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Japan Culture Day Fund Raising Event

23 Apr

Made by Char 😀

Hey guys incase you don’t have anything to do on saturday, April 30th, you could come to the Japan Culture Day event at FIU.

We also need volunteers incase your interested 😀 just email: ( I check this email constantly >_<)

Plus we will have DDR tournament, Karaoke, Origami, Para Para dancing, Yosakoi dance (i’m in this one >_<),  Aikido demonstration (i’m participating in this, so you’ll probably see me get thrown), Kendo, Iaido (Traditional Japanese swordsmanship), Taiko Drumming ( its those huge drums they play on), Lots of food XD,  kanji face painting, keitai strap (phone strap, you learn to make them) and other activites cause yeah there is alot, ooh! i forgot there is also Japanese games as in Janken (paper, scissor rocks (but extreme), this bread race?  XD its really weird games.

Yeah just want to get it out there.

And um I couldn’t go out yesterday to Christine because i had no car and I um fell asleep after orly texted me so i missed most of the text you guys sent me.

Sowwy >_<

James’ Corner.. brought to you by James! =)

14 Jan

[3:06:41 PM] James Pfefferkorn: *cough* there’s a new pv for monkey majik =P
[6:13:58 PM] Hizaku: lol
[10:26:19 PM] James Pfefferkorn: did you listen to it?!
[10:28:31 PM] Hizaku: yea
[10:29:05 PM] James Pfefferkorn: like it?
[10:29:30 PM] Hizaku: its aight
[10:30:13 PM] James Pfefferkorn: yeah kinda how I felt, it’s catchy enough but I’m not blown away lol
[10:30:31 PM] Hizaku: its not a monster inc/
[10:30:43 PM] James Pfefferkorn: lmao
[10:30:47 PM] Hizaku: i base judgement now by comparing it to that
[10:30:47 PM] James Pfefferkorn: robots inc?
[10:30:49 PM] Hizaku: yea
[10:30:51 PM] James Pfefferkorn: ROFL
[10:30:51 PM] Hizaku: that too
[10:30:55 PM] Hizaku: shut up
[10:31:06 PM] Hizaku: to many inc’s in my life
[10:31:16 PM] James Pfefferkorn: god this song is sooooo not an animated movie
[10:36:25 PM] Hizaku: lol
[10:36:28 PM] Hizaku: the new one?
[10:36:52 PM] James Pfefferkorn: lol you’re a dork
[10:37:08 PM] Hizaku: ty

My dreams on paper

21 Oct

I have started to draw a series of comics, consist of the odd dreams I have been having . The again I am weird.   😀

They are also drawn as chibi because apparently i excel at drawing chibi and no longer tall people . ;_;


The first  random chapter is


Its the dream where marc, kevens, felix, orlando, chipmunk, sheilakira and I are in the sailor-moon world. And let me tell you we dont do well as super heros in mini skirts. Unable to speak Japanese, we do not understand our enemies because they speak Japanese even though they came from space and are far more advance beings.


Second Chapter is Silent Hill…….. ‘_’  its all i  have to say. Wes is the main character and you won’t guess who is his “daughter”.



Anyways I’m working on cleaning them up using photo-shop.

Soccer for South America

3 Jul

Why is it that when the World Cup starts people start hating on South America being in the semi-finals and possibility be the winner of the tournament.
Geez, don’t be hating a team because of their tactics and skills on the soccer field.

With the defeat of Argentina, so many people started bashing South America. (I wasn’t for Argentina to win instead I wanted Germany to win XD). But seriously as someone from south American decent gawd really people stop hating that your team didn’t make it to the semi-finals. Its all on skills really, well plus health condition before the game and weather condition and state of mind. BUT SKILL OVERALL lol

What got me ranting was the people at the Falls today bashing on south America saying they always have the glory ‘_’ …..they sound like bickering children really but also this comment kinda tick me off also

I came across this comment when I was searching for the Paraguay and Spain final results. a greeting of the Netherlands..congratulations with the nice defeat of Argentina.
Maybe now the south Americans will understand that real football is played in Europe.
Orange will meet Germany in the final..hope we… can show the world a clean, sportive and attractive game..that the best may win!

Real Football is played by anyone who has skill and heart to actually play the game. Not a tard like Mr. Anon who probably does not play so much soccer in order to respect the sport >_>.

*****And yes Marc, I have been drinking Hatorade 😀

some roots ‘_’

26 Mar


i was checking back at live journal today, thats like a punch in the FACE from the past than a blast unless you want to say a blast from the past IN yo face thats fine too

but anyways, LJ links are still saved on our home pc so i wanted to look back and surprisingly its still running

its been 4ever since we’ve been on LJ but it was some memorable moments

i guess it was just another victim of “trends of the moment”


This is Intersting!

26 Jan

Having a talk with Ivan over Silent Hill was really interesting last night. He then showed me this really interesting puzzle that he had to find a digit for. At 1st when I read the clue I was like OMG wow this is visually graphic lol but the puzzle behind it was pretty cool.

OK if you did play the game don’t ruin the fun 😛 Heres the clue.

I place my left hand on your
face as though we were to kiss.
Then I suddenly shove my thumb
deep into your eyesocket.
Abruptly, decisively,
like drilling a hole.
And what would it feel like?
Like jelly?
Trembling with ecstasy, I obscenely
mix it around and around: I must
taste the warmth of your blood.
How would you scream?
Would you shriek “It hurts!
It hurts!” as cinnabar-red tears
stream from your crushed eye?

At 1st i was like WTF how do I get a digit form this but then he gave me a clue and when you look at it like this is really helpful. So I guess I will give you a hint. look at a keypad on your phone. that helps solving this sooo much easier. xD

I love being random

26 Jan

Oh how I love being random

φ( ゚-゚)/ Marcoslavakia says:
oh really.
ジェームス says:
φ( ゚-゚)/ Marcoslavakia says:
i never knew.
ジェームス says:
φ( ゚-゚)/ Marcoslavakia says:
i have proof now too.
so you can’t deny it.
ジェームス says:
φ( ゚-゚)/ Marcoslavakia says:
i can’t tell you.
ジェームス says:
ok then…
φ( ゚-゚)/ Marcoslavakia says:
i can show you…
ジェームス says:
okay? lol I’m so confused

Just a suggestion…

20 Nov

Can we please change the banner picture?! That damn bunny is starting to creep me out.

XD Random Rude Funny

6 Nov

Lol I love the people at Hikaru forums, especially today when I checked out the shoutbox and ran into this convo.(all names are hidden for they privacy though they don’t really need it lawl)

Check it out, you have to read from the bottom up though.

K: Being on a hikaru forum, I’m surprised you know what good music is.
i: nah. just the second part. the big heads don’t know what good music is anymore
K: She has good music, she’s just an attention whore.~
ilu: Ew Lady G. Ewww….
K: You best be seeing her bb.

By the way…

5 Nov

idk if i’m coming or not for the holidays anymore, hopefully i can but right now i just don’t know

anyhow today imma gonna stay at the appartment so tomorrow i can be there to receive the stinkin appliances

and thx to my mom there aint no way in hell im doing coin laundry its freakin annoying and in the long run  its dries u out

im gonna do the “at my aunts” laundry XD

my mom’s in miami with washer & dryer that’s not in use and shes not coming till at least for another 6 months and to this point i still dont know how shes bringing all the stuff thats still over there, one f****** thing thats for sure is my hands arent in this one shes finding help somewhere where im not

***o yes by the way this washer & dryer are the same one and only that we had trouble getting over to the appartment in broaward, since then the total amount of use “none”, in the appartment shes at there is no connection for it so its all picking dust we on the otherhand have connection for it but apparently that doesnt matter for now****


f***** f********* hell!!!!