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Say NO to Electric Cars!

25 Mar

It’s become a widespread solution that all our gas troubles will be solves when the government finally decides to release the electric car to the wide-scale public. Our dependency on fossil fuels will decrease (you still need grease to easily move parts around) – true.Charging the car from what I know with current methods and currently active electric cars you get a decent amount of charge for the mileage but you do have to charge it per day or two sofar (gas is $30-70 depending on your car but will usually last you a week). Charge per watt per day adds up on your electric bill at the end of the month (less your bumming off people in the road). Solar panels on electric cars can help out alot and is an nice soulution but remember that all rechargable batteries stop holding a charge at some point in theyr lives. Most laptops carry a 6-cell battery which tends to die out 2years or so down the line with constant use and cost about $180-250 if you lucky to replace. Now a car is going to consume alot more battery than a laptop does. It might have more cells yes, and it might go out in 3-4 years as opposed to 2… but if a 6cell alone cost about $180 and that car is going to need atleast a 20-cell? Thats a hella expensive battery rechargable or not.

Solution? Forget the Electric car and say hello to the Air Powered Car (and NO i’m not talking about Sailboats or sticking a giant air catching banner out your window). Originally researched in france, its a 4 seater car (models in production have a strong resemblance to a buggy or yaris) with 3-4 giant cans of compressed air at the bottom.  Essentially the car pistons are moved and pumped using compressed air as opposed to the traditional spark and flameburst. The car runs alot cooler, they can still use gas stations (with equipment they already have – i.e the tire pumps), it doesn’t weight as much (you have 3-4 tanks of compressed air on the bottom of your car that weight abit but you could very easily lift each either by yourself or with a friend). I doubt you could pump it up using the lil hand pump your bike used but you can still fill it at home with the right equipment. No carbon emissions same as electric so car pollution will no longer be a real threat and without the 3hour charge time. Rus 200 miles othat one charge of compressed air and if thats not enough just carry spare air canisters in the trunk if you need a backup. 🙂


Now granted most gas powered car parts cost about $400 anyways and yes with going electric the technology IS going to change but either to more tiny-er components and switch/circuit boards as opposed to radiators and trasnmissions. It’ll be good for another economy driver helping the automobile and repair industry, but we’ll still be investing and paying more  for these electric cars overall than we do for gas and current car parts.

see it in action:

Theyre also talking about making it somehow recycle it’s own power and generate it’s out backup supply (I’m guessing when you push the breaks or something) but that part isnt implimented just yet. Overall for the better and cleaner more cost effective to us method – air powered cars are idealy the best solution.

Icemelt Could Shift Earth’s Rotation, Moving Water Northward

6 Feb


“Long-term sea level increases that could have a devastating effect on southern Florida and highly populated coastal areas may be even larger than once thought, a report suggests.

Some studies have suggested that melting of ice in Antarctica and other areas could raise sea levels by 16 feet to 17 feet over the long run, a potential threat to coastal areas such as Washington, D.C., New York City and California.”

Icemelt Could Shift Earth’s Rotation, Moving Water Northward

Like felix once said time to buy inland property for the future beach front.  But even if the global warming is man-made or not, we should really pay attention to what is happening to the earth.

Yellowstone eruption threat high

8 Jan


I was reading about the amount of earthquakes being recorded in Yellowstone park, and after watching a documentary on the discovery channel a year about how a rising number of earthquakes could pertain to a possible eruption from Yellowstone. Well, the prediction seems to be coming true although this won’t be anything like Mount St. Helen it will be a lot worse. Imagine  the eruption basically wiping out most of the states surrounding Wyoming and then killing pratically all vegetation then the sun and sky being covered by the debris from the eruption. Scary thing isn’t it?

From MSNBC article :  Yellowstone eruption

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. – The Yellowstone caldera has been classified a high threat for volcanic eruption, according to a report from the U.S. Geological Survey.

Yellowstone ranks 21st most dangerous of the 169 volcano centers in the United States, according to the Geological Survey’s first-ever comprehensive review of the nation’s volcanoes.

Yeah i think we should start paying attention more to this.

Have a nice day :D.

Liquid Body Armor

30 Dec

Imagine walking around anywhere with a bulletproof vest that everyone thinks is just a regular shirt. Indiscreet Protection and Safety thats soft to the touch. Granted its not every day you might get shot at but its still something that could save your life on that one random day that it could have happened. (there’s a video too but I couldn’t embed it)

This can be applied to regular clothing material. Its like a treatment they give it to produce lighter armor. Basically it gets rigid when hit by a force but returns to a soft cloth form moments after. The treatment can strengthen Kevlar to produce lighter, more comfortable bullet-proof vests, or it can be used give the bullet-proof protection to ordinary fabric. It’s lightweight and flexible and something I would LOVE to get my hands on!

One coat of this gooey liquid turns soft fabric into a tough, stab-proof, bullet-proof material and the only difference you notice is that it feels slightly oily when touching it but  otherwise seems like regular clothing.

Now what I’m unsure of is I know that it prevents penetration (no condom jokes plz..) but I’m wonder how the back or other side of it might feel. I’m guessing if someone punches you, you’d still somewhat feel it. Ofcoarse the hand wont go through, just like a bullet and just like a knife but you’d prolly feel a strong SMACK! Apparently the military is planning to use this material treatment for our troops (Dragonskin Armor) and it should be applied to standard cop armor hopefully someday soon.

I know what I’m making my Batman Cape out of next year.. kinda funny cuz I actually had a dream last night where I was making a new batman costume. Hmm… coincidence? LOLz!

Good Reason to start looking for organic foods

28 Dec

Alright as we all know about this organic hype is going on in the US is because of the crop manipulation by the agricultural industry.  Heck not even Europe wants these things because they know its bad big time, and they have reason to state it too.

According to a study, GM corn disturbs immune systems in mice.  And what horrifies me the most is that most of the food made in America is produced by GM and similar corporations that uses alternations to the crops grown and the US government is not really caring to tell the consumer about what is going into their food.  People are complaining about the oil corporations manipulations in the government but I also think they should concentrate on this agricultural corporation sector also because I don’t want my body to intake anything that can be harmful. Also companies such as Monsanto ( what a perfect name right?) manipulate seeds in order for it to explode so they won’t be able to be used again by the farmers and if lets say the seeds from Monsanto gets pollinated by mistake in field of farmer then that company has the right to take what is theirs  in that farm land. With all this crop manipulation what is too become of the environment?  WTF seriously has it come down to this? No wonder Europe and the rest of the world are a bit iffy about the US products, geez.

Found the article on

Main article:

Study Finds GM corn distrubs immune system of mice

Apparently I might not be completly Leo..?

23 Dec

Heres an interesting thought. Astrology is set based mostly on the stars, thats is where all the personality traits and predictions come from all coming from they’re positions in the sky.. and ever moving sky. Now remember again that our calendar system isnt based on sun positions or stars anymore like it used to be. Our date system is completly wrong & inaccurate following the 365days of the calendar in 24/7 cycles. This error is the reason why every year at daylight savings time the sun sets way earlier than it used to – when i was little twilight was around 8p, around middle school it was around 7p, and latly it seems to set around 5-6pm.

Our date system is wrong. The Zodiacs syncronous with the stars – something which is something our calendar system is not. That being said I was randomly looking up on zodiacs on wikipedia when i found something odd.. theres 3 different zodiacs based from the standard Aries thru Saggitarious systems (this means chinese zodiacs are NOT included). My birthdate is Aug5th.. I looked up Leo and I found this:

“Under the tropical zodiac, the Sun is in Leo roughly from July 23 to August 22.[3] Under the sidereal zodiac, it is currently there roughly from August 17 to September 16.”

This confused me… August 17 is pretty far from the 5th… According to the sidereal zodiac I’m apparently a Cancer? (NO! NOT A CANCER ON SOCIETY… JERKS!) Reading the personality traits from it I saw alot of myself in that as well. Ive wondered before as to why sometimes certain people seem to fall under a different category of the zodiac despite theyre dates of birth. I think this might be the answer. Perhaps it’s a slight mix of the two?

Theres a chart here for all 3 Zodiacs:

I’m thinking maybe it works like this:



I have Cancer traits R-Z as well as Leo Traits A-I, each letter representing a different aspect of one’s personality (Courage, Kind, Creative, Passionate, Leadership, Loyalty, Generous, ect). You grab different personality traits depending on when you were born which explains why someone born on the 4th and something born on the 5th can be very similar and yet have that slight difference which is enough to make you love em or hate theyr guts. Those few personality difference that make that person and you very different people. Does make sense to categorize everyone who was born Aries to have Self-confidence and Generosity when its obvious not all. This might explain why when you read your sign and the traits assoisiated with them, they might be partially there but…. not quite there completly. Im a Tropical Leo but a Sidereal Cancer.

Of course this trait grabing depending on your birth isnt coming from wikipedia, this is something I seem to have randomly brainstormed and is nothing proven or whatever – its just something I noticed that seems to make alott of sense to me.

Ofcorse not everyone is changed. It just so happened my Birthday lies in between 2 separate signs. Aug16-23 are completly Leo in all 3 styles so they would mos likely get all the said leo traits. (Don’t ask me where Ophiuchus comes into play because thats a completly new one to me.)

Maybe when we read our horoscopes and laught because it’s something completly different, maybe thats because its not truly meant for you 100%. Next time take a look at the one before it maybe… does that one seem to make more sense to you?

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Ancient city discovered deep in Amazonian rainforest

4 Dec

ancient city

I was excited about this article because it talk about the cloud people tribe, also referred to as Chachapoyas (warriors of the cloud). Now I’m curious if this tribe is linked to my mother’s heritage of Indian background since her last name is Chachapoyas.

OKay, so archeologist have found an ancient city in the amazonian forest that is linked to the white-skinned cloud people of peru, although little is known from because they were wiped out by diease in the 16th century.

They were descirbed to have white skin and blond hair, something that puzzeld archeologist since most of the population subsiding in the area are dark skinned and also there is no knowledge of European ancestry in the region.

They were called the ‘Cloud people’ because they lived in a cloud-like mist deep in the forest. They use to command a vast empire across the parts of Peru’s northern Amazon jungle before being taken over by the Incas.

Ancient City discovered in Amazonian rainforest

Sometimes its bad to have a hang over

14 Oct

Drinking too much alcohol can effectivetly shrink you brain, according to study.

Excess Drinking Shrinks Brain

Apparently it doesn’t affect much to moderate or low drinkers, but it does effect the people who drink alcohol excessively, their brian volume diminshes 😀

Medical Reports about Scorpions and Testicles!

9 Oct
Scorpion Venom Might Be Able To Cure Cancer
Scorpion might cure cancer?

Scorpion might cure cancer?

Radioactive scorpion Venom that can be used as a treatment for malignant brain cancer.  The venom locks on to malignant cells and then the scientist irradiate those cells. As of now the scientist are still doing research on the possible treatment, although it is a considerably huge breakthrough.

Moving On…

Testicles ‘ are stem cell source’

from the BBC website

from the BBC website

Researchers have found out that cells in male testicles can be converted into stem cells, that can manipulate to produce all the cells in the body, and can be used for rejenative purposes, injecting nerve cells, heart cells, brain cells and bone cells without the fear of the body rejecting them.

Meaning guys that you can make quick money off this.  Since testicles are not fetus, I don’t think anyone can say anything negative about this….. right?