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6 Feb

well officially as of right now or more precisely a couple minutes ago

i Kevens Daniel – Viaud no longer works at Wendy’s.

I feel good and bad because i guess im not used to confronting much, however in my mind without a doubt its for the best.

Perhaps Ive procrastinated to much and i’m at fault somewhat, but then what is more important?

Anyhow I have a play to see for a class it’s gotta be done one way or the other, sometimes you get that feeling you were blocked and couldn’t go forward. Well not here not anymore, no more excuses for one’s own good character and what not.

For a long time I’ve been struggling to figure things out and choose what i want to be, today they came and blocked me so they had to be discarded, sure economy and all the world is in an unsure state. If I stop to gaze at every single anomaly that passes me ill never get anywhere.

So this is me in a new better direction, what comes may, I’m not gonna regret this no matter what

that’s what i believe

so good riddance

everyone take care