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20 Mar

I downloaded the ost to FF XIII

now of course i knew beforehand that it would be nice, but now that i have it i have to say it is kickass

if you’re like me and you like listening to game music along with other music

you like having awsomeness lol

lately i’ve been getting around to finishing getting some game OSTs that i had before

so far i have


Z.O.E. 2nd




that’s to name a few

the FF XIII OST is amazing it was composed by Masashi Hamauzu

i don ‘t think he’s new but i know that Nobuo Uematsu left Square-enix along with some other composers not to long ago

he definatly was my favorite

but now i guess we’ll hear more from people like Masashi who did a great job for XIII

XII’s OST was good, it was classical but it wasn’t like the others it could have been better, so now with this  XIII is a very kickass one since a long time. It’s very reminiscent of X’s soundtract but still very much original there is a lot of tracts that i like in this one especially Sayuri Sugawara’s theme song which unfortunately didn’t come to the US version of FF XIII we got Leona Lewis not that her song is bad its actually good but i would of prefered Sayuri’s song

well i guess that’s all i can’t go specific with the songs cuz theres a lot lol

and i think this my first time kind of reviewing an OST or at least music for that matter well thats cool XD

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9 Oct