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full moon live

20 Jan


moumoons Full Moon Live has just ended and it was a short but wonderful live. It started around 9pm Japan time so it was about 7am our time when it began. The live was a quaint acoustic live and I think they should have more streaming lives like they did today. Come to think of it I think this was their 2nd live streaming if you count the opening act they did for Do As Infinity on the Free Souls Free Live concert but anyways more live streaming yes! especially when they have a new album coming out next month which is good promotion. Well nothing much to say gotta head to class so Later Days ^^ =D


2.Sunshine Girl

Sunshine Girl acoustic!

3 Aug

The acoustic version of Sunshine Girl! =D Yuka is so good live! =D Enjoy =D I think they should release an acoustic version off this, but they don’t really release acoustic mostly English versions. Maybe it will be an iTunes special release or something =D

Yay more CD’s

6 Jul

The awesomeness that is Gaya! *does a Kermit der Frosch YAY!!!!!!!!* While Gaya was in Japan studying abroad she got me the awesome of awesomeness, the latest Do As Infinity single ∞2 and the latest moumoon mini album リフレイン. Both cd’s are amazing and the moumoon mini album is the VERY FIRST physical moumoon cd I own *yay!*

I don’t know if its just only me but as much as I love new cd’s I’m always so eager to dive into the cd booklets. There is just something about album booklets that always intrigues me, I have no idea why but they just do. I really have no idea why, I’m sitting here trying to find a logical reason why but nothing is coming to mind (except how they smell, they all have this scent like a “right out of the factory” smell), its so weird, I’m so weird… Anyways Thanks Again Gaya yay!!!!

Happy Day, Summer Day, Sunshines for you

27 Apr

O(≧∇≦)O!!!! It’s so addicting and good!!! the hook just gets to you and now its replaying in my head over and over and over again!!! I feel like playing this and skipping around joyfully, I might get shot or people will totally think something is really wrong with me but xD it’s that happy and cute and happy and bubbly good (and happy)xD. Also Yuka looks way to cute in this pv  ♪(((#^-^)八(^_^*)))♪ ダンス *stares more*

♪♪└(^^*)┐ ┌(*^^)┘└(^^*)┐ ┌(*^^)┘♪♪

I do wish there was more acoustic in it, when it does kick in it gives the song another layer of awesomeness, but I guess the current arrangement is completely fine BUT! moumoon is known for doing acoustics or English versions of the A-sides or good B-sides so hopefully next single or next album there will be a remake.  Happy Day Summer Day sunshines for you *whistles away*

Whats also interesting about this pv is how they really related it with the Anessa promotion that it ties with. If you look at the Anessa cm you can see similarities between the pv and cm. Some similarities you can point out are the clothes Yuka and Yu Aoi are wearing, walking in the hallway with the shadows overlapping the girls, the set itself are the same and possibly much more that could be pointed out.

(I would put both videos from youtube but Youtube/Avex Trax and their copyright issues LOL its just annoying. Avex you have your own channel update it faster xD /facepalm)

Good ol Music

25 Apr

Weeeeee I got me new music *YAY!!!!!* and I always forget to post the stuff up here… Yea this is hella late but still worth mentioning 😛 (prepare for semi big post =D). Let the post BEGIN! (well again, but on topic I suppose)

OK! Angela Aki (Alex look your making a new set off money and not sharing the wealth) is back with a new single and I WAS LATE on getting it V_V so I finally nabbed it once I knew there was an actual single out.

1. 輝く人 (Kagayaku Hito, Better People)
2. The Chase
3. Without You (Mariah Carey cover)
4. 手紙~拝啓十五の君へ~合唱バージョン (Tegami with Chorus)

So basically the single is a 1st I think/believe that the A-side Angela doesn’t play the piano but full acoustic only. I have a feeling possibly in the next single or something there will be a piano version, thats just her thing I guess. 輝く人 is a really nice song the chorus is really strong and you can check it out here in the PV for it =D

The pv reminds me of Kokoro no senshi and tegami when that upbeat part kicks in LOL but still a great song =D. Another track I really liked was the Without You cover. Majority of off her covers are really good and since Aki is really good at ballads this was easy breezy for her (lawl Utada reference). 手紙~拝啓十五の君へ~合唱バージョン is just the same track as before but now its just vamped with the vocal background chorus no big difference.

OH! also there is new Do As Infinity to come! *weeee*

Do As待望のニューシングル『∞2』が6/16(水)に発売が決定しました!!
現在放送中のTVCM「Battle of 6 BOATRACE」の主題歌となっている「Everything will be all right」。

Basically… they are continuing with the ∞ series and 「Everything will be all right」is in the single plus 2 of the four tracks are winners of the Do the Creative contest so this looks like a really interesting single to come. Also they posted a nice screen cap of both Van and Ryo during filming of the PV with a little caption “DoAsInfinity 伴ちゃんよりコメントです。「順調にPV撮影は進んでおりま〜す。皆さん楽しみにしててね!」” Basically stating that fliming of the PV is going great and everyone look forward for its release.

For some reason I get a Spanish vibe from this don’t know why but I do, we will just have to see once the song is out and the PV also.

Update! – The track list is out and here it is.

2010/6/16 on sale
¥1,300(tax in)

M1) 1/100 ※2010 BOAT RACE TVCMソング-‘09年12月~
M2) Everything will be all right ※2010 BOAT RACE TVCMソング-‘10年7月~
M4)パイルドライバー (Pile driver), (odd name but thats what I got)

Next is moumoon’s next single! (and I think the site literally just changed cause I was on it a min ago and it was still on the Refrain layout and now its Sunshine girl layout. anyways the tracklist

1.Sunshine Girl
2.メドレー(2010 Summer ver.)
3.Sunshine Girl -Instrumental

Release – 2010/05/12

The new single is being used to help promote an Anessa product and the promo cm is out and you can hear a longer preview of the song on the Official Website or check out the 30sec cm that they have out…

Yuka so cute *drools…..* OK! =D =D =D back on track, it was pretty cool they have a new single out so fast after releasing a mini album about a month ago. Also there is another single floating around that is also said to be released on 2010/05/26 and its called Jugoya no Tsuki o Mite Haneru Usagi or A Rabbit Leaping at the Sight of the Full Moon or Let’s dance in the moonlight, I’m leaning toward the lets dance in the moonlight mainly because they album cover is out and this is whats been released

1. Let’s dance in the moonlight

There is some info about this little guy/single. Mainly what is known is that a popular fashion brand Mono Comme Ca is set to be released in May and this rabbit here in the cover art is names “15” which is pronounced Ichigo (which also means strawberry) and moumoon is set to work and create an original single for this little rabbit.

Other than these things I mentioned I would have posted stuff about the Rie Fu’s album and the moumoon mini album but that was released a while back and I’m just being lazy now xD.


10 Sep

moumoonの6th singleの発売が11/25に決定いたしました! タイトルは「青い月とアンビバレンスな愛」


Basically moumoon’s 6th single is set and ready to be released. The release date for the upcoming single is 11/25 and it will be named Blue Moon/Ambivalence of love *Aoi Tsuki to Ambivalence na Ai* (something along those lines)  Weeeeee can’t wait. It was said that the upcoming single songs were made three years ago since the live demo CD so if anything it will have the Flowers/Pride feel to it? maybe xD

31 Jul

1 On the right
2 ハレルヤ
3 Philia
4 On the right -instrumental-
5 ハレルヤ -instrumental-

All I really have to say to this single is WOW. After listening to the single’s a-side on the PV, I was a bit skeptical on whether the single would be any good, but once listening to the physical single it was just firkin amazing!!! It was fresh yet embodied some really good feelings from their previous works. Even though they are still not well known yet they are bound to make it big if they keep up with these kinds of releases. Especially ハレルヤ(hallelujah) this song is amazing!!! its my favorite from the single, on the right is great too but ハレルヤ owns hands down. xD

Funny thing about this PV is that it gives me the idea is this is how Charlotte sees the world everyday, xD dunno why but it just gives me that impression.


5 Feb

The PV for 「EVERGREEN」 is out and its OH SOOOO NICE!! =D. moumoon releases single after single of great songs =D. I wonder how the B-sides will sound like, I also can’t wait for the next single to be released.  If the pattern continues they released the previous A-Side  English ^^ on their new singles, can’t wait ^^.

Download – 「EVERGREEN」 PV



23 Dec

★moumoon 4th Single 「EVERGREEN」発売決定!!★

moumoon待望の4th Single 「EVERGREEN」の発売が決定しました!
玉山鉄二主演 映画「カフーを待ちわびて」(2009年2月28日公開)の主題歌に決定!

moumoon 4th Single

=O do my eyes deceive me D: D: D: a new single!!! D: D: D: YAY!!!!!!!!! so fast after releasing an album, I would think they would take a break but nooooooo new moumoon =D!!!!

Do As Infinity – Free Live

30 Sep

Ok im finally done editing all the pictures I took from the live, and by the way the live was FRIKIN AWESOME!!!!!!! its was soo cool!!! It must have been such a rush to be in that crowd during that live, man! I wish I could have been there, but I kinda was so to speak in the comfort of my own home XD XD. Also the opening act was great the band Moumoon was the perfect choice for an opening act, and they sound pretty nice too that I might pick up something from them. Well then let me leave you with some screen captures and if you like, you can download all 140+ captures i took of the live.

OH! and here is what was performed.

new world
tooku made
hi no ataru sakamichi
fukai mori
Yesterday & Today
Honjitsu wa seiten nari
boukensha tachi
Summer Days

ai no uta

(screen caps go in that order somewhat, normally when colors change so did the songs, I would have named the files by the songs but there is over 100+ files and it was at 6-7am and i haven’t slept yet)

Download – Free Live Screen Caps