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Guild Wars 2 Trailer

20 Aug

The very very very 1st look into the world of Guild Wars 2! And I must say I am very pleased of what they have done. Though I do still agree upon that they should have released another expansion for the current Guild Wars, I guess what they have done here makes up for the lack of new content. Well anyways the trailer is here and the official site is up with some tad bits of the game.

I do plan on making a Sylvari toon cause I do enjoy the caster type characters but what will I do with my Assassins wether if i should keep them human or what I have no idea, would be funny seeing a small little Asuran shadow stepping and ganking things/people xD OOOOOH snap! Idea just hit me, I will have an Asuran sin if that is possible and make Mokona Dono that sin LAWL xD but for my other Sin Kurogane and my mesmer AHHH!!! I dunno!!!. Blah they need to release more info soon!!!

April Fools Cuteness!

1 Apr

XD It may not be the best prank but I can clearly say its the cutest April Fools prank. As you all know Guild Wars every years does a very practical prank, but this year they decided to go all out CHIBI CHIBI CUTENESS on us, XD it may not be as elaborate as last years stick men but it is just as great.

Without further reading of cuteness talk, meet Gwen the CHIBI CHIBI CUTENESS of Guild Wars.

TOO CUTEEEEE =D XD XD. My only wish… if this prank was able to enter pvp areas so we can have a brutal Gwen battles in Alliance Battle. *pictures the carnage of chibi Gwen everywhere*

FoW armor?

30 Nov

HMMMMM….. GRATS JAMEISE FOR GETTING FOW ARMOR!!! now should I waste time tyring to get it also… hmm… quite a predicament I have here…

Stick Men

1 Apr

When April Fools comes along things can get a bit weird and silly, Guild Wars proved my point with their April Fools joke they pulled on all players who were level 20 in the game. Level 20 players in the world of Guild Wars were all stick men with the ranger emotes/attacks. Witth this prank it stirred up some arguments/comparison to last years April Fools joke that was in the game where you character changed sex depedning on ur characters sex/profession. *ahem**cough cough* let me give my toughs on this… ok here goes

To those who don’t like this update, ok sure you don’t like it, your entitled to your opinion. You can either continue to play the game or just log off. Simple? no some people took this to the extreme that since all the stick figures were men it stirred up the controversy that anet/guild wars was doing something sexist, ok really is this necessary?

1. this only happens once a year and its a joke.

2. if the game is sexist, then it should have a MALE candycorn tonics. Right? cause really I am so angry that i cannot turn into a male candy corn and not a female. *rolls eyes*

SHUT THE F&#K UP and quit the bitching seesh if you don’t like it so much then log off, go do something else play another game, look at porn WHATEVER.

OK back to happy place. :3 Here are some screen shots from the event.

Overall I personally loved this update, I did prefer last years update where we could see what our characters looked like as the opposite sex, but I found this update more creative , fun, interesting and just enjoyable.

Just For KIYOSHI!!!