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Tally up

31 Oct

So as of Oct 17, here is the current results of what songs fans voted for to be played live =D


  • 1位:154票 タダイマ (glad this one came 1st)
  • 2位:152票 陽のあたる坂道
  • 3位:123票 Oasis
  • 4位:120票 本日ハ晴天ナリ (Not shocked this one is here, its performed at like every live)
  • 5位:107票 あいのうた
  • 6位:96票 遠雷 (Glad this one is top 10 also)
  • 7位:95票 We are.
  • 8位:87票 柊
  • 9位:82票 夜鷹の夢 WOOT WOOT! my request came 9th =D
  • 10位:80票 Field of dreams、遠くまで
  • 12位:73票 科学の夜
  • 13位:69票 Desire、For the future、One or Eight、深い森
  • 17位:65票 Yesterday & Today
  • 18位:60票 TAO、冒険者たち
  • 20位:58票 NEW WORLD
  • 21位:55票 魔法の言葉、翼の計画
  • 23位:51票 week!
  • 24位:48票 Wings 510、空想旅団
  • 26位:47票 SUMMER DAYS、under the sun、真実の詩
  • 29位:45票 菜ノ花畑
  • 30位:40票 Tangerine Dream
  • 31位:38票 Grateful Journey
  • 32位:35票 徒然なるままに
  • 33位:33票 under the moon
  • 34位:32票 mellow amber
  • 35位:30票 Heart、I miss you?、轍-WADACHI-
  • 38位:29票 nice & easy、Raven
  • 40位:26票 135、ブランコ (ブランコ should be top 10 QQ)
  • 42位:25票 恋妃、Ever…
  • 44位:23票 シグナル、永遠、楽園
  • 47位:20票 rumble fish
  • 48位:18票 Need your love、心の地図
  • 50位:15票 Gates of heaven、Simple Minds
  • 52位:12票 ROBOT、Remember the hill、Thanksgiving Day、Trust
  • 56位:10票 Painful、BE FREE、Snail、Ultimate G.V、Weeds、アザヤカナハナ
  • 62位:9票 Holiday
  • 63位:7票 10W40、BREAK OF DAWN、D/N/A、Good for you、My wish – My life、Standing on the hill、Welcome!
  • 70位 CARNAVAL、Glasses、GURUGURU、sense of life、トレジャプレジャ、散りゆく夕辺
  • 76位 Blue、Faces、Get yourself、Hang out、one flesh

One thing though… Where is aurora???!?!?!?!?!

Van. Covers and TRACKLIST!!!

22 Oct

YAY! the covers are here and they are great XD. They are really simple covers which are good enough.

[CD+DVD]                    [CD]


01 Flower
02 Utopia
03 manacles
04 Brave
05 yumeji
06 carry out
07 senkou
08 message.
09 Tokyo Biyori
10 Refrain
11 Van.

●閃光 (Senkou)
●夢路 (Yumeji)
●東京日和 (Tokyo Biyori)

And here we have a bigger promo pic that was released from livedoor.com

Also the site makes it official that 「manacles」 (OP for REIDEEN) will be released in the album and it will be the full version.

So I made a banner…

13 Oct

So I made a banner for the DAI forum I go too, I haven’t made one in such a long time. Tell me what you think compared to my previous banners X_X

1st Banner

2nd Banner

3rd Banner

4th Banner

5th Banner and New =D

6th Banner New also =D

Yea as you can see I was a noob with photoshop back then XD, hopefully it shows I improved XD cause that would just suck if I didn’t QQ XD,

Van. Update =D

3 Oct

Man this album tracklist just keeps getting better. A pal at DAIforum confirmed that manacles full version WILL! be on the album and so will brave WOOT!!! and possibly a bonus track of ACOUSTIC Tokyo Biyori!!!! =D =D XD awesome XD. The info of the tracklist was given out with those awesome Do As Infinity Bags for those who were at the live concert *_* i want a baggggggg D:

so as of now this is the tracklist for Van.

●閃光 (Senkou)
●夢路 (Yumeji)
●東京日和 (Tokyo Biyori)

7 tracks down XD excellent =D

Tracklist =O

2 Oct

Van. Vans new album ooooooh I can’t wait so far this is the track list XD, and so far I’m pleased. I’m soo getting the CD+DVD cause it all all the PV’s shes done WOOT WOOT!!! AND!!! Flower A-Nation performance. WOO!!!! Basically its all her singles so far with new tracks, I cant understand if they are saying its 4+11 more tracks or these four help make the 11 tracks in the album, I’ll figure it out eventually.

●Brave (or Manacles?)
●閃光 (Senkou)
●夢路 (Yumeji)
●東京日和 (Tokyo Biyori)
他 新曲4曲含む

他 収録時間未定

Update o.o, apperntly Brave may not be in the album but a full version manacles may takes its spot. Nothing is official yet between those two tracks so take i’ll be looking up on those.

Lets sing together

23 Sep

Well new Ban-chan!! but its not her release (awwwwww) its a collaboration with a few other artists. 「MUSIC FLOWER」 the upcoming single from Kohey Tsuchiya will feature Tomiko Van, Maki Ohguro, Mika Nakashima, Rinko Urashima, Nadia Shimazu, katteni shiyagare + Dj Hasebe. WOW thats a lot of people for a song don’t you think? XD well anyways it still new Ban-chan =D

Crazy dude with the fro is Tsuchiya

Crazy dude with the fro is Tsuchiya


土屋 公平
featuring 伴 都美子・大黒 摩季・中島 美嘉・浦嶋 りんこ・島津 ナディア・ 勝手にしやがれ+DJ HASEBE
作詞 新 美香 作曲 土屋 公平 編曲 土屋 公平・DJ HASEBE

2. Sexy Invader(Fly Again)【Guitar inst】
作曲・編曲 土屋 公平

3. Soul Ryder
土屋 公平featuring Chara
作詞 Chara・Ema 作曲 土屋 公平・Chara 編曲 土屋 公平・Chara


1. Music Flower feat. Tomiko Van, Maki Ohguro, Mika Nakashima, Rinko Urashima, Nadia Shimazu, katteni shiyagare + Dj Hasebe

2. Sexy Invader(Fly Again)【Guitar inst】

3. Soul Ryder feat. Chara & more

Bitch slappingly suprising!

16 Sep



Bitch slappingly surprising! New Van Tomiko album confirmed. Could this be her last album? As me and my colleague Hiko spoke on msn it could be cause of the albums title Van.  <—- that period could mean a lot who knows. But I suppose we can expect Flower, Senkou, Yumeji, Manacles, Tokyo Biyroi on this? or all new tracks? who knows, but it sure is a nice way to end the year cause its being released in december and start 2009 with all new Do As Infinity.

News on 2008.9.16New Album「Van.」12月リリース決定!随時、情報をお伝え致します!(Look Forward for more info)


28 Aug

Ahem, i must brace myself for this.

So it’s been all but confirmed that DAI will indeed reunite, but just for a one-time show at avex’s 20th anniversary!!!!!

A post from Jun Takase’s bbs (keyboard)

Do as infinity will reunite. I’ve been a support member from the debut till the breakup and being able to play with them again makes me so happy! for now on the 30th august, there will be a performance on a-nation. recently, we’ve done a lot of rehearsals,.. afterall it’s been 3 years since the last one.
my back hurts. first of all, i need some rest to my body ,,, . from now on … I hope more invitations for performing

Could this be a fast one they could pull since September is nearing up? who knows… but they are together once again for a performance!!!

AND MORE! two days ago there is an interesting message on a DAI fan’s bbs

Basically, the author says he ran into Michitaro the other day and asked him if he keeps in touch with Tomiko, to which he says often (*kinda hard to tell, the word ちょくちょくcan mean both often or occasionally. Since his answer seems very “positive”, I’d say it means often in this context) Then, the author asks him if he should expect anything from Tomiko soon, to which Michitaro says “You can expect a lot from Ban-chan next year!” And he says this with a kind of “knowing” smile, like he knows something is up. At the time, the author thought it might have something to do with Tomiko putting on a solo tour next year, but with all this rumbling of a Do As reunion, he’s not so sure what Michitaro was hinting at anymore.

Ban-chan at Channel A!

26 Jul

*drools a river*

Ban-chan performed at the Sunshine City × TOKYO FM The 30th Anniversary Live and its sounded so good QQ. Ban-chan performed 東京日和 (Tokyo Biyori), but in an acoustic form and it was OH SO WONDERFUL! to bad there isnt an acostic version out 😥 maybe next single or album? Well she has 4 singles out thats normally enough before an artist makes/releases an album. We will just have to wait and see D:<

Here are screen caps from the showing on Channel A (aka Avex channel)


21 Jun

Van’s new song message = ❤ that is all