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Westview! Latest Monkey Majik Release

2 Feb

Track list
01 Angel
02 The Man You Were
03 Sunshine
04 夢の世界
05 魔法の言葉
06 Runaway
07 Disco Girl
08 Wonderland
09 Everything is going to be alright
10 the party’s over
11 One Day
12 Safari
13 If I knew

Angel is a really nice introduction to the album, pretty upbeat and even includes a little bit of Blaise’s “rapping” haha

The Man You Were pretty much summarizes itself in the first few seconds of the song, it’s a Maynard type song haha. It’s a reflective song I think, but definitely pretty catchy and it isn’t too repetitive.

Sunshine is a song that had been previously released on an earlier single and had been another opening to an anime called ぬらりひょんの孫. Probably one of the catchiest songs on the album and has a very different sound than most of the rest of the album.

夢の世界 is a “ballad” type song, I really like the intro to it as it begins with violin and piano. It’s definitely a nice slow, easy listening song that you don’t generally hear too much of from Monkey Majik.

魔法の言葉 is the pv song that was promoted before the album came out. I think it’s definitely the most catchy song on the album and has a nice balance of most of the favorite monkey majik elements and a most welcome speeding up after 夢の世界.

Runaway is a pretty typical more easy listening song that reminds me of a lot of songs on the album Thank You. Not a whole lot to say about it but it’s a decent song to just chill to.

Disco Girl is probably the most different out of all the songs because it feels more like a typical “rock” song. Regardless it’s a good song that lends a different feel than most of the album.

Wonderland is one of my favorites from this album, a fun fact that is the like first few notes of this song sound a lot like 空はまるで. It’s definitely an easy listening song that is just really good to relax to and seems to based partially off Alice and Wonderland but mostly seems to be a “love song” haha.

Everything is going to be alright and the party’s over just sort of have the same feel to them. Both are easy listening, not really a whole lot to say about them other than that..

One Day has this fun little techno intro to it, that sort of seems to hide in the background of the majority of the song. It’s pretty catchy despite it having a little bit of feel of easy listening of the past few songs.

Safari is… I don’t really know, I don’t like it too much… it just seems like a really strange song. Most of the song is in Japanese so perhaps I’m missing some really good lyrics but musically wise it’s kind of boring, I think.

If I Knew gives form to the reflective feeling that you get from the album’s title reference to eastview, in my opinion. Fairly catchy but continues the easy listening song streak haha.

HALO is another ballad song, which I suppose is fairly fitting for the last track of the album. It also would to seem to reference the beginning track with a similar reflective feeling as the last song. Not a whole lot to say about but as far as ballad type songs it’s not too bad.

Well there’s a short synopsis of the album haha. Overall, the first 5 songs are really pretty good and then Wonderland and One Day are my favorites from the last half of the album. As far as general album quality I’d give it about a 7.5/10, definitely worth a listen but I would not say it’s the best. Some of the songs on it are reaaalllly good, so yeah definitely worth a listen! =)

Westview – Monkey Majik

19 Jan

Monkey majik’s new album westview is coming out in about two weeks. Coming after their tenth anniversary and best album which included some amazing live music! This title is a deliberate play on their first album title, eastview. Fairly recently the new pv to promote this album surfaced and while it may not be the best song they have ever created it’s definitely catchy enough that I think everyone should be excited for the upcoming album! Especially since it’s been awhile since the last album that included a lot of new songs anyway! Without further adieu Mahou no Kotoba!…