Hey hey everyone, well I made this little section here so you can get a little history of when this blog made little changes. I guess the little changes we really do have here is when there is a banner change so… Here we can look back at previous banners and the history that some had XD XD

Banner 1 – =D Debut Banner.

At 1st this was originally my own little blog that I was going to run by myself, and my friend and I were going to have a joint account thing so we can run two blogs at once. Little after that didn’t really work out as planned so we decided to merge but here is the Debut Banner!!

Banner 2 – Reuniting

Well in this banner the good ol group from high school decided to join up in this little blog idead I had so, with this I decided to change the banner concept to something that reflects about that friend/writer.

Banner 3 – Tokyo Biyori

Around the time i changed this banner it was about about Van’s new release for Tokyo Biyori. I remember the day reading when she was finally releasing something that wasnt a cover song it made EVERYONE happy XD XD.

Around this time also, nothing much really happened to make a change, but i decided to change the pictures off the writers cause I’ve been using the same picture for a while and thats what brought this banner to be.

Banner 4 – Reuniting Part 2

Well two more close friends decided to join my blog since they saw and heard us talking about this “blog” so much they just gave in (they just wanted to be parts of the cool kids club XD XD) so up first was Truegamer.

After Truegamer joined up it was Cybermewtwo’s turn to join in on the fun. (I should have kept his poloriod pic ad the pedo bear all the time XD it just fits him a lot even though hes not a pedo)

Banner 5 – Reunion 5 with a change.

Well around this time the banner change its look just for the feel of having a fresh look and i decided to not use a solo Van pic this time cause I had one of those “I miss Do As Infinity” moments XD I’m such a fanboy, and if you don’t like it sod off!! XD XD

Around this time of the blogs life another friend of mine from High School caved in and wanted to be in the cool kids club so his Polaroid had to had to squeeze in here XD. Also i believe it was around this time i decided to make Kiyoshi happy and slip in some Dushku in the banner XD

Banner 6 – Fanboy again

XD yea I’m a fanboy XD XD DO AS INFINITY RULES!!!! so i decided to make a Need Your Love Van in the banner. I know exactly why i chose this picture also for the banner. This was around when I helped my friend in Brazil get his “Do the Box” which is all the Do As Infinity albums with a special dvd about the history of Do As, and this pic of Van was so awesome from the NYL album when i saw them using it from the DVD and remembered i saved a pic of it before when NYl had 1st came out in 2005.

Banner 7 – REVIVAL!!!!

Around this time it was about to be the revival of Do as Infinity!!!!! WOOT! (I still can’t believe they are back, it was one of the best things that happened in September) With the revival date, the anniversary date, and the Free live Free Souls concert, I made this banner to dedicate the greatness that is Do As Infinity =D.

Banner 8 – Old Look

Well after the Free Souls Free Live and a few other Do As Lives the time had come to change again, so i decided to listen to one of Kiyoshi’s ideas to use some of the old stuff which I did at first and liked it then I decided to edit again. (I really hate when you think you like something then you go around changing everything about it just to make yourself happy <_<) So I decided to give this a little black and wite touch with only one thing in color, and that will be this blogs banner. This also make a little history to be the first banner with the “New Name” of the blog. (lol kinda sad i never put the name on the banner for the past 6 banners XD im bad) and if you notice, I finally decided to add the sir Jake Gyllenhaal for the good chipmunk since I made her suffer with so much Do As Stuff XD.

This is just an update with a new pic XD nothing big. XD

Banner 9 – New Year New Style

Well the time finally came, since we are beginning the new year we might as well try for a new banner with a new style =D. Now we have the look Kiyoshi describes as the “triforce” look we introduce Van with NEW! mates, no more Van being alone she has friend XD. Also if you notice there is no more Polaroids yep yep no more XD gotta start fresh and try something new XD wow I need sleep and this energy drink I had is really not letting me XD XD. Oh also if you notice everyone’s picture has changed and we seem to have a new lady on our banner this time, I introduce you to miss Olivia Munn some may know her from G4 and some may know her as that hot model chick LOL, her picture is here to represent Truegamer. ALSO!!!!! we have a new writer in our team of crazy minds, lol meet Jamesie XD his picture was placed in the banner ^^, you all would know him from James corner XD XD.

Banner 10 – Animated!

Well… LOL Today I was just sitting listening to Angela Aki and dealing with the current events. With all the things clouding my mind I decided to clear my thoughs and started this drawing. The drawing became very silly and then I was thinking maybe I can put this as the blog banner and here it is! XD Its nothing but sillyness. From left to right we have the “bird whic represents Kevens LOL he knows why, SuperWes, Owned Orlando, Charlotte, myself with Alex, Kiyoshi with his pizza, and the two Anime fanatics Kira and Jamesie. ^^

Banner 11 – Pokefied

Well this one came about in a weird way. not as weird if you were there but it was actually a little interesting. Since Dollface is visiting and we had such a hit (?) with the last one banner I decided to let the other writers join in on the drawing. When we got down to it we had no theme so Cyber gave us a theme of pokemon (cause thats all he ever thinks about) and we somehow liked it from the get go and here it is (so far).

Banner 12 – Mascot Zaflon

Yep yep Zaflon is our precious mascot. How it came to be? well I guess cause of Christine for giving me those dolls for X-mas and the only cool thing was Zaflon XD. Yes the origin of Zaflon came from a Gwen Stefani doll *gasp* and I guess all the weird crap we did with this bunny made it seem fit for him to be the mascot.

Banner 13 – Angry Banner Mob is MAD!

Yep yep, by the wise words of Alex to have a banner change due to the happiness of Zaflon came upon this creation. But it seems the Banner mob doesn’t seem to happy with this so they are mobbing up to fight for what is right! will the banner Live? or be destroyed by the Angry Banner Mob. LOL but its a random funner banner that came to my mind, shows the love Alex has for her Jake xD and what the others might think of this banner lol.

Banner 14 – Eyebrow’s Revenge

Well well a twist and turn for this banner. It was originally going to be Dexter doing the kill job on Jake but then I got the wonderful idea to twist things around and have more fun with it. Oh Orlando <3, but you somewhat gave me the idea to make it like this. Well for those off you who Don’t get the joke behind it, its about a friend off ours who we picked on cause he had a somewhat UNIBROW. Since he had this we used to pick fun at him until it got all nice and trimmed but at times it does tend to come back and he kills it again. So basically that what inspired this banner, his eyebrow xD (hes soo gonna hate me but its LOL). Also about the banner if you never watched Dexter before he likes to capture his victim and tie them down to a table hanging up pictures of his victims, so as you can see in this banner there is the table, the victim tied up, the pictures, and finally the mutated Eyebrow from hell to kill his killer xD.

Banner 15 – 8bitized

Yes this took a lot longer than expected but its here. I can only take credit for placing them and setting up the background but this was all Cyber’s creation. You can say this was his way of making up for the last banner that was supposed to be up but as you could have clearly seen that didn’t happen so this made up for everything. Not much that I can say since I wasn’t the full creator so I’ll have him edit this whenever he decides to put his words here.

Cyber’s Edit: I’ve created awesome in the form of Scott Pilgrim Video Game Style Sprites of all the writers! Hizzy did an AMAZING job with the background, I had a few ideas for it but nothing compares to this. Way to go for teamwork! I LOVE IT! 😀

11 Responses to “Banners”

  1. cybermewtwo at 11:33 am #

    I’m gunna take a wild guess and say I’m the Pikachu in Banner 8? XD omgnowai!

    hehe looks awesome tho. your photoshop skills are like holycrap… might be a nice field for you to go into.. *hint hint nudge nudge*

  2. frozenbreak at 12:57 pm #

    lol u guessed right LOL, and im still a noob compared to other people out there with photoshop.

  3. Char at 9:09 pm #

    you something this is the first time i noticed the pikachu lol

  4. dollfacekira at 9:55 am #

    Definitely the “Old look” is so far the one that i like the most, great photoshop skills ; )

  5. dollfacekira at 7:14 pm #


  6. Char Char at 9:32 pm #

    lol poor orlando, alexia looks funny animated

    why am i with a bat?! >_<

  7. frozenbreak at 12:27 am #

    cause you are a crazy charchar

  8. dollfacekira at 1:25 am #

    LMAO! The question wasnt, why is Orlando lying dead? or Why did i hit aka beat the crap out of Orlando? instead it was “Why am i with a bat?!” XD LOL!!

  9. Chipmunkitis at 8:10 pm #

    I didn’t realize we went through so many banners 😀

  10. truegamer at 10:34 pm #

    ewwww gleee

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