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14 Apr

This is late night web crawling for ya. So in the process of watching Kick-Ass movie trailers and other upcoming trailers I stumbled upon this little piece of footage. Why is this one being blogged about? simple! Its the new Resident Evil movie trailer!

By the looks of it hmmm… it looks promising with the new mixture with Resident Evil 5 zombies elements in the film and it being in 3d n’all. Sadly there is a BUT, there is this little feeling inside that is wondering “wth is this garbage?” after all it is just trailer… so I really can’t make that big of a judgement off it right there and then. I will in fact be seeing this and will have to wait till September 10th to see if I’m wasting away another 2 hours or rocking out with Milla in 3d. Maybe since its really close to my B-Day the gang should plan something *hint hint* 😛

Shelter, I liked it.

22 Oct

A friend of mine had recently told me about this movie, and told me how good it was for an independent film. So my friend suggested I should watch it also. There are a lot of independent films out there are are so much better than things that come out in the theaters, so I decided to follow his word on it and watched the movie also.  The movie was called Shelter and I didn’t really do much reading or looking up on it so I just went straight ahead and watched it.

Well I started watching the movie and then I realized that this was more of a “coming out” type of movie (aka meaning it was a gay coming out) and I was like “Oh, no biggie”. And as the story progressed it became a really nice movie and I really did like the movie. The story was great the, character development were great, everything I think was just great. Shelter was a good movie to show the struggle that people have in their lives when trying to find out who they are.

When Zach(Trevor Wright) is Forced to give up his dreams of art school, he spends his days working a dead-end job and helping his needy sister care for her son Cody which he loves dearly. In his free time Zach loves to surf, he loves to draw and show his expressions in his art. Also when he is free Zach hangs out with his best friend, Gabe, who lives on the wealthy side of town, but when Gabe goes out of town and his older brother Shaun(Brad Rowe) returns home to get away from his problems. Shaun is drawn to Zach’s selflessness and talent and Zach falls in love with Shaun while struggling to figure out his own desires with the needs of his family and life. 


28 Jul

Hmmm… captures from Price of Persia, very interesting.

*waits for Alex’s comments*

26 Jul



8 Jul

YAY got to watch my Lucky#Slevin DVD after the wrath Joshy put it through. XD I dunno how i got it to work but the willpower to watch something when the power went out was demanding. Yea the power in my neighborhood went out and I think it was cause of the construction that was going on near by but yea; no AC, flipping hot air the only thing flowing outside and nothing that could be done. Well I lied I did my bike workout thingy which wasn’t to nice cause it was so hot as it was but the nice cold shower after was worth it.

Other than that it was nice to watch one of my favorite movies again =D. Also lets take a look at Joshy’s wrath on my poor dvd :'(.


Shaken, not Stirred

28 May

Kinda wishing they would make a new Bond movie soon.. don’t ask me why .

The name's Bond.. James Bond.

The name's Bond.. James Bond.

Hehehe =D

17 May

HEHEHE the things you find when your cleaning your room =D

Hmmm… what to say about this movie, well I can say its the best movie I saw this year so far so that must be something good =D. Also don’t you remember in the past where if you buy a ticket before 3pm it only cost $5 bucks? those were the good ol days, why can’t we have that again. *nostalgia*

Beware the Jabberwock, my son!

15 Jan

Anyone else notice the major comeback of Alice from Wonderland lately..?

Time for a Comeback?

Time for a return to Wonderland..? It's about Time!

Starting off the year with Coraline which isnt a direct storyline from Alice in Wonderland but is pretty similar and uses a similar concept.

Next we have the live action movie coming later this year being directed by Tim Burton with Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter (big surprise – Burton + Johnny nowai!) – unfortunately for me I’v no clue what the name of the movie is going to be exactly but I’m assuming “The Nightmare Corpse’s Bride in Wonderland” or “The Demon Barber and the Chocolate Factory in Wonderland (ft. Beetlejuice)” or something along those lines (feel free to try and make your own titles).

Last but not least at the end of year another movie I’m really looking forward to since I found out about it coming out later this year “Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll“, directed and starring Marilyn Manson as Carol Lewis the actual original writer of “Alice in Wonderland” aswell as the sequel “Through the Looking-Glass” and the other stories & nonsense poems within them. The premise of this story, its basically about the life of Carol Lewis cept with a twist – He is being haunted in an isolated castle and being tormented by sleepless nights and visions of a girl named Alice. He soon finds himself becoming a symptom of his own invention. He is Lewis Carroll. Terrified of what waits for him each night. I’m not sure if it’s going to make any refferences to actual events in his life such as the 3 children who were the original inspirations for the stories or if its just going to be a fictional biography of how the books came to be. Eitherway with Marilyn Manson in it… this is sure to be one hell of a weird ass movie! Hell the tagline for the movie’s story: “Now all my nightmares know my name.” HA! How awesome is THAT?!?

I wonder if the Jabberwock will be in either of the two movies? If you don’t have a Vespal Blade, ya might wanna start looking now while you have the chance 😉

I also gotten my hands on “American McGee’s: Alice” recently. This game takes place a short while after the 2nd book (Through the Looking Glass) and has a much darker tone to it. Basically Alice’s parents died in a fire and she was the only survivor. To make things worse she cant get over the fact that she was helpless to save her parents and goes nuts. Because of the guilt, she tries to commit suicide (bandages can be seen on her wrists), and becomes catatonic. She’s put in a mental institution. Years later, the White Rabbit comes and finds her to help save Wonderland which has grown into a even more twisted (that was possible..? o.O?) and  darker world than what it was before. She has to stop the Queen of Hearts and reclaim her sanity. I must say this game pretty awesome! XD Not many games out there use playing cards as weapons. But not only that storyline wise the missions are actually fun, the story makes sense on a much deeper level, graphics are gorgeously demonic, gameplay is a nice warped mixture of action/puzzle/story/hack-&-slash(literally). Instead of Health/Mana, you have Health/Sanity and the storylines and characters have all grown to something else altogether. The Cheshire cat is there to give you hints in the form of “cryptic” clues (he just makes things rhyme alot but its still one of my favorite characters in the game sofar). This game came out in 2000 and quite frankly it seems to beat the skirts off of half these games that are out nowadays which are nothing but cool graphics but horrible gameplay.

Theres also an anime that came out which draws on heavy influence from The Alice stories though the name or exact concept I dont recall at the momment. I do know it has somethign to do with highschool students but hell I just decribed 6/10ths of the animes in existence.

Check it out when you can and plan to see these new modernizations of our favorite mushroom-popping-kneelength-dress-wearing little girl who just so happens to be the inventor “Todd’s syndrome“. O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! I wonder what ELSE they have in-store for us? 😀

2009 Wild Movie list

31 Dec
Click on picture for the website that has the article

Click on picture for the website that has the article

I found this website having some 2009 movies coming out

so I will list some of them:



Monsters vs. Alien

X-men Orgins: wolverine

Star Trek

Terminator Salvation

Land of the Lost

Transformers: Revenage of the Fallen

Harry Potter and the Half Blooded Prince


Where the Wild Things are


Sherlock Holmes



and other goodies on the site but yeah so

The one that made me laugh a bit is Watchmen because it reminded me of the move: The incredibles lol

Metropolis (film) 1927

21 Dec


Today i saw the silent science-fiction film called Metropolis

Description by

it is set in a futuristic urban dystopia and examines a common science fiction theme of the day: the social crisis between workers and owners in capitalism. The film stars Alfred Abel as the leader of the city, Gustav Fröhlich as his son, who tries to mediate between the elite caste and the workers, Brigitte Helm as both the pure-at-heart worker Maria and the debased robot version of her, and Rudolf Klein-Rogge as the mad scientist who created the robot.

Even though the movie is old, i must say it is very compelling to watch. And some of the graphics amaze me.The movie is about 210 minutes long, its pretty long for a movies of its age because most of movies were about less than 90 minutes.


metropolis_prod_still (I think this picture is actress having a drink lol, but look at her robot costume, its soo cool 😀 )