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Kuma Chang Outed?

27 Jan

Apparently Utada just outed her teddy bear Kuma Chang o.O? lol ya its pretty funny. In a way to show her support for Gay Marriage Utada decided to draw on these baseballs that were given out to random few during her San Francisco tour date. On these particular baseballs she drew her favorite teddy bear Kuma Chang holding up signs saying to legalized Gay Marriage. It was really off guard move from her seeing that it was her “1st” act towards this situation. She took to her blog and posted this picture and entry.

Gay Kuma series 🙂

Macho-gay Kuma, girly-gay Kuma, and drag queen Kuma!

Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever really explained it here, but Kuma really is gay (he’s a boy but likes men only, no interest in girls…) so these illustrations flowed pretty naturally.

Oh, did I just out Kuma?

There you have it, by the words off Utada herself, Kuma Chang is indeed and in fact now a gay Teddy Bear. Random but interesting/silly/o.O?

Blast You Utada

22 Jan

Everyday a new video gets posted of her “In the Flesh” tour and makes me hate how she is not touring in Florida. But then I look up and see the awesome autographs o have form her and then I feel somewhat happy again. But still, I do wish she had come back here, that would have been a really nice awesome group thing to do.  Damn you Utada D:

Utada’s Exodus

15 Jun
You Make Me Want To Be a Man

You Make Me Want To Be a Man (click to enlarge)

Random Quotes of the Day

29 Apr

Computers will never take the place of books. You can’t stand on a floppy disk to reach a high shelf.
Sam Ewing

A man’s got to believe in something. I believe I’ll have another drink.
W.C. Fields

Also from the interview done with Utada Hikari by Mike Parker from the Entertainment Examiner

7. When you get to heaven, what is the first thing you want to hear God say to you?
Utada – ‘Oh, you again.’

lol just the response made me laugh.

A Random Facebook Chat

21 Apr


hey hey

omg you scared me

ok so my final ends @ 2pm

oh am i that scary?

i hate the facebook chat thing XD It just pops up randomly.





so i shall be in UP around 3 pm or 2:30 if i catch the bus in time

so i’ll call you then

yes mum

wait, when do we have practice?

mum? me ?

well if you want i can bring the radio


remember i am your special child


did you forget?

have you abandon me already? ;_;


no, its just that you are so special sometimes that i forget that you are my child lol


i can’t find a response to that

lol checkmate!

By the way I was on Hyperballad’s blog and i came across this post

Utada Hikaru’s duet with her mother (pretty old)

seriously, this song has a really nice jazz feeling in the background, i absolutely feel in love with the song XD, seriously

you should hear it 😀

On top of that I found a youtube clip of the first power ranger series 😀 Himitsu Sentai Goranger

the english translation of the title is : Secret Squadron Five Rangers

lol its so violent but its fun to watch XD it was made in the 1970s which makes it more intriguing to watch

Utada FRAMED!!! O.O

17 Apr


LMAO I know the title is dramatic but its worth it to me considering

but anyhow yes i finally framed my Utada pic i was a little skeptical at first because they had to trim the sides for it to fit in but it looks really nice i like the frame i picked out.


Its gonna stay in there too i’m not gonna change it, I put it up on the wall the other day i’ll put pics of it after.

Yosakoi Soran

12 Apr


On the other hand… You guys were all caught on camera in the Utada Listening party lol Marc you stood out the most lmao

Utada – Video 2 @ Miami Sephora

28 Mar

Here is another video I recorded at the event, this particular video is a lil Q&A where the MC asked some questions from people who submitted from the website/text messages.

I have a few other videos to upload but I’m currently in Belle glade Florida so when I get back I will post the other videos :3

Utada – Video 1 @ Miami Sephora

28 Mar

Here is a lil snippet of Utada at the Sephora event in Miami Beach. The clip is rather short but it features Utada doing a little dance to her favorite track in her latest album “This Is The One”

Meeting Utada =D

28 Mar

MEETING UTADA!!!! YAY!!!!!!! She was so cool!!! and shes so tiny!!!!! XD XD XD its was a great day! Left my home around 12 and got there really early, when we got to the Sephora store we got our wrist bands and grabbed a bite to eat. Upon returning to Sephora the crowd got a lil bigger but we were still pretty close to the front so it was all good still. After a couple of hours of waiting (about 6 hours or so) we finally got into the store and the mayhem began. (Even though outside the store there was so much mayhem, mopeds getting hit by a car, free monster energy drinks and free hats/stuff woot!!!) When we got in they played about 3 songs in the album and then Utada came and the crowd went WILD!!!! After a few questions from the MC/e-mails and fans Utada reveals that;

Her favorite anime is Ghost In the Shell. ( TV Series)

She prefers to live in Manhattan than in Japan.

She LOVES hot dogs with everything on it.

Her favorite track in “This Is The One” is “Me Muero”

She is NOT going to release English versions of her Japanese songs. (that’s how she feels about it because the Japanese songs are perfect the way they are)

ALSO!!! another CONGRATS goes to my friend Janet who won the Grand Prize raffle and got to get up and close to Utada!!! OHHH SO LUCKY *envy*

and now pics!!! =D, I will have videos up but they will take some time to upload, so now BEWARE! cause there is a good amount of pics.

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