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358/2 Days

6 Oct

kingdom hearts Kingdom Hearts KINGDOM HEARTS



Dun dun dun!

16 Sep

So in order to not incur anymore of Marc’s wrath since the alcohol he constantly puts into his system makes him angrier at me (tehe, just kidding). I started college about 3 and 1/2 weeks ago and I’m not gonna lie I’m loving it. Not really too sure what is it about it but it’s much, much better than high school. Granted, I’m not living on campus so I’m probably not getting the full “college experience” or whatever you want to call it. So far my classes have been great especially my Japanese class which I will probably end up majoring in or possibly double majoring along with East Asian studies, not too sure which yet. Everything in college has just felt right, which I know sounds kind of stupid or corny but it really has, right down to the campus, my classes and the people.

Anyway, in news that matters to me and probably won’t matter to anyone else, Shakugan no Shana is going to have a third season and I’m super excited! =) No idea why I liked this series so much but if anyone else likes it, you should let me know. Yeah… umm… えと.. That’s all I got.


LA Firetruck Falls Into Sinkhole

8 Sep

Full story here

GAHHH I hate people like this

23 Aug

I dislike it when people cheat on their partner, could you just say “hey lets break up” inside of freaking breaking that person’s heart by sleeping with someone else while in commitment (not marriage i mean). Well this friend of mine, he got the girl of his dream engage with him. My mom and I were happy for him when he announced the engagement about two years ago. Now the guy is really nice of what i know, he’s the understandable type, he worked hard to get the girl her degree ( i mean he helped pay it and push her to get her BA in nursing). He tires to understand her by talking, whenever she has problems he chats with her about it. I mean sometimes he goes to my mother for advice seeing that she is a lady after all, so that he can understand his fiance better. Alright the wedding was announced a month ago was going to take place erm i think was somewhere towards December of this year.

Well it was a normal day as always, he calls his girl to see how she was at work. She picked up the phone saying she was at work and fine and they said their farewells and such. Except she didn’t end the call, she actually forgot to press the end button. The guy thinking she need to say something else before hanging up waited on the line.

In the background, you hear giggles and some rustling. Then hears her moan and then he hears the voice of his best friend, gawd the guy just listen the whole entire sex scene over the damn phone. The “best friend” aka douche bag was talking on how stupid my friend was to not tap his fiance ass like he does. WTF?!

The girl calls my friend a stupid dick for being too native and saying how stupid he is when it comes to relationship. Then they go at it again.

Well after he hung up he went over to my house, and just spilled out his guts ( not vomitting). I’ve seen anyone cry so hard before in my life, to calm down his angry i gave him my old desk so he can punch at it and break it since i was going to throw it away anyway. He just decimate it completely.

I’m just angry, on how this came out. That whore seriously >_> when i see her again i want to soo punch her! GAHHHH

Why would you do that?! WHY?! DAMN IT! Just say those magical words of ” break up” instead of ruining friendships and such. And what is more screwed up is that she has been sleeping with his best friend and at some point in time his boss from work for the past 4 years. WTF

>_> i hope karma bites her in the ass

BTW they have been together for 6 years ;_; damn this suxs

MagicJack not that Magic

6 Jul

Tons of posts are appearing on suggesting that MagicJack is indeed a scam.

Link is here.

Two miles

16 Jun

Today i bought these running shoes and i went to run for no apparent reason at all really. I ran two miles and it felt so good, i didn’t really feel tired at all and i felt like i was racing the wind 😀

i never felt a thrill like that before until i tripped on the pavement on my way home it kinda

ruin my moment lol

but yeah i decided to post it here because i felt like it XD

Utada’s Exodus

15 Jun
You Make Me Want To Be a Man

You Make Me Want To Be a Man (click to enlarge)

Oh em gee, I’m like doing a blog entry..

6 Jun

|-`).。oO(C。R。A。M) says:
life is a confusion
and why don’t you blog
it makes me cry
James, The Dork says:
I don’t have anything to blog about
|-`).。oO(C。R。A。M) says:
James, The Dork says:
I check it regularly I just don’t have anything to say
|-`).。oO(C。R。A。M) says:
u can say you graduated
or u say exams are over
don’t be lame
James, The Dork says:
will it make you happy if I blog something?
|-`).。oO(C。R。A。M) says:
it could even be about this convo
Hi myself *selfwave* Holla!

So yes, Marc wants me to blog so I’ll do one even though I doubt it will be that interesting. In recent news for me, I just graduated from high school. It’s a weird feeling because there are a range of emotions I feel such as sadness from not seeing a lot of people I know, fear of what lies in the future and that I may fail and some happiness because I will finally be getting more freedom!.. maybe. I mean, I’m going to be living at home, going to a university about ten minutes from my house. It is cutting down on the cost so it’s a good thing but now I’m really wishing that I had at least stayed on campus so I could gain a little independence. The ironic thing is my family may be moving away from me as my dad is in the process of gaining a new job in Wisconsin (for those of you who don’t know I live in Ohio). Hopefully, I get a job really soon because if I don’t I have absolutely no idea how I’ll be able to go to school much less pay for an apartment if my family leaves. All in all, I really don’t know if I’m ready for the responsibility that graduating from high school has given me.

Anyway, I hope I haven’t bored anyone who actually read this too much. If any of you get extremely bored like me and want to watch random youtube videos, one of my friends introduced me to this guy named Phil DeFranco. I find him hilarious even though he’s not exactly trying to be, he’s just a guy giving his opinion on world events.. I don’t know, maybe I’m just a stupid nerd with too much time on my hands.


5 Jun

I recently ordered a power adapter for my hp pavilion zx5000 from because Wes recommend the site to me. I bought the adapter from Osprey-Talon company or HQRP. Well I just received the package today, i followed the procedure about plugging in adapter from not hp, meaning your suppose to plug the new adapter in without the battery.

So i did, i waited then press the power button nothing happened.. So i was about to check the voltage of the adapter when suddenly the adapter sparked and then i heard this loud *crack* sound then the lights in my room went out and I smelled smoke. i unplugged the adaptor quickly to check what just had happened. but i look at the adaptor it this dark spot on the plug in. WTF!!!

Geez my laptop was functioning well and all despite the age it has, all it fucking needed was a new adapter because the old one just stop functioning as in taking no charge, meaning the damn green light was not turning on!

Expect this new adapter to do the work but noo it just had to spark and kill the light of my room and the adaptor itself got fried!! GEEZ now  i don’t know if my laptop would fucking ever work again because of this and! i  have fix the light problem in my room cause the wall adaptors nor the lights  won’t turn on!  JUST FREAKING GREAT!!! IMG_0362


Shaken, not Stirred

28 May

Kinda wishing they would make a new Bond movie soon.. don’t ask me why .

The name's Bond.. James Bond.

The name's Bond.. James Bond.