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8 Sep

Dost thou know what today is (officially)?! It’s Marc’s Birthday! So since I can’t actually hang out with him for his birthday because of a bit of travel distance =P, I thought I’d give him a shout out on here! =) Happy birthday, big guy. I hope everything is awesome for your birthday! Oh and just imagine I’m giving you a giant bucket of potato wedges. =P

In the World of Mac

28 May

So apparently having a mac or attaining many mac products you slowly succumb to the Mac syndrome.

You become obsessive with mac products and their release date unless you work at the Apple store.

And if someone does not appreciate Mac ( as in buying one) they will become extremely hostile and try to convenience you about the wonders of mac even though they are not a sales representative for the store.

Well this happened to me today in the Dadeland Apple Store. An mac enthusiast had tired to convince me about the wonders of mac.  The person clearly need mental aid ‘_’ as he would not let me leave, i just came in only to look at the compy!

The man was repeating “Macs are the future, you have to understand that”. I couldn’t really escape until he was distracted by a person with a bright color shirt that said ” I Puf” with a picture of guy smoking  the picture looked kinda like this but its not quite the same So i saw my chance and ran out of the store. Now I’m scared of crazy mac people in the apple store >_<.

funny omen of life the BLOG!!!!!

19 May

just popped in to check things out and greeted with this new, bloody, scary, nightmarish layout….

IT’S AWESOME!!!! lmao!


13 May

Weeee! Look I’m like doing a blog post and I’m talking about things! I’ma talk about the weather and such and have run on sentences and things like this and that. Now I’m talking about music with pretty Japanese women and sunshine! (Not that I mind the Japanese women part… or the sunshine, I guess) Blah blah blah DAI blah blah blah Van blah blah! I like to make fun of James because he likes t.A.T.u! Now I need to make a new banner based on some TV series I’m obsessed with! and now Marc is gonna kill me when he sees this post.. or delete it.. or both. KTHXBAI! =D


6 Apr


Twilight Fans Get Pranked

7 Dec

A comedian decides the time is nigh to make an intervention.

Just a suggestion…

20 Nov

Can we please change the banner picture?! That damn bunny is starting to creep me out.

Something Chipmunk forgot

4 Nov

princess whats her name gets replace by chipmunk

Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver

24 Sep

The remakes to the classics continue in this revisited adventure!

Already released in Japan and coming soon to the US!
Released on the 10th year anniversary of the original Gold & Silver games in japan and will be presumably released during the US’s 10th year aniversary. This is the one the fans have finally been waiting for! Can’t wait!

New York Anime Festival = )

19 Sep

Yo ho!!!!

I’m super uber happy, next weekend is the annual Anime Festival here in New York and Me is going, HURRAY!!!!

Though i would really love to go with all of you guys, i will do my best to bring the Festival to you,  unfortunally i won’t  do cosplay, like i was dying to, but next year i will hopefully do something for sure, anyway i’m not going alone, my friend Jen and her friend David are going as well, so don’t worry, lol, me in good hands =D (though i can’t tell the same about them… Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *evil smile*) here i leave you the official page of the event.


Sorry that i don’t really post more often here…. I would love to say that i don’t have time, because that in some way would sound like i’m cool and busy, but that’s not the case… >_> Me don’t have a computer T_T or know anyone in the country that i live that has one TT_TT… Anyway, see you next weekend with hopefully a lots of pictures = D