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Eliza Dushku Gets Wet!! Zomg!!! <3

22 Aug


Eliza Dushku Plays Rubi Malone in the game Wet by Bethesda Softworks and Zomg ❤ its Awesome!!! O_O!


OMG!!!!!! ❤ it comes out September 15, 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nintendo DSi Revealed

3 Oct

Rumours had been making their way around the internet this week about an upcoming DS announcement from Nintendo. With today’s Tokyo conference Nintendo put to rest all rumours by unveiling the Nintendo DSi. For those a little curious as to why the “i” is included, it’s simply because the DS now has an eye….. or what I like to call, a “camera”.

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Gaming is terrorism too!

17 Sep

Wow  The US intelligence has really lost it or it is the beginning of the terrorist  turning into gamers to plan out an attack. But all in all it means one thing, your WoW game could be monitor by the government, just absurd really, you can’t even play for relaxation without knowing someone is monitoring you. WTF

On-line gaming can be the next terrorist planning area.  Be careful Barbie game on-line can also have terrorist planning like how a pink dress can fit on you so elegantly.

Damn it the government and terrorist are really going to ruin on-line gaming experience. >_>

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gaming where O.O ????

10 Jul

well ive decided id go into gaming not to long ago. the thing is now i need to kno what ill do in gaming and where exacly ill go fo it lol

i was interested in going to this univesity mcgill, but that was before i was sure about doing gaming which they dont have, but anyhow things are moving along even if its slow im slowly getting it together