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In the World of Mac

28 May

So apparently having a mac or attaining many mac products you slowly succumb to the Mac syndrome.

You become obsessive with mac products and their release date unless you work at the Apple store.

And if someone does not appreciate Mac ( as in buying one) they will become extremely hostile and try to convenience you about the wonders of mac even though they are not a sales representative for the store.

Well this happened to me today in the Dadeland Apple Store. An mac enthusiast had tired to convince me about the wonders of mac.  The person clearly need mental aid ‘_’ as he would not let me leave, i just came in only to look at the compy!

The man was repeating “Macs are the future, you have to understand that”. I couldn’t really escape until he was distracted by a person with a bright color shirt that said ” I Puf” with a picture of guy smoking  the picture looked kinda like this but its not quite the same So i saw my chance and ran out of the store. Now I’m scared of crazy mac people in the apple store >_<.

Windows just gets more retard with each release

9 Nov

Well I have windows 7 premium, i thought it would be a lot better than Vista. It is in some aspects but in some parts it is not. It is depressing. I want to install a language pack other than English and I cannot do that because my windows is premium. You can only install lanuage packs on Ultimate and Enterprise. WTF?! Seriously? i have to pay extra to have a function that had always come basic with previous version of windows? Microsoft are your developers or marketers on crack? seriously? SERIOUSLY!!

no wonder people are turning to either Linux or Mac because it actually allows basic freaking features such as this exist!! Hell i just installed Linux on my computer so i can actually do things instead of paying for an “ultimate” version of windows to get what i want.  I keep windows because unfortunately some program only work on windows and not linux >_>. Damn Microsoft i hope your reading this, your marketing ideas or profiting ideas just get more depressing with each release. Its like you don’t really listen to the customers with taking away this option. You just lost a customer windows because my next computer will definitely have a Mac OS or any other OS that is not Windows installed.

Gateway M-7351u Laptop Computer and CompUsa

26 Oct

well this is my rant.

My brother surprised me with a lappy today. I was really happy but mad at the same time cause my brother used his money that he should be saving. Well any ways he got me this gateway M-7351u laptop, it seems nice and all but what my brother told me about it lasting 6 hours and such sounded a bit fishy.

So i turned on the computer, (A) there is no partition table, basically that the hard drive is bad or disconnected, it was a defective product to begin with. Since my brother bought with his money on a *new* product which should be working out of the box,  i think it was a huge disappointment that they didn’t have a functioning computer.

(B) the battery on this laptop is according to tiger direct 3.75 hours, well it doesn’t even reach that number, its only 2- 3 hours max plus its known to freeze,  overheat and mouse breaks.  they lied to my brother on this lappy which angers me a lot. So tomorrow I will get to curse at this idiot who duped my brother and I. >_>

I hate CompUsa.

They suck. it wasn’t the first time i had problems with them. Ridiculous. seriously. Bad customer service as in lying customer service.  So yeah beware of CompUsa.

Eliza Dushku Gets Wet!! Zomg!!! <3

22 Aug


Eliza Dushku Plays Rubi Malone in the game Wet by Bethesda Softworks and Zomg ❤ its Awesome!!! O_O!


OMG!!!!!! ❤ it comes out September 15, 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MagicJack not that Magic

6 Jul

Tons of posts are appearing on suggesting that MagicJack is indeed a scam.

Link is here.


26 Jun

I approve off Bing from Microsoft ^^. Pretty nice stuff they did for their search engine, better image searching with filters on how to view pictures and stuff. Also with the video searching it makes things a lot more simple, might become my new home page instead of Firefox default start. Plus it feels like one of those calendars you flip through everyday that gives a fact about anything.

Is this where I start to wave byebye to google??

R.I.P Traditional Analog

12 Jun

Say goodbye to analog tv everyone. The digital revolution starts today (in the US atleast, europe’s had it for a couple years now)!

Originally scheduled for Feb 17, 2009 but pushed back to many delays from analog-converter-box coupons and busy/retarded customers who wait til last second despite this being announced for the past 2 years – the time has finally come to put away the rabbit ears (or atleast connect them to your converter box if your still using that instead of cable/satelite).

The only thing i shall miss i think is that fact that if you get a bad signal you get a static-ky image with sound as opposed to a new garbled satellite-stuck-in-the-rain feeling of the new airborn digital frequency when low. Hopefully now that were going fully digital the stations will give us some better signal strength without so much old school (i dont wanna say “garbage” but thats what it is now) in the way interfering. They’ll invest in “Tv Translators” (according to the dtv2009 site) to help extend the signal farther to get a better signal for everyone.

Now everyone can enjoy 3-4 different subchannels of channel 6 and 4-5 subchannels of channel 7 as well as a local doplar channel for weather information. what i mean by subchannels is you’ll find for example: 06-1, 06-2, 07-1, 07-2, 07-3. Each with different stuff going on most of the time.

Hope everyone’s ready! With some luck we’ll end the day without opening any portals into any other dimensions. 🙂 we’ll see

goto for more info

Palm Pre Review

8 Jun

Well the palm Pre has been released upon the world and be one of the lucky people who decide to go out early to get them before they sold out i feel obligated to write a review for our little audience.


The screen is where the Palm Pre shines. Selections take little to no effort and there’s that oh-so-magical water ripple effect (Gives you that warm feeling) when actually touching the display. It’s vibrant, rich and all around really clear(Much better than the Iphone in case you want to know).It’s that close to being perfection. The size difference between the Iphone and Pre is really noticeable however, with the Pre having a 3.1 inch display, but as you’ll read on later, this makes the device much more pocketable. Just know that as high as your hopes are for the Pre right now, the vibrant display is one area where you will most definitely not be let down.


The size of the handset itself is wonderful. Really no complaints. It’s fits perfectly in your hand and Palm did a great job blending an awesome touchscreen with a separate multi-touch gesture area, sliding design, and everything else together in this package.

Battery life:

To be really fair, I haven’t been able to really put this thing through the ringer in regards to battery life. When I first got it, it had a pretty low charge of around 30% and that lasted for about three and a half hours of me taking photos, going through different options, etc.


Well after using it for a day as I normally would using it about fourteen hours now I’m at twenty-seven percent which isn’t bad on default settings.


The OS is great. There’s no ifs ands or buts; it’s really refreshing to see something that’s brand new with a UI unlike anything else out there. The only problem with this is, Palm’s never been a hardware company that anyone’s really cared about. But long time Palm lover will not be disappointed.

The New iphone leaked

1 Apr

Just released 10 minutes ago

The New iphone


Say NO to Electric Cars!

25 Mar

It’s become a widespread solution that all our gas troubles will be solves when the government finally decides to release the electric car to the wide-scale public. Our dependency on fossil fuels will decrease (you still need grease to easily move parts around) – true.Charging the car from what I know with current methods and currently active electric cars you get a decent amount of charge for the mileage but you do have to charge it per day or two sofar (gas is $30-70 depending on your car but will usually last you a week). Charge per watt per day adds up on your electric bill at the end of the month (less your bumming off people in the road). Solar panels on electric cars can help out alot and is an nice soulution but remember that all rechargable batteries stop holding a charge at some point in theyr lives. Most laptops carry a 6-cell battery which tends to die out 2years or so down the line with constant use and cost about $180-250 if you lucky to replace. Now a car is going to consume alot more battery than a laptop does. It might have more cells yes, and it might go out in 3-4 years as opposed to 2… but if a 6cell alone cost about $180 and that car is going to need atleast a 20-cell? Thats a hella expensive battery rechargable or not.

Solution? Forget the Electric car and say hello to the Air Powered Car (and NO i’m not talking about Sailboats or sticking a giant air catching banner out your window). Originally researched in france, its a 4 seater car (models in production have a strong resemblance to a buggy or yaris) with 3-4 giant cans of compressed air at the bottom.  Essentially the car pistons are moved and pumped using compressed air as opposed to the traditional spark and flameburst. The car runs alot cooler, they can still use gas stations (with equipment they already have – i.e the tire pumps), it doesn’t weight as much (you have 3-4 tanks of compressed air on the bottom of your car that weight abit but you could very easily lift each either by yourself or with a friend). I doubt you could pump it up using the lil hand pump your bike used but you can still fill it at home with the right equipment. No carbon emissions same as electric so car pollution will no longer be a real threat and without the 3hour charge time. Rus 200 miles othat one charge of compressed air and if thats not enough just carry spare air canisters in the trunk if you need a backup. 🙂


Now granted most gas powered car parts cost about $400 anyways and yes with going electric the technology IS going to change but either to more tiny-er components and switch/circuit boards as opposed to radiators and trasnmissions. It’ll be good for another economy driver helping the automobile and repair industry, but we’ll still be investing and paying more  for these electric cars overall than we do for gas and current car parts.

see it in action:

Theyre also talking about making it somehow recycle it’s own power and generate it’s out backup supply (I’m guessing when you push the breaks or something) but that part isnt implimented just yet. Overall for the better and cleaner more cost effective to us method – air powered cars are idealy the best solution.