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Shinigami & Ninjas

15 Mar

LOL strange title. Well the new Naruto and Bleach was aired and subbed (thanks Dattebayo) and so far so good. I’m getting more of an anticipation from Naruto, only because I didn’t spoil myself from reading the manga… so now, after seeing the last episode it left off where the beginning of shippuuden started so yay emo Sauske is going to be making some appearances now (booo LOL jk, actually no i don’t like him). Question thats floating in my mind is what is going to happen to Sai, I began to like him a bit and since I know Naruto and Sauske is going to fight Sai’s assination is going to fail. ok enough Naruto or I might become a Narutard =O

Bleach ( is that for the laundry?) wee its finally getting to a part in the manga I liked, I would say but if people who didn’t read the manga and is reading this blog i don’t want to spoil it. BUT! its finally getting to my favorite part in this particular era in the show and I could scream like a lil school girl when it happens (no i wont do it but you would not know cause your not there when I watch HAHAHAHAHA I WIN =D) ooooh i just can’t wait.
Other than that, if u havent grabbed the new Naruto and Bleach I HSALL GIVE LINKAGE!!!!! =O

(PS these are for Bittorrent)

Bleach 164
Naruto Shippuuden 50