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Inuyasha:The Final Acts

9 Sep

Well well it finally came to be, after the craptacular ending they left us the real ending for Inuyasha is finally coming to be. Yep Inuyasha: The Final Act continues beyond where the first anime series ended and adapts the story from the final 21 compiled book volumes of Rumiko Takahashi’s original manga. Now the question is who will be opening and ending the anime for each episode? Well its been confirmed that Do As Infinity and AAA will be doing the opening and ending theme’s for the Final Acts. Do As Infinity is set to be the animes opening theme and AAA is set to be the animes ending theme.

Do As Infinity

Do As Infinity

AAA or Triple A (トリプル・エー)

This will be AAA’s 1st theme for the Inuyasha series, but the 4th theme for Do As Infinity. No name has been released for AAA’s theme yet but the ending song from Do as Infinity will be named  君がいない未来 *kimi ga inai mirai A Future Without You*.(深い森 *Fukai Mori*, 真実の歌 *Shinjitsu no Uta*,  楽園 *Rakuen*) Also all previous voice actors are set to return for the Final Acts and will start airing on Oct 3rd this year.

Pretty excited for this actually, I really liked Inuyasha but was sooo upset with the ending they give. Now I can finally watch it happen cause man reading all those mangas was getting a bit boring after a while xD. Don’t get me wrong the mangas were great but  man seeing it in action would have totally been better. Also I will be able to watch some of the manga I missed cause i refused to any some of the manga cause man that thing was just going on and on and on in a continuous loop hole of doom. Now the wall scrolls in my room have purpose again and I can go into like fanboy mode when Sango come on and kick ass xD xD LAWL GO NINJA DEMON SLAYER LADY! xD