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Good ol Music

25 Apr

Weeeeee I got me new music *YAY!!!!!* and I always forget to post the stuff up here… Yea this is hella late but still worth mentioning 😛 (prepare for semi big post =D). Let the post BEGIN! (well again, but on topic I suppose)

OK! Angela Aki (Alex look your making a new set off money and not sharing the wealth) is back with a new single and I WAS LATE on getting it V_V so I finally nabbed it once I knew there was an actual single out.

1. 輝く人 (Kagayaku Hito, Better People)
2. The Chase
3. Without You (Mariah Carey cover)
4. 手紙~拝啓十五の君へ~合唱バージョン (Tegami with Chorus)

So basically the single is a 1st I think/believe that the A-side Angela doesn’t play the piano but full acoustic only. I have a feeling possibly in the next single or something there will be a piano version, thats just her thing I guess. 輝く人 is a really nice song the chorus is really strong and you can check it out here in the PV for it =D

The pv reminds me of Kokoro no senshi and tegami when that upbeat part kicks in LOL but still a great song =D. Another track I really liked was the Without You cover. Majority of off her covers are really good and since Aki is really good at ballads this was easy breezy for her (lawl Utada reference). 手紙~拝啓十五の君へ~合唱バージョン is just the same track as before but now its just vamped with the vocal background chorus no big difference.

OH! also there is new Do As Infinity to come! *weeee*

Do As待望のニューシングル『∞2』が6/16(水)に発売が決定しました!!
現在放送中のTVCM「Battle of 6 BOATRACE」の主題歌となっている「Everything will be all right」。

Basically… they are continuing with the ∞ series and 「Everything will be all right」is in the single plus 2 of the four tracks are winners of the Do the Creative contest so this looks like a really interesting single to come. Also they posted a nice screen cap of both Van and Ryo during filming of the PV with a little caption “DoAsInfinity 伴ちゃんよりコメントです。「順調にPV撮影は進んでおりま〜す。皆さん楽しみにしててね!」” Basically stating that fliming of the PV is going great and everyone look forward for its release.

For some reason I get a Spanish vibe from this don’t know why but I do, we will just have to see once the song is out and the PV also.

Update! – The track list is out and here it is.

2010/6/16 on sale
¥1,300(tax in)

M1) 1/100 ※2010 BOAT RACE TVCMソング-‘09年12月~
M2) Everything will be all right ※2010 BOAT RACE TVCMソング-‘10年7月~
M4)パイルドライバー (Pile driver), (odd name but thats what I got)

Next is moumoon’s next single! (and I think the site literally just changed cause I was on it a min ago and it was still on the Refrain layout and now its Sunshine girl layout. anyways the tracklist

1.Sunshine Girl
2.メドレー(2010 Summer ver.)
3.Sunshine Girl -Instrumental

Release – 2010/05/12

The new single is being used to help promote an Anessa product and the promo cm is out and you can hear a longer preview of the song on the Official Website or check out the 30sec cm that they have out…

Yuka so cute *drools…..* OK! =D =D =D back on track, it was pretty cool they have a new single out so fast after releasing a mini album about a month ago. Also there is another single floating around that is also said to be released on 2010/05/26 and its called Jugoya no Tsuki o Mite Haneru Usagi or A Rabbit Leaping at the Sight of the Full Moon or Let’s dance in the moonlight, I’m leaning toward the lets dance in the moonlight mainly because they album cover is out and this is whats been released

1. Let’s dance in the moonlight

There is some info about this little guy/single. Mainly what is known is that a popular fashion brand Mono Comme Ca is set to be released in May and this rabbit here in the cover art is names “15” which is pronounced Ichigo (which also means strawberry) and moumoon is set to work and create an original single for this little rabbit.

Other than these things I mentioned I would have posted stuff about the Rie Fu’s album and the moumoon mini album but that was released a while back and I’m just being lazy now xD.

愛の季節 – Ai no Kisesu (Season of Love) PV

31 Aug

Pretty good song, dunno what to really say about it LOL. Its good but I think maybe the B-sides might be better. Still the song is great, that’s all that really counts =D. I guess the thing that probably bothers me about it is that its just another pv of her sitting there playing a piano, I guess its just getting a lil repetitive. She really needs to make a single that is a epic as Requiem that will be awesome, with the PV with her not just being behind a piano. Still overall its a good song =D.

Download – 愛の季節 – Ai no Kisesu PV

Romaji & English Lyrics

愛の季節- Ai no Kisesu

26 Aug

Aki’s new single is coming out soon =D =D, next month is already packed with Do As Infinity, Muse and Aki releasing new stuff ^^.  So far I’ve heard stuff from Do As, and Muse but nothing to much from Aki’s music wise as like a preview, the only thing close to a preview was from the trains in Japan that are using a snipit of her song when they departure. Other than that it should be an interesting month, its already jam packed with music, b-days and who knows what else xD.

Well here is a promo of the upcoming single from Aki and i like the picture but also miss the ways how her old singles/album covers looked. Like it was just a picture of her plain and simple now they are trying xD its a good single cover, but I dunno I think I’m the only one who liked the old covers better xD


01 愛の季節- Ai no Kisesu [5:01]
02 エミリー – Emily [3:52]
03 It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday [3:03]

Now here she does look like Alex a bit, but more of an adult Alex, like future Alex. Its still odd how they both look like each other in some picture but still cool, it would be really funny if Alex went to Japan and ppl started chasing her cause she resembled Angela LOL.


25 Feb

In Angie’s site she wrote notes about each track, from my keys international soulsteelgray was very kind enough to do a quick rough translation.

1. 手紙 ~拝啓 十五の君へ~(Tegami ~Haikei Juugo no Kimi e~)
– The beginning of this song is from a letter I wrote as a teenager addressed to myself at 30. On my 30th birthday, my mother gave that letter to me. As I tried to read it, I vividly recalled the troubles and pain of that time. I longed to write a reply to my teenage self and went to my piano. This song, written for the NHK Choir Concours, was sung by so many people, and so many chance meetings and relationships were born through this one song.

2. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (Bob Dylan’s Cover)
– To sing a cover of this Bob Dylan song in English is so sad, so I tried to write new lyrics. The song is the theme song for the movie “Heaven’s Door” and the theme of the lyrics is “death.” When the main character comes to accept the fate called “death,” he can understand what it means to live, and can embrace those emotions.

– When you can’t express the truth in the feeling of love, and you are able to say that you can’t say it, you find the answer staring you in the face. The people you love, your “friends” and “lovers,” you realize that showing gratitude to these people means that the essential things called love are simply “sorry” and “thank you.” This song expresses just that.

4. Somebody Stop Me
– In accordance with the title, when you find that you can’t control yourself, you just want to say, “Somebody stop me.” This song is about the annoyance you feel when something is right and you’ve made a mistake, and you can’t separate yourself from the conclusion that’s been made via the circumstances. I think that when you find that you can’t go on, the part of life that you experience is yet another type of answer.

5. ダリア (Dahlia)
– This is a song about the first time you live together with someone, and the memories of the person you had decided to live with. I think that love, no matter what kind it is, presents a “symbol.” For example, the movie you saw together, or the music you listened to that was given as a present. For me, my boyfriend bought me a red dahlia in a pot. Our love eventually faded; at first, going through the break up was very difficult, and I couldn’t bear to look at the dahlia. But time passed, and now the dahlia is the flower that I associate with my memories of my first love.

6. Final Destination
– What constitutes a “final destination” is different for everyone. You run towards that dream, setting the people you love as your goal, with only them in mind. But sometimes you become too focused on that goal, with far too much tenacity, and fight for something that you can’t even see anymore. This is a song about when that happens; face yourself, and you’ll check what you’re running towards, and understand what it is that you hold dear.

7. Our Story
– This is a song about comparing amongst ourselves the story called “Life” when we find that it doesn’t always end with a happy ending. Fairy tales end peacefully, but our everyday lives continue on rather steadily. The song reminds you why you hang in there as you wait, relying on the wariness that you acquire through living.

8. 黄昏 (Tasogare)
– This song is about the same mistakes that the main character of the story makes over and over. When she makes the same mistakes over and over again, I think that it means that she can’t let go of the past. Until now, I’ve been able to meet new people on new paths, and eventually, the case of creating the different face of “the past self” happens several times. It’s not just one time, but also two times and three times and the same mistakes keep intruding… this is the answer I was looking for while making “Tasogare.”

9. We’re All Alone (Boz Scaggs’s Cover)
– I was able to interpret Boz Scagg’s “We’re All Alone” through the key concepts “only together” and “everyone’s solitude.” From these two interpretations in English, the original Japanese lyrics I wrote used the following idea: “Mankind is lonely, so therefore we can share with each other the attempts to overcome this loneliness, and can love.”

10.  リフレクション (Reflection)
– When people hear “a reflection is the projection of sameness in the mirror,” I think that the reaction is usually “Oh, really?” It’s a good meaning of reflection, but the real meaning that they don’t admit to is that when there’s a reflection, you see both sides.

11. レクイエム (Requiem)
– In the middle of recording this album, my grandfather died. I had sat at my piano to write a song dedicated to him. Realizing that it was already too late, I said that it was good to have this time to live. We don’t know what day our lives will end, so I put into this song the feelings of thanks we carry around in our lives that we say to those who mean the most to us. It’s a little less than 11 minutes long, but up until now, out of all of the songs I’ve written, this is the one that I feel is the best.

12. Black Glasses (In Collaboration with Ben Folds)
– Ben Folds, whom I respect and admire very much, gave me the chance to write a song with him. Together we went to a coffee shop and said, “What are we going to write about?” In agreement, we decided, “We’ll write about our common feature!” And so, we arrived at this song after a bit of a struggle. Our common feature is our black thick-rimmed glasses. We expressed it as if people were wearing these glasses as a mask.

13. ファイター (Fighter)
– “There’s a fighter in you, there’s a fighter in me, there’s a fighter in all of us.” It was simply easy to understand this message in a song. I was completely lost with the arrangement, but putting in the reverse of the piano while using the assertion of the synthesizer led to the song with the most extreme feeling on the album.

Overall its good =D VERY VERY GOOD! XD though I did want something like Today from her previous album, but now we get Black Glasses and リフレクション (Reflection) XD. Love those 2 songs ❤ ❤ XD and shut up Alex XD XD ur just being a hater cause you have Black glasses D: D: I am still listening to the album and so far its AMAZING!!!!! It has to be the best album right now for 2009.

Also I’m in a battle to figure out which is better, from her Today album Moral no Soushiki (モラルの葬式; The Funeral of Morals) and レクイエム (Requiem). Both has this epicness to them but I cant seem to figure out which is like more epic when I heard レクイエム (Requiem) I was oh its slow then after 2 minutes into it I was LIKE WHOOOAAAAA WHATS THIS! especially since this is a 10 minute song I think this gives it an advantage. I cant decide QQ.

Edit : OK i decided, Requiem > Moral no Soushiki, very hard decision to make but yes, its is indeed better. EPIC WIN!!!

Another Update!

ANSWER HITS #1 Position on Oricon charts!!!! GO ANGIE!!!

OK limited time only for this.

Download – ANSWER


2 Jan




  1. 手紙 ~拝啓 十五の君へ~ (Tegami ~Haikei Juugo no Kimi e~)
  2. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (Bob Dylan’s Cover)
  4. Somebody Stop Me
  5. ダリア (Dahlia)
  6. Final Destination
  7. Our Story
  8. 黄昏 (Tasogare)
  9. We’re All Alone (Boz Scaggs’s Cover)
  10. リフレクション (Reflection)
  11. レクイエム (Requiem)
  12. Black Glasses (In Collaboration with Ben Folds)
  13. ファイター (Fighter)

WOW XD when you look at that track list there, it has a lot off cover songs XD QQ, Angie enough cover songs D: D: D: And it looks like she really likes to work with Ben Folds XD, first “still fighting” now “black glasses” XD

Awesome Piano Lady

19 Sep

LOL sorry i didn’t post this earlier it totally slipped my mind, i completley forgot i had this in the drafts and didn’t publish it. but its here now and yay hope u like it as much as i do.

The strings version to Tegami add a nice new feeling to the song, and the cover song she did “Still fighting it” is very nice relaxing midtempoish song. Final Destination is another great song that tests the complex progression of the song and the high notes in it, she easily pull it off very well XD. Overall this is a single that was worth the wait XD

Still fighting it is my fav =D its greatness XD

  1. Tegami ~Haikei Juugo no Kimi e~ (手紙 ~拝啓 十五の君へ~; Letter ~To You, at 15~)
  2. final destination
  3. Still Fighting It
  4. Tegami ~Haikei Juugo no Kimi e~ -strings version- (手紙 ~拝啓 十五の君へ~; Letter ~To You, at 15~

Download – 手紙 ~拝啓 十五の君へ~ 320 Kbps

Angela Aki 手紙 (Tegami) PV

16 Aug

The PV is here and its been a long awaited PV from Angela XD, (even though its been like a few days for me but over a whole year for her fans that knew her before) and its a good one.

Well then I bring you 手紙~拝啓 十五の君へ~; Tegami ~Haikei Juugo no Kimi e~ Letter ~To Your 15 Year Old Self~

DL – 手紙 (Tegami; Letter) PV (request for Reupload)

DL – 手紙 (Tegami; Letter) (request for single reupload)


14 Aug

Such an awesome song with brilliant lyrics, so touching (tear) XD but really her music keeps supriseing me more and more every time.

Tegami is a song for her upcoming single next month but was used a lot earlier for the NHK contest they had in the schools in Japan. After a while a video was made for the song (not the official PV) an animation clips for a television program that uses this song.

There is More :3

Music Tsunami

11 Aug

So today I was searching for some new voice to listen to and I remembered I wanted to hear something from Angela Aki. I’ve seen her face here and there on forums i go too and heard she has great stuff, so i picked up some songs from her and BAM! fell in love! her music is just great, and it has A LOT of piano with makes it more of an EPIC WIN!

Kiss Me Good-Bye (fav cover pic XD)

Yea I’m a bit late on finally listening to her since she debuted in 2005 but as I look through her discography I was like “holy crap no way” I especially went bananas when i found out she did music for Final Fantasy XII!! I had no clue and I’ve been playing the game all this time ( looks at ps2, more of a reason to play you now >=D ) but yes! she also covered Eyes On Me which was the theme for Final Fantasy VIII and its like awesome!!!! She has quite a few covers (especially love the eyes on me and the kiss from a rose cover) but those are mostly on singles that she has released, other than that her music is great.

Here’s a lil profile about her.


  • Stage Name: Angela Aki (アンジェラ・アキ)
  • Birth Name: Aki Kiyomi (安芸聖世美)
  • Birthday: 15 September , 1977
  • Birth Place: Tokushima, Shikoku
  • Family: Angela has a sister, Kyla Aki, who is a year younger than her and also attended GWU.
  • Ethnicity: Half Japanese from her father and half Italian-American from her mother.
  • Favourite Food: Tofu
  • Favourite Songs in Karaoke: Georgia on My Mind, Tsugaru Kaikyou Fuyu Geshiki
  • Favourite Artists: Alanis Morissette, Ani DiFranco, Ben Folds, Coldplay, Fiona Apple, Janis Ian, Joni Mitchell, Kanye West, Macy Gray, Sarah McLachlan, Shiina Ringo, The Smashing Pumpkins, TLC

WOO! ok and she has an upcoming single which is woot cause next month is September and September is the month of all things thats cool.

Her new single is called Tegami ~Haikei Juugo no Kimi e~ (手紙 ~拝啓 十五の君へ~; Letter ~To You, at 15~)

CD Tracklist

  1. Tegami ~Haikei Juugo no Kimi e~ (手紙 ~拝啓 十五の君へ~; Letter ~To You, at 15~)
  2. final destination
  3. Still Fighting It
  4. Tegami ~Haikei Juugo no Kimi e~ -strings version- (手紙 ~拝啓 十五の君へ~; Letter ~To You, at 15~