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Yay more CD’s

6 Jul

The awesomeness that is Gaya! *does a Kermit der Frosch YAY!!!!!!!!* While Gaya was in Japan studying abroad she got me the awesome of awesomeness, the latest Do As Infinity single ∞2 and the latest moumoon mini album リフレイン. Both cd’s are amazing and the moumoon mini album is the VERY FIRST physical moumoon cd I own *yay!*

I don’t know if its just only me but as much as I love new cd’s I’m always so eager to dive into the cd booklets. There is just something about album booklets that always intrigues me, I have no idea why but they just do. I really have no idea why, I’m sitting here trying to find a logical reason why but nothing is coming to mind (except how they smell, they all have this scent like a “right out of the factory” smell), its so weird, I’m so weird… Anyways Thanks Again Gaya yay!!!!


18 May

So the Do As Infinity website layout was updated with another picture you can use as a background to your desktop. It’s simple but I’m amazed this time that Van isn’t the focus and Ryo is upfront. Its still cool =D


Good ol Music

25 Apr

Weeeeee I got me new music *YAY!!!!!* and I always forget to post the stuff up here… Yea this is hella late but still worth mentioning 😛 (prepare for semi big post =D). Let the post BEGIN! (well again, but on topic I suppose)

OK! Angela Aki (Alex look your making a new set off money and not sharing the wealth) is back with a new single and I WAS LATE on getting it V_V so I finally nabbed it once I knew there was an actual single out.

1. 輝く人 (Kagayaku Hito, Better People)
2. The Chase
3. Without You (Mariah Carey cover)
4. 手紙~拝啓十五の君へ~合唱バージョン (Tegami with Chorus)

So basically the single is a 1st I think/believe that the A-side Angela doesn’t play the piano but full acoustic only. I have a feeling possibly in the next single or something there will be a piano version, thats just her thing I guess. 輝く人 is a really nice song the chorus is really strong and you can check it out here in the PV for it =D

The pv reminds me of Kokoro no senshi and tegami when that upbeat part kicks in LOL but still a great song =D. Another track I really liked was the Without You cover. Majority of off her covers are really good and since Aki is really good at ballads this was easy breezy for her (lawl Utada reference). 手紙~拝啓十五の君へ~合唱バージョン is just the same track as before but now its just vamped with the vocal background chorus no big difference.

OH! also there is new Do As Infinity to come! *weeee*

Do As待望のニューシングル『∞2』が6/16(水)に発売が決定しました!!
現在放送中のTVCM「Battle of 6 BOATRACE」の主題歌となっている「Everything will be all right」。

Basically… they are continuing with the ∞ series and 「Everything will be all right」is in the single plus 2 of the four tracks are winners of the Do the Creative contest so this looks like a really interesting single to come. Also they posted a nice screen cap of both Van and Ryo during filming of the PV with a little caption “DoAsInfinity 伴ちゃんよりコメントです。「順調にPV撮影は進んでおりま〜す。皆さん楽しみにしててね!」” Basically stating that fliming of the PV is going great and everyone look forward for its release.

For some reason I get a Spanish vibe from this don’t know why but I do, we will just have to see once the song is out and the PV also.

Update! – The track list is out and here it is.

2010/6/16 on sale
¥1,300(tax in)

M1) 1/100 ※2010 BOAT RACE TVCMソング-‘09年12月~
M2) Everything will be all right ※2010 BOAT RACE TVCMソング-‘10年7月~
M4)パイルドライバー (Pile driver), (odd name but thats what I got)

Next is moumoon’s next single! (and I think the site literally just changed cause I was on it a min ago and it was still on the Refrain layout and now its Sunshine girl layout. anyways the tracklist

1.Sunshine Girl
2.メドレー(2010 Summer ver.)
3.Sunshine Girl -Instrumental

Release – 2010/05/12

The new single is being used to help promote an Anessa product and the promo cm is out and you can hear a longer preview of the song on the Official Website or check out the 30sec cm that they have out…

Yuka so cute *drools…..* OK! =D =D =D back on track, it was pretty cool they have a new single out so fast after releasing a mini album about a month ago. Also there is another single floating around that is also said to be released on 2010/05/26 and its called Jugoya no Tsuki o Mite Haneru Usagi or A Rabbit Leaping at the Sight of the Full Moon or Let’s dance in the moonlight, I’m leaning toward the lets dance in the moonlight mainly because they album cover is out and this is whats been released

1. Let’s dance in the moonlight

There is some info about this little guy/single. Mainly what is known is that a popular fashion brand Mono Comme Ca is set to be released in May and this rabbit here in the cover art is names “15” which is pronounced Ichigo (which also means strawberry) and moumoon is set to work and create an original single for this little rabbit.

Other than these things I mentioned I would have posted stuff about the Rie Fu’s album and the moumoon mini album but that was released a while back and I’m just being lazy now xD.


12 Dec

New DAI website layout and a new background pic!!! =D totally made this my new wallpaper and it rocks my socks so enjoy this everyone cause this is surely a keeper =D

I wish my monitor was big enough to get the full thing in but good ol photoshop made it work perfectly fine.  So enjoy it everyone ^^


28 Nov

OK! yea I know I’m like late on posting this but I was so so HA!, anyways the new DAI single Kimi ga inai mirai is on scheduled to be released and its a bit big somehow. Reason why I say its kinda big is because of how its being released.

Check it – the single is to be released in four versions.

in 4 versions:

君がいない未来 [DVD付初回限定盤]
犬夜叉×Do As Infinityという強力コラボレーション! 新曲+過去のタイアップを含む4曲入りシングル!! 「君がいない未来」は、読売テレビ・日本テレビ系アニメ『犬夜叉 完結編』オープニングテーマに決定! サウンド・プロデュースは初期よりDo As Infinityサウンドには欠かすことの出来ない亀田誠治! DVDには、「君がいない未来」(Music Clip)、「深い森」(Music Clip)、「真実の詩」(Music Clip)、「楽園」(Music Clip)、「君がいない未来」(『犬夜叉 完結編』オープニング映像)、「深い森」(『犬夜叉』エンディング映像)、「真実の詩」(『犬夜叉』エンディング映像)を収録。 『犬夜叉 完結編』描き下ろしイラスト巻き帯ステッカー(A)封入。

– 君がいない未来 [初回限定生産]
犬夜叉×Do As Infinityという強力コラボレーション! 新曲+過去のタイアップを含む4曲入りシングル!! 「君がいない未来」は、読売テレビ・日本テレビ系アニメ『犬夜叉 完結編』オープニングテーマに決定! サウンド・プロデュースは初期よりDo As Infinityサウンドには欠かすことの出来ない亀田誠治! 『犬夜叉 完結編』描き下ろしイラスト巻き帯ステッカー ( B ) 封入。

– 君がいない未来 CD+DVD

– 君がいない未来 CD

Craziness, in other words all that its basically saying is that there are going to be four different versions and each will have its own different cover jacket. And if you plan on getting the CD+DVD it will include all previous Inuyasha related Opening/Ending animations that was made. Other than that let me catch you up to what is happening now, the Cover for the single has been

It's Really Small

released and its a pretty small pic for now but soon there will be a bigger version and yea lol. Next to be updated on is the main reason for this post is the PV for the single! PV? SO QUICK? DIDNT THEY JUST RELEASE AN ALBUM? =O OH ME OH MY!

LOL ok I had to be stupid somewhere in this post so I decided there was fine. OK! here is the PV and I do have to say I really like it, much better than the PVs that were released on Eternal Flame actually so I felt a little gipped out but its all good.

Download PV

Eternal Flame is Home =D

4 Oct

YAY my CD+DVD is here Thank You Danny again ^^ ^^. Originally the package got here on Friday but i didn’t get to use the dang camera till today, had to get a new set of batteries then had to get them charged so LAWL. Also I totally didn’t know that the 1st press releases get a poster for those who preordered so it was totally awesome too. Luckily we got it from CDJapan instead of Yesasia xD.  Other than that check out the awesome CD =D.

Jacket Front

Jacket Front

Jacket Back

Jacket Back



1st Press DVD with documentary

1st Press DVD with documentary

1st Press Poster

1st Press Poster

Awesome stuff. I need to get the booklet scanned soon hopefully I can get that done soon. Also who else agrees that the Tangerine Dream 10th Anniversary bonus track was the absolute greatest way to close the CD up. It was a breath of fresh air with a hint of the past to remind us how great DAI is. XD

Happy 10th Anniversary

29 Sep

Today marks Do As Infinity’s 10th Anniversary (YAY Happy Birthday) and the release of  their newest album Eternal Flame. From what ive heard from everyone who has listened to it from the forums is that it is EPIC and I am totally missing out on listening to it cause I am waiting for my copy to reach home. Its like me pointing my finger out like ET but calling my CD  “CD come home” LAWL other than that I didn’t want to post this till today (even though I posted it on DAIFORUM already but w/e) seeing that it fit the occasion.

10月4日(日)!! 横浜赤レンガパーク特設ステージにて!!
デビュー10周年記念フリーライブ、『Do As Infinity ー FREE SOUL! FREE SPIRITS! ー』開催決定!!!

10周年というメモリアルイヤーに突入するDo As Infinityが、


Google translate (to lazy to translate it myself)
October 4 (Sunday)! Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Park at a special stage!
Free live 10 anniversary of his debut, 『Do As InfinityーFREE SOUL! FREE SPIRITS! Heldー』 decision!

Plunge into the 10 year anniversary of Do As Infinity Memorial, the
Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Park at a special stage, do Akosutikkufuriraibu!!
Please everyone come come come to play!

“Sun Performance”
October 4 (Sun)
Yokohama Red Brick Park special stage
“Open / Start”
Open 13:00 / 14:00 will start

Yes! its another FREE SOUL! FREE SPIRITS! live. Now what is making me wonder about this is; will they make this live viewable on Yahoo! like they did last year. I would hope they consider doing that since they started the FREE SOUL! FREE SPIRITS! with Yahoo! live streaming. Only time will tell but its not too far away so hopefully info will be released soon. Other than that HAPPY BIRTHDAY again Do As Infinity and*points middle oh wait i mean pointer finger* “CD COME HOME”

Inuyasha:The Final Acts

9 Sep

Well well it finally came to be, after the craptacular ending they left us the real ending for Inuyasha is finally coming to be. Yep Inuyasha: The Final Act continues beyond where the first anime series ended and adapts the story from the final 21 compiled book volumes of Rumiko Takahashi’s original manga. Now the question is who will be opening and ending the anime for each episode? Well its been confirmed that Do As Infinity and AAA will be doing the opening and ending theme’s for the Final Acts. Do As Infinity is set to be the animes opening theme and AAA is set to be the animes ending theme.

Do As Infinity

Do As Infinity

AAA or Triple A (トリプル・エー)

This will be AAA’s 1st theme for the Inuyasha series, but the 4th theme for Do As Infinity. No name has been released for AAA’s theme yet but the ending song from Do as Infinity will be named  君がいない未来 *kimi ga inai mirai A Future Without You*.(深い森 *Fukai Mori*, 真実の歌 *Shinjitsu no Uta*,  楽園 *Rakuen*) Also all previous voice actors are set to return for the Final Acts and will start airing on Oct 3rd this year.

Pretty excited for this actually, I really liked Inuyasha but was sooo upset with the ending they give. Now I can finally watch it happen cause man reading all those mangas was getting a bit boring after a while xD. Don’t get me wrong the mangas were great but  man seeing it in action would have totally been better. Also I will be able to watch some of the manga I missed cause i refused to any some of the manga cause man that thing was just going on and on and on in a continuous loop hole of doom. Now the wall scrolls in my room have purpose again and I can go into like fanboy mode when Sango come on and kick ass xD xD LAWL GO NINJA DEMON SLAYER LADY! xD

「Eternal Flame」Tracklist

5 Sep


02. 最後のGAME(Last Game)
03. Perfect World
04. 名もなき革命 (Unknown Revolution)
05. ナイター (Nighter)
06. Feelin’The Light
07. メラメラ (Flaring up)
08. Piece Of Your Heart
09. 北風 (north wind)
10. his hometown
11. 焔 (Blaze)
12. 生まれゆくものたちへ (ones to be born)
13 Tangerine Dream ~10th anniversary~
-最後のGAME(The last game)
-生まれゆくものたちへ (ones to be born)
first press only special footage “Do As fuukatsu made no kiseki” (logus till the Do As rebirth)

OOOO More stuff for the 1st press release xD can’t wait till I get mine, ❤ Danny =D YAY! ^^ best B-day prezzie =D =D =D

「Do The Museum」

21 Aug

Wow the name of this sounds a bit dirty xD. But yes let me introduce 「Do The Museum」, This is a lil new installment to the Do As Infinity upcoming 10th anniversary. The book will be about the bands history from their release of 「Tangerine Dream」 till their last Single 「TAO(at that time not sure if it will include the recent single). The Book is also said to have a CD with a new song with its release so it should be a very interesting item to grab ^^. So now do as infinity is like totally robbing me lol, a new album that I need to get and a book, what next a formal dinner set with all the single and album covers over the plates? (I swear this is a plot from Avex tracks just to get money I just know it and its working QQ) o.O spare me!!!!! or maybe I could use these as hints for my b-day coming up? HAHAHA *nudge nudge* xD