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Top 7 Badass Villains That Lost to the Most Retarded Heroes

12 Mar

Found this article about those cartoon villains that always lost to the good guys, but in the grand scheme of things should never have lost to them.


Eliza Dushku! Alien Hawtness?!? zomg! =O

20 Feb

<3Hulu’s<3 television commercial starring Eliza Dushku zomg!!

<3!! Hawwtttt

o and random eliza pic ftw =D




10 Feb

ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    ~<3~Eliza Dushku~<3~!!!!!!! is On Fox this friday with the premiere of her new show “Dollhouse” ZOMG!!! cant wait 😀 …so yea

Dollhouse Premieres Friday the 13th  (O_O Oh noes) at 9pm!!!!!!

WATCH IT OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X_X ❤                d-(^_^)z

…..o 😀 and guess who’s Maxim’s Cover Girl for March 2009 ^_____^



^_______^ zomg friday BEST DAY EVER!!! cuz its also  my PIZZA DAY!!!!!! (LAWL)

ELIZA DUSHKU!!!elizadh3



i think i just……..

What NOT to do on a first date… Matrix style!

6 Jan

Pokemon copys girl Alex.. l0lz!

25 Oct

i dunno why.. but this seems like something girl alex would do..

.. Rude as hell son! XD

Jack Skellington in Tiny Toons

24 Oct

Check out this old clip I found from Tiny Toon Adventures which features a pretty noticable parody of the Nightmare before Christmas.

hehe.. classic tiny toons. pretty funny Pumpkin Guy. im wondering if this was partially advertising or what. I mean how old is that movie compared to loony toons? this probably came out around the same time give or take but its still pretty nice for an intro XD

idk thought id decided i’d share 🙂

btw does anyone know what holiday the third tree was? the first one was president’s day, the second gopher day, but wtf is that third one? any ideas?

Senior With Down Syndrome Crowned High School Queen

16 Oct
Winning Homecoming (click on Picture for Full article)

Winning Homecoming (click on Picture for Full article)

This article certainly made me smile wide and I suddenly felt so much happier for some reason 😀

Kristin Pass was crown Homecoming Queen at her texas high school, no this is not a publicity stunt people this is real, I couldn’t stop smiling when i was reading this article because this girl won a title that was usually resevred for girls who are immense into beautifying themselves. socially (and are often cruel about it) and cheerleaders along with the president of student goverment .  Kristin Pass is an individual that has touch many people’s lives by her personality and her unconditional kindess, something not many humans have in this world. I say congrats to the beauty, she well deserves the title . 🙂

I am also mad as well, because mainly i don’t understand what is going on.

26 Sep

The senator of Ohio voices my concerns clearly..

Ron Paul: Greenspan, Bernanke Should be Criminally Charged.

Ron Paul wants to criminally charge Greenspan and Bernanke because of their actions our liberties and money has been given up.  He says the bailout is like the beginning of dictatorship, which from what i am seeing is true at this point because according to the article it stated that the Army Times “report concerning the use of active duty military being brought back from Iraq for “Homeland patrols” and “crowd control,”” which means that possibly it could be a martial law instated in the states which will cause people to revolt and cause mayhem.

Using the name Sarah Palin for fund raising.

Several people have used the name Sarah Palin in order to donate to Planned Parenthood, as of right now the group has received a donation of $760 K in donations, within in each donation Mrs. Palin will receive a lovely care saying how much the donation to the organization was appreciated. Hahaha, people are becoming more creative this time.  This is a protest against Palin, but wow what way to do it.


McCain cancels appearance on David Letterman show

25 Sep

In the current news, John McCain canceled an appearance on the David Letterman’s show, saying that he was going to Washington to save the economy………hmmmmmmm? oh wait why is he on another talk show instead wasn’t he going to the airport? Is this how McCain is going to save the economy?

Current Article

Eliza Dushku @ Comic-Con!!!

28 Jul

Eliza Dushku!! @ Comic-Con talking about her upcomin show Dollhouse!! n.n

^_^ ELiza

^_^ ELiza