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Detox with Updates!

3 Aug

Well as you can see I’m working on the new layout for the blog and so far I’m really liking how its coming out. Hopefully the background does not loop or tile around because I made it like 2000×1500 resolution, so hopefully no one has a REALLY HUGE monitor and it loops cause then it would look really weird lol. Also I have a concept, well actually several concepts for the new banner but I’m not sure what I will do exactly. Hopefully I will have it up by Wednesday, I’m not going to pull what I did with the Dexter layout cause I took forever on releasing that one.

Well other than the updates to the blog, Simon Curtis released another song! Well not really a complete song because its classified as a “demo” at the moment but whats been released is really good. The song is called “Detox” and it was written by Simon but (drum roll) produced by the AWESOME Bloodshy & Avant! These guys are really awesome producers and whats extra cool about this song is because it screams Britney Spears. Well not really scream Britney but the song intertwines lyrics and song titles of Britney Spears songs which is really creative. Whats also interesting about this is Bloodshy & Avant are producers for hit songs from Britney especially one of her biggest hit Toxic.

LOL Now that I look back on the blog, Last time I layout changed I introduced Simon Curtis here and now that I’m changing layouts again here comes another Simon Curtis post, Spoooky!!! anyways check out the song and the lyrics to it :3

Simon Curtis -Detox

You’re up against the people
Trying to take back your music
It’s like a reclamation;
You against the heat
You gotta get in the zone, You gotta get in the zone

Not that long ago I loved nobody more
“To make you happy” baby I thought you were born
I had to watch you play around with those boys
Anticipating when you’d make some more noise
I felt so lucky to have you in my life
I look the other way as you walk on by
But everytime I see you now I deplore
Please Mona Lisa baby hit me one more time

You just get so crazy
I thought you were stronger
Oh baby baby
Can’t wait that much longer

Don’t believe it, I just don’t believe it
Said you beat it, but I don’t believe
So what
Think you need it?

I don’t think you need it
Don’t repeat it
A detox, you need it
Don’t deny it, you just don’t deny it
Try to hide it but you can’t deny
So what
Don’t defy it
You can’t justify it
Rectify it, and detoxify it

You’re up against the people
Trying to take back your music
It’s like a reclamation;
You against the heat
You gotta get in the zone,You gotta get in the zone
And if you really wanna fight it
Saddle up and hit your rhythm
Reignite it
Try to hit it
In a minute
I’m a’ take you on, I’m a’ take you on

Now I can see that just a girl you are not
Don’t let me be the last to know when you’ve thought
Bout’ where you’re gonna go before the goodbye
I try and try but I can’t get satisfied
Sometimes I feel the answer you give is poor
I’m bout to tell you don’t go knockin’ on my door

8bit Rocks!

14 Jun

I really do enjoy stumbling up things while browsing the web, especially when it involves music. SO I was looking around to see if there was a release of album art for Namie’s upcoming single and sadly I didn’t find squat but while on this website it had some album reviews on it so I decided to check it out. While browsing this persons website it had a review of Simon Curits – 8bit Heart and while I was reading it said his debut album was a free download so i figured  “HEY WHY NOT!”.

So I downloaded the album and I am really impressed! Some of the songs can get a lil wild with the lyrics (well not to wild or really dirty but I can’t look at some video game consoles the same anymore) but the album is a big collection of cutting-edge pop hooks, catchy electronic noises and storming, dance floor-ready synthesized beats that come together to celebrate the very essence of modern pop.  Also what impresses me is how he isn’t signed to a label yet, maybe he has cause I caught onto the album a month or two late but if he hasn’t signed to any labels I know for sure this album will surely get him somewhere.

8Bit Heart

1. BoyRobot
2. Don’t Wanna Be Alone
3. Fell in Love w/an Android
4. Super Psycho Love
5. 8Bit Heart
6. Diablo
7. The Neverending Elevator
8. Delusional
9. Joystick
10. Beat Drop
11. Brainwash
12. The Dark (featuring Jay-Z)
13. Victory

My fav tracks so far from giving the album one listen are SuperPsychoLove, Diablo, Beat Drop, Brainwash and The Dark. The other tracks are great also but these stood out the most and I guess caught my attention the most. The chorus in Super Psycho Love made me like it a lot, this is also the same with Diablo, in both tracks it gets so catchy that it just gets stuck in your head (well in my head xD). In the track Beat Drop the chorus does get played a lot, but the line “Tell the DJ drop the beat
don’t play some motherfuckin’ band”
and the sample of the opera singer/opera sounds made me like this one a lot.  Also in the track The Dark when Jay-Z makes his appearance the tracks direction just got serious and my reaction was like “AWWWW SNAP!” (lol thats really what did happened, Kevens as my witness xD) I also do like the song Joystick but in all honesty after hearing it, it makes me look at my video game consoles a whole new way and it feels naughty/wrong playing it/looking at it.

The album also has some song references from other hit songs that have been released. In “Diablo” the beginning line mirrors Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone” but followed by “but this is not a Kelly Clarkson song and not how it ends”. In the same song, a line from “If U Seek Amy” by Britney Spears is copied then Curtis realizes and says “oh wait, this song isn’t mine”. In “Beat Drop” a clip from Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” is used as backing vocals on the last line of the second verse. Also on the wiki page for his album it mentions that  “Extracts from an interview with former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov in 1985 are used as an intro and outro for “Brainwash”. “The Dark Crystal Overture” is also heavily sampled on the track The Dark”.

If anyone is curious and also wants to grab this awesome album you can visit his Official Site and grab it there. There are HQ pictures and lyrics for each track on the site to jam out too so xD enjoy.