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Palm Pre Review

8 Jun

Well the palm Pre has been released upon the world and be one of the lucky people who decide to go out early to get them before they sold out i feel obligated to write a review for our little audience.


The screen is where the Palm Pre shines. Selections take little to no effort and there’s that oh-so-magical water ripple effect (Gives you that warm feeling) when actually touching the display. It’s vibrant, rich and all around really clear(Much better than the Iphone in case you want to know).It’s that close to being perfection. The size difference between the Iphone and Pre is really noticeable however, with the Pre having a 3.1 inch display, but as you’ll read on later, this makes the device much more pocketable. Just know that as high as your hopes are for the Pre right now, the vibrant display is one area where you will most definitely not be let down.


The size of the handset itself is wonderful. Really no complaints. It’s fits perfectly in your hand and Palm did a great job blending an awesome touchscreen with a separate multi-touch gesture area, sliding design, and everything else together in this package.

Battery life:

To be really fair, I haven’t been able to really put this thing through the ringer in regards to battery life. When I first got it, it had a pretty low charge of around 30% and that lasted for about three and a half hours of me taking photos, going through different options, etc.


Well after using it for a day as I normally would using it about fourteen hours now I’m at twenty-seven percent which isn’t bad on default settings.


The OS is great. There’s no ifs ands or buts; it’s really refreshing to see something that’s brand new with a UI unlike anything else out there. The only problem with this is, Palm’s never been a hardware company that anyone’s really cared about. But long time Palm lover will not be disappointed.

The New iphone leaked

1 Apr

Just released 10 minutes ago

The New iphone


Secret Recipe Shhhh…

15 Feb

As a request from a fellow author i was ask to post my favorite recipe and share it with our reader. So i give to you my super easy recipe for BBQ chicken

  • 2 quarts water
  • 1/8 cup kosher salt
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 2 garlic cloves, smashed
  • 4 sprigs fresh thyme
  • palm full of All-spice
  • 6 chicken legs and thighs, still connected, bone in, skin on, about 10 ounces each(or just use what ever part you want)

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Shiny New Apple

16 Oct

In case you just woke from some kind of a coma (or you are a certain older gentleman running for a particularly prominent public office), today Apple revealed new additions to the MacBook family: The totally redesigned aluminum 15″ MacBook Pro and 13″ MacBook, plus a slightly revamped MacBook Air and white plastic MacBook, “value” priced at $1000. Jobs and Co. also showed off the long-awaited iSight-endowed Cinema Display monitors. Here’s a rundown of the announcements and our follow-up coverage:

Apple on Tuesday cut the price on its entry-level notebook computer to $999 and introduced a line of aluminum-clad machines starting at $1,299 in moves catering to budget-minded buyers.

Enhanced MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models boasted improved features in Apple’s price range of $1,200 to $2,500.

Key upgrades to Macintosh laptop models included custom-designed graphics processors by NVIDIA to enhance computer game play and video viewing, as well as glass touch-pads that allow finger gesture controls.

The track pads built into MacBooks and MacBook Pros also got a makeover. They’re much larger and made from glass for smooth scrolling, and instead of a separate button to mimic the clicking of a mouse, the entire track pad depresses. They offer almost 40 percent more tracking area and support more Multi-Touch gestures.

Along with showing off new MacBook models heading for store shelves, Apple cut the price of the original version to $999.

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Nintendo DSi Revealed

3 Oct

Rumours had been making their way around the internet this week about an upcoming DS announcement from Nintendo. With today’s Tokyo conference Nintendo put to rest all rumours by unveiling the Nintendo DSi. For those a little curious as to why the “i” is included, it’s simply because the DS now has an eye….. or what I like to call, a “camera”.

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Nintendo conference October 2 (in Japan)

1 Oct

Nintendo is holding a press breifing on October 2, 2008. It’s certainly not a coincidence by any means that the Tokyo Game Show will be held one week later. Traditionally Nintendo doesn’t participate in Japan’sNintendo isn’t going to be making any announcements during TGS — they certainly don’t want to be forgotten during the week. largest trade show for video games. Obviously even though

Their exclusive press conference is set to deliver ‘new products,’ but were not to sure what they mean by that. Whatever it is, we’re hoping they can do something with Wii Music and actually make it a ‘game’ with rules.

I will bring you more when it develops.

This writer hopes the release for the Nintendo DS 2

3D Render by Phil Nolan

Would Apple Really Shut Down iTunes?

1 Oct

The Copyright Royalty Board is set to rule tomorrow on the National Music Publishers’ Association’srequested increase in royalty rates from nine to fifteen cents per track for online music stores — an increase+ that could lead Apple to close down iTunes, according to a statement released last year from iTunes V.P. Eddy Cue. “If the [iTunes music store] was forced to absorb any increase in the … royalty rate, the result would be to significantly increase the likelihood of the store operating at a financial loss — which is no alternative at all … Apple has repeatedly made it clear that it is in this business to make money, and most likely would not continue to operate [the iTunes music store] if it were no longer possible to do so profitably,” Cue said at the time.

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Spore Review

20 Sep

This breathtaking and absorbing evolution simulator gives you an entire universe to tinker with. The scale is astonishing as you progress from guiding a primitive microbe to exploring the vastness of space.

As evidenced by the enormous popularity of Spore’s Creature Creator, the most exciting aspect of the game is that it embraces player creativity. Using DNA points awarded by performing activities such as hunting for food, socialising and fighting, players can buy parts for their critter.

Sculpting your creature is simple and pleasurable yet the tool is intuitive and deep. The flexibility is fantastic and evolutionary choices can have far-reaching consequences.

Cleverly, the game populates your universe with creations designed by professionals and players around the world according to your tastes and requirements. And even if you don’t feel like being creative, there’s always something fun or interesting to choose.

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15 Sep

Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs took the wraps off a revamped line of iPods today and trumpeted a truce with NBC Universal that means the TV network will begin selling programs again on iTunes.

The iPod announcements were largely expected, and investors were less than energized, sending Apple’s shares down $6.13, 3.9 percent, to $151.79 in afternoon trading. (

The iPod upgrades Jobs revealed today in a theater in San Francisco include two slick new Nano models, oval-shaped devices that Jobs said are the thinnest iPods Apple has ever made. They are less than a quarter-inch thick. As well as being the most Green iPods with most of the material being recyclable.

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Infiltration Successful

16 Jul

MWhahahaha its Felix. I have finally to decide to blog my ideas. So this will be the greatest idea written or lower the IQ of everyone who reads it.

One thing i found very intresting is Volvos new green car

It get 160mpg!!!!!. The cool thing i found about this particular hybrid is it has no transmission. Which mean you don’t have to worry about the loss of power from the engine to tires. Another unique feature of this car are it individual motors. two of the motors run completely on batter power for 100 miles before switching to gas motors which recharges the battery in 30 minutes. So you’ll be saving a ton of mula while driving this very green vehicle. Sad thing is it won’t be on the market till 2015. I’ll keep you update on anything new in the tech world. Signing off…