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Hohou’s Home – Competitive Pokemon Battling

3 Oct

The beta is over and version 5 is finally up and showcasing Competitive Pokemon at their very finest!  The very best competitive Pokemon site, featuring Pokemon strategies, articles, tools, movesets, breeding instructions, and team analysis for Nintendo and other Pokemon Tournaments. Add your own Pokemon movesets/builds, create your team, find their weaknesses/strengths, and discover the true keys to victory!

Visit us at:

Hohou's Home

Vindictus and League Of Legends Icons

12 Jun

So I got a new game last night – Vindictus…. AMAZING hack & slash mmo! Its sort of a mix of Guildwars, World of Warcraft, and Gunz Online…. Love it. 😀

Also I redesigned the Icon I have for League of Legends. Made an amazing Kassadin themed one (I had a Kayle one that I had found somewhere previously). Anyways, here are the icons:

Right-click on the pics an “Save Target as…” for the .ico version or Right-click and “Save Image As..” for the .png version Awesomesauce Right-click on the pics an “Save Target as…” for the .ico version or Right-click and “Save Image As..” for the .png version

Brink and Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Icons

1 Jun

Made some round icons for Brink and Hunted: The Demon’s Forge. Brinks pretty interesting and I’m still in the process of getting Hunted but both deserve a nice round icon for desktops like mine 😀

Right-click on the pics an “Save Target as…” for the .ico version or Right-click and “Save Image As..” for the .png version Awesomesauce Right-click on the pics an “Save Target as…” for the .ico version or Right-click and “Save Image As..” for the .png version

Pokemon Global Link / Dreamworld is Up!

14 Apr

Finally, about 2 weeks after the initial release date was delayed the Pokemon Global Link / Dreamworld is finally online! Check it out and link your Pokemon Black and White games at:

Pokemon Dream World delayed due to Crisis in Japan

1 Apr

Logo PDW

Pokemon Dream World was scheduled for lauch on March 30, 2011 but due to the current Tsunami/Nuclear Disaster in Japan (which appears to be the main hosting server for the site), it will not be launched until further notice.

The official US dream world site (  had this to say: “The Pokemon Global Link was scheduled to lauch on March 30, 2011. As a result of the earthquake in Japan and the need to conserve energy resources the lauch date has been temporarily delayed. When a new launch date is determined, it will be published here on the Pokemon Global Link. We apologize sincerly for any inconvenience caused by this delay.”

Hopefully the crisis in Japan will be resolved soon. Our hearts go out to them.

The Unova Region awaits our arrival this Sunday

2 Mar

Only 4 more days until our new journey begins..

Pokemon Black and White English Versions will be Released Sunday, March 6th 2011

Starcraft 2 Builds: 2Fact 2Port

23 Feb

Holy cow! For TvT here’s what has got to be one of the most exciting mirror matchup builds around.

Click here for 2Fact 2Port Build Order

This play style is all about using Terran units but playing them as Zerg instead!

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Starcraft 2 Builds: Banshee Rush

11 Feb

My absolute favorite build – If HuK’s most well known Protoss build is the Mothership Rush, mine has to be the Banshee Rush when I play Terran.

Click here for Banshee Rush Build Order

The match has just barley started, you just started gaining enough tier 1 units to send out and begin battle with your opponent, you mobilize your units and to your surprise when their halfway across the map you hear “BASE IS UNDER ATTACK!”… your sitting there wondering – wtf? You zoom your map back to find that half of your mineral gathering workers have vanished and hovering above them 2 little banshees are wreaking havoc. You rush back to base to take them out and they vanish in midair! WTF?! Their cloaked?! The match just started about 5 minuites ago and your out of minerals and workers to mine them. Theirs nothing else you can do and your tier 1s are now getting picked off one by one as more bashees decide to join in on the fight. You’ve just been Banshee Rushed… GG?

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Starcraft 2 Builds: Mothership Rush

8 Feb

So my first build post discussion has to be the most epic of Protoss builds known to the Starcraft universe – The Mothership Rush!

Click here for Mothership Rush build order

The goal is basically the complete and utter surprise of the opponent during a huge, detection-necessary, micro-heavy rush. This is one of those All-in builds which leave you completly defenseless at the beginning. If it fails, you lose. If it succeeds you’ll more than likely win epically with the loudest nerdgasms from spectators and replay lovers.

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Starcraft Build Order Guides

5 Feb

It’s official! For all you frustrated Starcraft players who are tired of roaming the forums looking for ways to get yourself ranked into the Gold, Diamond, and Platinum leagues and are yet trying to grasp the metagame, your solution has been found – is officially open for the public!

Hell, it's about time!

Every now and then I will be discussing selected build orders taken from the site here on the blog of various strategies for public discussion (hopefully with some youtube support as well).