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Kuma Chang Outed?

27 Jan

Apparently Utada just outed her teddy bear Kuma Chang o.O? lol ya its pretty funny. In a way to show her support for Gay Marriage Utada decided to draw on these baseballs that were given out to random few during her San Francisco tour date. On these particular baseballs she drew her favorite teddy bear Kuma Chang holding up signs saying to legalized Gay Marriage. It was really off guard move from her seeing that it was her “1st” act towards this situation. She took to her blog and posted this picture and entry.

Gay Kuma series 🙂

Macho-gay Kuma, girly-gay Kuma, and drag queen Kuma!

Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever really explained it here, but Kuma really is gay (he’s a boy but likes men only, no interest in girls…) so these illustrations flowed pretty naturally.

Oh, did I just out Kuma?

There you have it, by the words off Utada herself, Kuma Chang is indeed and in fact now a gay Teddy Bear. Random but interesting/silly/o.O?