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Japan Culture Day Fund Raising Event

23 Apr

Made by Char 😀

Hey guys incase you don’t have anything to do on saturday, April 30th, you could come to the Japan Culture Day event at FIU.

We also need volunteers incase your interested 😀 just email: japanclubfiu@gmail.com ( I check this email constantly >_<)

Plus we will have DDR tournament, Karaoke, Origami, Para Para dancing, Yosakoi dance (i’m in this one >_<),  Aikido demonstration (i’m participating in this, so you’ll probably see me get thrown), Kendo, Iaido (Traditional Japanese swordsmanship), Taiko Drumming ( its those huge drums they play on), Lots of food XD,  kanji face painting, keitai strap (phone strap, you learn to make them) and other activites cause yeah there is alot, ooh! i forgot there is also Japanese games as in Janken (paper, scissor rocks (but extreme), this bread race?  XD its really weird games.

Yeah just want to get it out there.

And um I couldn’t go out yesterday to Christine because i had no car and I um fell asleep after orly texted me so i missed most of the text you guys sent me.

Sowwy >_<


Good Reason to start looking for organic foods

28 Dec

Alright as we all know about this organic hype is going on in the US is because of the crop manipulation by the agricultural industry.  Heck not even Europe wants these things because they know its bad big time, and they have reason to state it too.

According to a study, GM corn disturbs immune systems in mice.  And what horrifies me the most is that most of the food made in America is produced by GM and similar corporations that uses alternations to the crops grown and the US government is not really caring to tell the consumer about what is going into their food.  People are complaining about the oil corporations manipulations in the government but I also think they should concentrate on this agricultural corporation sector also because I don’t want my body to intake anything that can be harmful. Also companies such as Monsanto ( what a perfect name right?) manipulate seeds in order for it to explode so they won’t be able to be used again by the farmers and if lets say the seeds from Monsanto gets pollinated by mistake in field of farmer then that company has the right to take what is theirs  in that farm land. With all this crop manipulation what is too become of the environment?  WTF seriously has it come down to this? No wonder Europe and the rest of the world are a bit iffy about the US products, geez.

Found the article on Current.com

Main article:

Study Finds GM corn distrubs immune system of mice