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Japan Culture Day Fund Raising Event

23 Apr

Made by Char 😀

Hey guys incase you don’t have anything to do on saturday, April 30th, you could come to the Japan Culture Day event at FIU.

We also need volunteers incase your interested 😀 just email: ( I check this email constantly >_<)

Plus we will have DDR tournament, Karaoke, Origami, Para Para dancing, Yosakoi dance (i’m in this one >_<),  Aikido demonstration (i’m participating in this, so you’ll probably see me get thrown), Kendo, Iaido (Traditional Japanese swordsmanship), Taiko Drumming ( its those huge drums they play on), Lots of food XD,  kanji face painting, keitai strap (phone strap, you learn to make them) and other activites cause yeah there is alot, ooh! i forgot there is also Japanese games as in Janken (paper, scissor rocks (but extreme), this bread race?  XD its really weird games.

Yeah just want to get it out there.

And um I couldn’t go out yesterday to Christine because i had no car and I um fell asleep after orly texted me so i missed most of the text you guys sent me.

Sowwy >_<

Pokemon Black and White Released (jpn)

23 Sep

The latest record breaking nintendo game is officially out! How lucky is Japan I swear.. North America and Europe can be expecting the new game in Spring of 2011.

Newsweek Real News

14 Jun

The funny things that are on the internet. Thanks Brad Rowe for showing me this, I got lots of good laughs from this especially from reading the sub articles. I think the best one was “Zombies and You” if only I had an experience to share :'(.

Well here is what newsweek was hiding form us all the time, enjoy xD.

If you want to check this out for you own and see for yourself that I didn’t make this on my own. Go to Once on the main page input the following arrow keys: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right,

Then the letters: B, A,
And finally: the Enter key

Pokemon Black and White First Screenshots

15 Apr

First Screenshots of Pokemon Black/White

Pokemon Center B/W betaBy the looks of it, this Pokemon game has finally FULLY 3D using what appears to be the same 3D engine from Platinum(Distortion world) and parts of Heartgold/Soulsilver (Olivine lighthouse, safari zone path, ect) tho it seems to be implimented abit more throughout the ENTIRE world as opposed to just certain spots and by the looks of it even in the battling! Either that or they just lowered the camera angle abit.. I’m not sure which. Honestly I think it kind of distorts some of the NPCs in the distance but it’ll add a new level of puzzles and lots of secret spots for enemy trainers to pop out at you with a giant [ ! ] over they’re heads when you least want it ( lolz! we’ve ALL been there ).

Battle Screenshots from B/W

Even the battles have got an extra depth of 3D mixed into them! Probably nothing too spectacular but if you compare it to what were used to and where pokemon first was back in Red/Blue/Green, we’ve come a long way over the years. This is by far the sexiest battle terrain yet and by the looks of it we’ll actually be able to see out Pkmn completly – not just the top half of they’re heads and backs.

Unknown 3D city in Pokemon B/W

Check the official Pokemon B/W website for more screenshots (note: may require some japanese)! =D epicness! Now if only they add a better multiplayer option and for sure bring back the following lead Pokemon option from HG/SS (which has yet to be seen in ANY of the screenshots.. grr) then it could very well be set as the best Pokemon game of all- but for now we can only hope! Eitherway it looks frigging sexy!!!

Pokemon Black and White

9 Apr
Breaking news:

Pokémon Black and White Versions Revealed

Gen 5 names announced early. The color themes this time must be a tribute to Micheal Jackson..

Epicness awaits. Stay Tuned! =D

LA Firetruck Falls Into Sinkhole

8 Sep

Full story here

MagicJack not that Magic

6 Jul

Tons of posts are appearing on suggesting that MagicJack is indeed a scam.

Link is here.

Iranian May Have Been Assassinated For Leaking The Real Election Results

18 Jun

I have seen a flurry of activity on the internet about this, and more so on the news about the Iranian who worked for the Interior Ministry to secure the IT network and may have been assassinated because he leaked results that showed the government used software to manipulate the election results.  Those who have seen his information report that Ahmadinejad actually came in third and that Moussavi received 19 million votes; thus making him president.

News like this must be kept alive and reported on, democracy is at stake.

R.I.P Traditional Analog

12 Jun

Say goodbye to analog tv everyone. The digital revolution starts today (in the US atleast, europe’s had it for a couple years now)!

Originally scheduled for Feb 17, 2009 but pushed back to many delays from analog-converter-box coupons and busy/retarded customers who wait til last second despite this being announced for the past 2 years – the time has finally come to put away the rabbit ears (or atleast connect them to your converter box if your still using that instead of cable/satelite).

The only thing i shall miss i think is that fact that if you get a bad signal you get a static-ky image with sound as opposed to a new garbled satellite-stuck-in-the-rain feeling of the new airborn digital frequency when low. Hopefully now that were going fully digital the stations will give us some better signal strength without so much old school (i dont wanna say “garbage” but thats what it is now) in the way interfering. They’ll invest in “Tv Translators” (according to the dtv2009 site) to help extend the signal farther to get a better signal for everyone.

Now everyone can enjoy 3-4 different subchannels of channel 6 and 4-5 subchannels of channel 7 as well as a local doplar channel for weather information. what i mean by subchannels is you’ll find for example: 06-1, 06-2, 07-1, 07-2, 07-3. Each with different stuff going on most of the time.

Hope everyone’s ready! With some luck we’ll end the day without opening any portals into any other dimensions. 🙂 we’ll see

goto for more info

New Afghan Law Legalizes Rape

3 Apr

The article found here reports on a new bill that has been signed into law, and which was reportedly never fully debated in parliament.

Not only is this a great example of a government attempting to regulate the lives of its citizens in the privacy of their home, but it is also an example of the steps politicians are willing to go to ensure re-election. Truly disgusting.