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Concert? Show?Magic? All?!

16 Sep

See artists that do things like this makes me like them more. On Koda Kumi’s new tour thats coming out on DVD soon WOWOW showed a clip/performance that was done during the tour to promote the DVD release. Well after watching it, it just makes me like Koda Kumi much more.  The clip was her performance of “This is not a love song” and it was spectacular (yea i asctually used that word). Instead of just being her on stage dancing to the song and singing, she puts more effort into it. Koda gives you a show, a concert, and pure entertainment, thats AWESOME!.

Thats some good entertainment there.

Trick! or treat?

27 Jan

XD lol dorky title but I like it. Here today we have Koda Kumi’s new album Trick. OK I have to admit at 1st I taught this album was going to flop and be so horrible, I was so wrong. What gave me this impression was all the promo releases for it. At 1st glance to me the only song that appealed to me was TABOO, but looking at the other tracklist I got the impression “am I going to like this album, the tracklist seems kinda sucky and bleh”. That would be the last time I judge an album by the song titles.

Trick CD+DVD Cover, Kuu has to be a FF6 Fan to dress up as Kefka XD

  1. Introduction for Trick
  2. Taboo*
  3. Show Girl
  4. Your Love
  5. Stay with Me*
  6. This Is Not a Love Song
  7. Driving
  8. Bling Bling Bling Feat. AK-69
  9. That Ain’t Cool Feat. Fergie*
  10. Hurry Up!
  11. Moon Crying*
  12. Just The Way You Are
  13. Joyful
  14. Ai No Kotoba ( 愛のことば; Words of Love)
  15. Venus (English Version) (CD+2DVD Limited Edition Bonus Track)

* A-side tracks

Trick is composed of 10 all new track with the backup off 4 A-side singles. Overall there was really no need for A side backups (except Taboo it needed to be in here, cause taboo owns) because most of the new tracks were great on their own.

Ok rundown of the tracks

  1. Introduction for Trick – Awesome intro, will be great when performed live.
  2. Taboo* – Great, this is still one of my favorite tracks. Plus I can still remember Koda on a toilet OHHH YEA
  3. Show Girl – as the promo song for the album its great. it adds the direction the album was going in.
  4. Your Love – ok Ballad, its ok but I don’t like much of Koda’s ballads.
  5. Stay with Me*- another ballad, and was an A-side ballad. Pretty much this is like a moon crying part 2.
  6. This Is Not a Love Song – THIS IS NOT A LOVE SONG, but its damn good!! IMO this is the best track on the album.
  7. Driving – Driving is also another great song, it has a type of poppy punk rock beat to it that makes it good.
  8. Bling Bling Bling Feat. AK-69 – LOL this song is a joke really you can skip it if you want but its pretty stupid LOL
  9. That Ain’t Cool Feat. Fergie* – I don’t know why people didnt like this song, I like it but when it comes to Koda rapping she should not, lol thats a no no.
  10. Hurry Up! – this one is a very energetic song, kuu gives off a playful and sexy flirty type off tone in this one. Still its a great song.
  11. Moon Crying* – ok this one is another ballad but this is a nice ballad, I can deal with this one but overall its the best ballad in the album.
  12. Just The Way You Are – Generic.. Boring… that’s all XD
  13. Joyful – Uhh its a bit tooo Joyful XD XD but every Kuu album has to have one of those really happy quirky songs in it and this is it.
  14. Ai No Kotoba ( 愛のことば; Words of Love) – another ballad, its almost like moon crying in a way but its passable I guess, just my opinion.
  15. Venus – LOL to be honest i can really only makes out the I’m your Venus im your fire your desire. LOL the rest is just ENGRISH to its best.

Even though I didn’t like some tracks, I would say this is still a great album and if you notice most of the tracks I didn’t like are her ballads. XD Want it? I know you do HAHAHAHA!!! XD XD XD

Download – TRICK 320kbps

Another Edition

15 Oct

Basically, this is another PV of TABOO, it contains the same scenes and concept of the original PV but has some scenes that were not included in the original PV. SO aka we can say this is another pv but with more bathroom time Koda, cause we all know Koda Kumi and bathroom stall dancing is so totally in right now and its the hottest thing going on.

Anyways… to compare this with the original, hmmm its hard to say, the “another edition” goes straight to the smut, but the original wreak of more sluttyness.  I cant decide XD OH WELL!

Download – Koda Kumi – TABOO ~Another Edition~ PV

Note – TABOO PV has been changed to the same quality as this, and now has no watermarks. Click here to head to it.

TABOONESS ver.4 The Single

7 Oct

The single is out yay! TABOO in 320kbps YAY so yea um short post… *crickets* uhhh… *tumbleweed rolls by*

Download – TABOO Single

(track 1, 2 320kbps track 3,4,5 256kbps)


18 Sep

Well the PV for TABOO is out and my WHAT A PV XD! In my opinion is pretty slutty which is good cause slutty Koda is hot and good, in other perspective like this one person on hikaru forums says “It’s like dripping with homosexuality ❤hahahaha that’s just great. Overall a lot of people still think its a Namie rip off maybe that one hairstyle yea… but, everything else Namie and her innocent self would not touch, that’s all Koda’s turf so in other Koda would say “back off bitch”

I call this pic the I see what you did there Koda Style

I call this pic the "I see what you did there" Koda Style

Download – TABOO PV

NOTE – This Download has been changed, the PV does not have anymore watermarks on it.


15 Sep

A new pic for TABOO has been released for her playroom (which is basically her official fan club) and its nice, not as good as the CD and DVD covers but its just nice XD. The expression i think she makes on it is just silly, i dunno she just has a weird face on the cover. One thing for sure she doesn’t look like Namie here so at least thats a good thing.

TABOO Playroom

TABOO Playroom

Well reason for TABOONESS ver.2 is because “ALWAYS” has been released! XD its supposedly a ballad but its a really poppy ballad with those tencho bop bop noises in it lol I really can’t think straight but ya know it reminds me off “anytime” wow lol as I am typing this and listening to always you can totally picture her anytime video XD but anyways i give you ALWAYS!

Download – ALWAYS 320kbps


11 Sep

I knew from the start when i heard the preview of TABOO I would like it, and my hunch was right. Koda’s TABOO ROCKS! It almost sounds like something you would see in Initial D or in clubs (more than likely it will be in club with the remixes that are coming out). The beat is badass and everything flows well in the song. Hopefully the PV for TABOO will be just as great as the song, we don’t need another recreation of Namie’s DO ME MORE incident.

Speaking of Namie does’nt the CD only cover look like her??? HAHAHA its funny, I guess they are doing whats hot now and that look is probably whats in the “fashion” scene in Japan.



TABOO is being released on 8-10-08 (10-8-08 i hate how the put day before month in japanese releases i get so confused at times <_<)

CD Tracklist

  1. TABOO
  2. Always
  3. TABOO -HOUSE NATION Sunset In Ibiza Remix-
  4. TABOO -Instrumental-
  5. Always -Instrumental-


  2. TABOO -MUSIC VIDEO Alternate Version-
  3. Photo Slideshow

Download Track 1 – TABOO 192 kbps