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life choices

6 Feb

well officially as of right now or more precisely a couple minutes ago

i Kevens Daniel – Viaud no longer works at Wendy’s.

I feel good and bad because i guess im not used to confronting much, however in my mind without a doubt its for the best.

Perhaps Ive procrastinated to much and i’m at fault somewhat, but then what is more important?

Anyhow I have a play to see for a class it’s gotta be done one way or the other, sometimes you get that feeling you were blocked and couldn’t go forward. Well not here not anymore, no more excuses for one’s own good character and what not.

For a long time I’ve been struggling to figure things out and choose what i want to be, today they came and blocked me so they had to be discarded, sure economy and all the world is in an unsure state. If I stop to gaze at every single anomaly that passes me ill never get anywhere.

So this is me in a new better direction, what comes may, I’m not gonna regret this no matter what

that’s what i believe

so good riddance

everyone take care

QQ my Feet

7 Dec

LOL BLERG! I was running today LAME! but thank god today was a buffet instead of having to serve individual plates *whew* that took a load off. Basically today went really smoothly come ot think of it, excpet the bar tender who had to leave early but it was easily replaced. Other than that it was smooth and it was a small party unlike yesterday which had over 182 people.


7 Dec

filling in for someone at work today BLERG! my poor feet QQ, I hope I’m not running today QQ

How may I help you?

22 Nov

Well I’m at work right now and my shift is pretty much over and just waiting to get picked up. But my my this was a lot of fun, also before I go i must order something from the bar!!! XD nah but maybe before i go i get me a drink. But overall it was fun! the event was a wedding and there was over 100 people so it was a bit hectic, but everything went smoothly. As of right now the wedding is still going on and im kinda done/on my break gonna head back down after a while. But man the tables i got assigned to was great. the awsome table #12!!! woot LOL they had so much fun and they were the alcoholics!!! it was so funny, like literally after I told them I can get you anything from the bar I was their best friend lol and i got tipped to so it was nice!! (I’m not supposed to get tipped at all and if we do we have to report we did and when I did they told me to keep it cause they heard that they loved me LOL) sooo right now my feet are killing me and I think I need to get better comfy shoes, like these are perfectly fine but standing on them for this lenght of time isnt to good. Oh and man i broke a champagne glass! i was like DAMN!!!! I handled soo many at once but this one glass (i only had 2 off them on my tray) just had to wobble and fall. I was so pissed LOL (well not really) but then a co-worker dropped and broke like 4-5 so he won the break a glass tonight LOL.

Serve the food o.o

22 Oct

Well XD hopefully i get this job! YEA! well, yesterday I went to the orientation for this job I am applying too. Basically its with a really big big big catering company and they need servers, runners, etc etc and it sounds like a lot of fun, also the pay is really nice XD. The catering company’s office is also in Coconut grove and man the place is really big and fancy o.o it was MINDBOGGLING!!!, though not all the partys they do it as the office area, its mostly in various place. Overall the orientation went well and I think I will be getting it *crosses fingers =O* so while i wait I got me a nice pack of yoohoo and I will jam to BoA’s American debut single Eat You Up. (its actually pretty darn catchy, was stuck in my head during orientation)

Dawning of the Mew

13 Jul

Hey everybody! I’m finally in your minds… bwahaha… aswell as your facebooks!

I pledge to uphold the sanctity of this blog and protect all it’s members! (As well as convince FB to change my pedobear symbol in the banner to something else someday… >.< )

In other news, half my department at work’s gone missing so I’m working everyday this week (and probably next week) until this weekend which I actually have off for once. hooraaay?

My apple training is coming along surly but slowly. They’v already shown me my new “Apple Expert” badge at work but I cant get it yet until I finish the training courses (which also comes with an Apple Certification, Diploma, and Certification Pin). Im one of the 2 that were chosen in the store to represent the delicious new name brand BestBuy has to offer. Sweeetness! But I’v gotta finish it asap cuz the managers are starting to get on my case about it… lol

My mom is prolly coming back sometime next week to visit for alittle while so I’m gunna have to figure out how to clean this house in the small amounts of free time Ima have coming up before she gets here – the house is a MESS!!!! (mostly cuz I decided to move things around the other day.. heh! ^_^&).. DOH!

Thats it for now! Lando Out!