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Taking it SMOOOOOOOOTH…OMG another one?!

27 Jun

yea idk if anyone did this already but anyhow this my take on it…plus i do admit i don’t know how long its been there but that doesn’t matter

i’m talking about Prospekt’s March CD from cold play its like a part 2 or something to Viva La Vida well at LEAST to me it is lol

i won’t breakdown all the songs but i will say that its a pretty cool CD i love it and its just what you need whenever you want to fall back and think of things or just relax

since i’m not online all the time and stuff there are a few things that i do miss so that’s why i don’t know how long it’s been there

well that’s part 1 of this post

part 2 is a bumpy one

first off to refresh people’s memories

in my family there is my sister and me, you’ve all mostly seen my dad and pretty much everyone knows my mom.

now some of you should know this but might not remeber cuz to you all i’ve never really mentioned it that much but i do have a half brother

and i knew him since i was a kid, but like i said don’t mention it much i don’t, also it’s from my dad’s side

here’s the rollercoaster

apparently (this has yet to be fully comfirmed but pretty reliable intel) i have yet another brother from my dad’s side and this i found out yesterday im still in shock i don’t know what to say or do or think

and i haven’t even asked my dad yet but it’s 80% chance of truth

and it was very freakin sudden i was buying the cold play CD when i found out the people in the store told me to quiet down or get out…

anyway i don’t kno if well i am but i dont know When im gonna call my dad, i don’t know how to ask him

and as of yesterday including me we are 4 people that know this this thing this knowledge whatever you want to call it

my cousin from haiti (who supposedly asked my dad and found out) ,my cousin from here in laval (who got told by my cousin in haiti) ,me (who got told by her [laval cousin]) and my aunt who im staying with (i told myself)

wow all of this is driving crazy typing and thinking this at the same time

i’m gonna leave at that for tonight

Viva La Vida Video Download

4 Aug

Well Coldplay’s new PVs are out, two different versions off Viva La Vida, and let me tell you one of them is total utter crap XD lets see if you can find out which.

If you said the official you are correct sir/mam! its really bad, such a good song with such a bad video V_V it saddens me. The 2nd PV is the alternate video and its clearly the better version. thats just my forte on this though :3

Which do you like better?


Viva La Vida PV Official
Viva La Vida PV Alternate

Moving War

22 Jun

When u just get one of those neighbors that think they are all that XD

Moving in

22 Jun

This is what happens when Coldplay’s Viva La Vida moves in with the other cds.

Viva La Vida is home

17 Jun

Well today I headed out around 9:30 ish towards Bestbuy and got a lil bummed that the store wasn’t even opened yet when I got there. BUT! it was totally WORTH IT! well when the store doors opened me and 3 other people headed to the CD isle to get Viva La Vida and we did, so when we got our albums in the isle a person that was working there came up to us and said since your the 1st people to grab this you get 1st dibs on the vinyl of the album and there was only 4 of them so WOOT WOOT SNAGGED that sucka, not sure if he was lying or not but i went browsing after and there was still no vinyls of the album up so WOOT cashed out and SCORE. THE ALBUM ROCKS!!!! if your a Coldplay fan pick it up NAOW or u fail =D