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Medical Reports about Scorpions and Testicles!

9 Oct
Scorpion Venom Might Be Able To Cure Cancer
Scorpion might cure cancer?

Scorpion might cure cancer?

Radioactive scorpion Venom that can be used as a treatment for malignant brain cancer.  The venom locks on to malignant cells and then the scientist irradiate those cells. As of now the scientist are still doing research on the possible treatment, although it is a considerably huge breakthrough.

Moving On…

Testicles ‘ are stem cell source’

from the BBC website

from the BBC website

Researchers have found out that cells in male testicles can be converted into stem cells, that can manipulate to produce all the cells in the body, and can be used for rejenative purposes, injecting nerve cells, heart cells, brain cells and bone cells without the fear of the body rejecting them.

Meaning guys that you can make quick money off this.  Since testicles are not fetus, I don’t think anyone can say anything negative about this….. right?