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「Eternal Flame」 Promo!

18 Aug

New promo pic for 「Eternal Flame」 is out!!! and I have no words for it, my jaw is still hanging from being shocked after seeing the pic. ∑(O_O;)!!! (pretty much my reaction)


Holy HAWTNESS Goth looking Van!!! O(≧∇≦)O The new album seems to be heading in a good direction, OHHHH I just can’t wait till its out!!! I should also pre-order it too, hmm… the 10th anniversary t-shirts look pretty cool, especially to add to the final live t-shirt I have. AHHH 「Eternal Flame」 get released already!!! D: Wow I still can’t believe its been 10 years, man that’s a decade, Go Do As!!! *has the sudden urge to watch the Do the A-side DVD* xD


「Eternal Flame」Cover!

24 Jul

YAY the Album cover for Eternal Flame is out and it looks ever so good.=D Really simple but works very well ^^. Would have been cooler if the torch was in ice but sand works too I suppose xD.

Awww man :'(

8 Jul

“Due to the increasing US border security and new travel visa processing delays we are unable to get approval for Do As Infinity to perform at AnimeFest. It is with regret that AnimeFest must announce the cancellation of our musical guest. AnimeFest would like to thank AVEX and Do As Infinity for their steady commitment and all of their efforts in trying to help make this event a reality”.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


There goes my b-day dream V_V… I feel for the folks on DAIforum and many others who already got a plane tickets and reserved rooms at the hotels to see them. This really sucks 😦


2 Jul

OH DAMN! Like WOW!!!


In other news the band/official website has announced that they are releasing their new album! YAY! The new album follows the Lettering order that all the previous albums followed in the past. From Need Your Love to now Eternal Flame. Not to much is known about it yet but it will be released on 9・30・09 in CD+DVD ¥3,990 & CD ¥3,059.

New Single!! =O

16 Apr

Do As Infinity will be releasing their 1st single after four years!!! =D. On June 17th the band will be releasing their 21st single release entitled ∞1 (“infinity ichi”). With this new single it will include the newly performed songs that the fans were able to hears in previous concerts/lives.

Do As Infinity 『∞1』

1. 生まれゆくものたちへ
2. メラメラ
3. Timeless(テレビ東京系「激走!GT」エンディングテーマ)
4. Let’s get together at a-nation

Cant Wait D: D: D:

Another New Song

27 Feb

Another new song from Do As Infinity =D. 1st we have meramera and now we have 生まれゆく者達へ.  生まれゆく者達へ roughly translates to “To those who will be born”, new sample clips of it yet, but lets hope there will be one soon.

Treeluv previews: meramera

22 Feb

WOOO! for the 1st time!!! Treeluv will give u a sneek preview of the upcoming new song from Do as Infinity – meramera. With this preview big thanks goes to leona1117, VERY BIG THANKS! ^^. Now lets get to the song =D, just from the preview IM ENJOYING IT GREATLY!!! XD its catchy too =D MERAMERA MOEAGARU HONOOO WOWOW!! XD

XD ok here it is enjoy ^^

Download – meramera preview


20 Feb


01 For the future
02 under the sun
03 Get Yourself
04 tsubasa no keikaku
05 rumble fish
06 rakuen
07 hi no ataru sakamichi
08 Would you marry me?
09 Week!
10 fukai mori
11 Raven
12 kagaku no yoru
13 tsurezure naru mama ni
14 tooku made
15 boukensha tachi
16 One or Eight
17 honjitsu wa seiten nari

18 meramera

19 Grateful Journey
20 ai no uta

New song!!!!!!!!!

As Yahiko mentioned in DAI forum, “it means like “bursting into flames”. The fans who were there said it sounds somehow like Boukensha tachi and it has strong Nagao influences and also, that this won’t be an a-side… probably an album song

Awesome eh? the time has come =D

Tally up

31 Oct

So as of Oct 17, here is the current results of what songs fans voted for to be played live =D


  • 1位:154票 タダイマ (glad this one came 1st)
  • 2位:152票 陽のあたる坂道
  • 3位:123票 Oasis
  • 4位:120票 本日ハ晴天ナリ (Not shocked this one is here, its performed at like every live)
  • 5位:107票 あいのうた
  • 6位:96票 遠雷 (Glad this one is top 10 also)
  • 7位:95票 We are.
  • 8位:87票 柊
  • 9位:82票 夜鷹の夢 WOOT WOOT! my request came 9th =D
  • 10位:80票 Field of dreams、遠くまで
  • 12位:73票 科学の夜
  • 13位:69票 Desire、For the future、One or Eight、深い森
  • 17位:65票 Yesterday & Today
  • 18位:60票 TAO、冒険者たち
  • 20位:58票 NEW WORLD
  • 21位:55票 魔法の言葉、翼の計画
  • 23位:51票 week!
  • 24位:48票 Wings 510、空想旅団
  • 26位:47票 SUMMER DAYS、under the sun、真実の詩
  • 29位:45票 菜ノ花畑
  • 30位:40票 Tangerine Dream
  • 31位:38票 Grateful Journey
  • 32位:35票 徒然なるままに
  • 33位:33票 under the moon
  • 34位:32票 mellow amber
  • 35位:30票 Heart、I miss you?、轍-WADACHI-
  • 38位:29票 nice & easy、Raven
  • 40位:26票 135、ブランコ (ブランコ should be top 10 QQ)
  • 42位:25票 恋妃、Ever…
  • 44位:23票 シグナル、永遠、楽園
  • 47位:20票 rumble fish
  • 48位:18票 Need your love、心の地図
  • 50位:15票 Gates of heaven、Simple Minds
  • 52位:12票 ROBOT、Remember the hill、Thanksgiving Day、Trust
  • 56位:10票 Painful、BE FREE、Snail、Ultimate G.V、Weeds、アザヤカナハナ
  • 62位:9票 Holiday
  • 63位:7票 10W40、BREAK OF DAWN、D/N/A、Good for you、My wish – My life、Standing on the hill、Welcome!
  • 70位 CARNAVAL、Glasses、GURUGURU、sense of life、トレジャプレジャ、散りゆく夕辺
  • 76位 Blue、Faces、Get yourself、Hang out、one flesh

One thing though… Where is aurora???!?!?!?!?!

So I made a banner…

13 Oct

So I made a banner for the DAI forum I go too, I haven’t made one in such a long time. Tell me what you think compared to my previous banners X_X

1st Banner

2nd Banner

3rd Banner

4th Banner

5th Banner and New =D

6th Banner New also =D

Yea as you can see I was a noob with photoshop back then XD, hopefully it shows I improved XD cause that would just suck if I didn’t QQ XD,