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Do As Infinity – Free Live

30 Sep

Ok im finally done editing all the pictures I took from the live, and by the way the live was FRIKIN AWESOME!!!!!!! its was soo cool!!! It must have been such a rush to be in that crowd during that live, man! I wish I could have been there, but I kinda was so to speak in the comfort of my own home XD XD. Also the opening act was great the band Moumoon was the perfect choice for an opening act, and they sound pretty nice too that I might pick up something from them. Well then let me leave you with some screen captures and if you like, you can download all 140+ captures i took of the live.

OH! and here is what was performed.

new world
tooku made
hi no ataru sakamichi
fukai mori
Yesterday & Today
Honjitsu wa seiten nari
boukensha tachi
Summer Days

ai no uta

(screen caps go in that order somewhat, normally when colors change so did the songs, I would have named the files by the songs but there is over 100+ files and it was at 6-7am and i haven’t slept yet)

Download – Free Live Screen Caps