have form her and then I feel somewhat happy again. But still, I do wish she had come back here, that would have been a really nice awesome group thing to do.  Damn you Utada D:

Utada – Video 2 @ Miami Sephora

28 Mar

Here is another video I recorded at the event, this particular video is a lil Q&A where the MC asked some questions from people who submitted from the website/text messages.

I have a few other videos to upload but I’m currently in Belle glade Florida so when I get back I will post the other videos :3

Utada – Video 1 @ Miami Sephora

28 Mar

Here is a lil snippet of Utada at the Sephora event in Miami Beach. The clip is rather short but it features Utada doing a little dance to her favorite track in her latest album “This Is The One”

Meeting Utada =D

28 Mar

MEETING UTADA!!!! YAY!!!!!!! She was so cool!!! and shes so tiny!!!!! XD XD XD its was a great day! Left my home around 12 and got there really early, when we got to the Sephora store we got our wrist bands and grabbed a bite to eat. Upon returning to Sephora the crowd got a lil bigger but we were still pretty close to the front so it was all good still. After a couple of hours of waiting (about 6 hours or so) we finally got into the store and the mayhem began. (Even though outside the store there was so much mayhem, mopeds getting hit by a car, free monster energy drinks and free hats/stuff woot!!!) When we got in they played about 3 songs in the album and then Utada came and the crowd went WILD!!!! After a few questions from the MC/e-mails and fans Utada reveals that;

Her favorite anime is Ghost In the Shell. ( TV Series)

She prefers to live in Manhattan than in Japan.

She LOVES hot dogs with everything on it.

Her favorite track in “This Is The One” is “Me Muero”

She is NOT going to release English versions of her Japanese songs. (that’s how she feels about it because the Japanese songs are perfect the way they are)

ALSO!!! another CONGRATS goes to my friend Janet who won the Grand Prize raffle and got to get up and close to Utada!!! OHHH SO LUCKY *envy*

and now pics!!! =D, I will have videos up but they will take some time to upload, so now BEWARE! cause there is a good amount of pics.

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Promotion GO GO GO

12 Mar

Island is really promoting the upcoming album more and more. Check check check it out XD

She looks weird in that photo XD and im really not digging the album font at all, a lil upset they havent changed it yet but its not about the album cover its about the MUSIC! =D. Well all there is to really say is Good Luck to Utada and her new English album. XD

Come Back To Me

1 Mar

Well Utada’s PV for Come Back To Me has finally been released, and lets say “the PV is good!!!” Comparing it to the previous releases, this videos surpasses them by far. The PV for Come Back To Me is lets just say “beautiful” in a cinematography matter XD, and its a breath of fresh air since her Heart Station, Beautiful World and Kiss & Cry PV releases.

Music Fight Part 2

5 Feb

Well well it seems things are changing around with the release of the 2 US albums that are being released from BoA and Utada. As i mentioned before their release dates were set to March 4th, but recently the record label in charge of BoA has changed the release dates to March 17th. Bold move? It could be if they want the album to hit a #1 ranking when its up against someone who has a history of being in the #1 spot.

Utada’s 3rd English album has finally been given a name also. The 3rd english release will be called “This Is The One” and fans are happy with the title but it seems it made Utada a little upset =O. It seems a member from  IDJ did something they were not supposed too =O.

From her Official Site :

February 4, 2009 – Wednesday


Ok, so, I can now announce that the title of my new album is

“This Is The One”

I am a little upset right now because I think a staff member of IDJ posted the previous blog entry. It’s not me, but it’s written AS IF it is written by me. I’m going to call the dude in charge and make sure this doesn’t happen again.

9:52 PM”

HEHEHE she is referring to this post :

“New Album Title

I want to be the first to tell you that the name of my new album is “This Is The One” and I can’t wait for all of you to hear it.

Thank you for all the comments!”

Im not surprised she got upset, its her album let her release the title for her work on her own, XD that poor guy look what he got himself into.

Also here are confirmed tracklist from both albums XD

BoA’s Album

1. I Did It For Love(featuring Sean Garrett)
2. Energetic
3. Did Ya
4. Look Who’s Talking
5. Eat You Up
6. Obsessed
7. Touched
8. Scream
9. Girls On Top
10. Dress Off
11. Hypnotic dancefloor

Utada’s Album

Come Back To Me


Me Muero

Apples and Cinnamon

Music Fight! DING! DING! DING!

13 Jan

March 4th the Music Brawl will begin XD

LAWL this is interesting both Utada and BoA are releasing their English albums on the SAME DAY in Japan. Now who is going to get better sales? XD Utada’s Exodus album was a major hit in Japan but BoA is pretty big herself and with her best album coming out on the same day also is going to be a fight on the Oricon Charts.

Maybe i should… hmmm… yes this will do…


Which team will you be on?

“Come Back To Me”

7 Jan

So Utada’s Island Def Jam official site has finally been updated from since the “You Make Me Want To Be A Man” single release. The new layout is nothing big, but there is something on the site that Utada fans may want to check out. Her song “Come Back To Me” is now streaming on the website, and so far I like what I hear.

“Come Back To Me” is pretty nice ^^ its a mainstream R’n’B song that you would hear in the U.S but its Utada stylish I think o.o. Ok, the main priority of this is to try and grasp the American audience, and with type of material could it? I think is has a very high chance. After Exodus being a very dark album, who knows exactly how this album will turn out. I mean like we did have the “Easy Breezy” track in Exodus and then a slap with Dark songs, so now we just have to wait and see what exactly happens. Now as for audience grabber for the U.S I think this track has potential to do good but alas we get the “you never know till it happens” type of situation.

Other than that gibber jabber, If you want to hear the song check out her official site from Island Def Jam, or download it 320kbps. ( Thanks goes to WINRY from hikaru.sc)

Utada Official Site – Island Def Jam.

Come Back To Me – website rip.