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Still Alive

10 Jun

The blog is still alive!!! Do not fret it will keep living forever! Anyways a long story short, work + school isn’t fun. BRB DOORBELL! OK that was Dad with Lunch! Ok as I was saying With school and work I myself haven’t been able to log on much to post and boy do I have lots to post, but it will probably be compressed into one big post. Other than that. I will probably be thinking up new Theme for the blog and get this place alive again. Check Back again 😉

That Bastard!

31 Jan

BLAH! and I was doing so well!

Found my Old SkiFree file and boy was I in the zone but alas it all came to an end when I didn’t turn fast enough and sadly got eaten, then watched him cheer for my demise 😡 Amazing how this game is entertaining as it was when it was released 1991. Back to more Skiing! >=D I will out beat him sooner or later!

And for some hilarity here is Resident Evil with SkiFree 🙂

What Spartacus Does

30 Jan

Watching Spartacus makes you have some very interesting conversations… For Example

[2:06:04 PM] Hizaku: good

[2:06:06 PM] Hizaku: lol man

[2:06:11 PM] Hizaku: the house is going to shit

[2:06:17 PM] Hizaku: having him fuck the friends wife

[2:06:25 PM] Hizaku: teacher wanting to kill pupil lol

[2:07:41 PM] CyberMewtwo: lol

[2:07:43 PM] CyberMewtwo: i know!

[2:07:47 PM] CyberMewtwo: i liked him before

[2:07:49 PM] CyberMewtwo: now not so much

[2:07:58 PM] Hizaku: not done yet

[2:08:17 PM] CyberMewtwo: i get the feeling big black dude and that show off are gunna fight

[2:08:22 PM] CyberMewtwo: like for sure

[2:08:34 PM] CyberMewtwo: but that new recruit was like damn

[2:08:36 PM] CyberMewtwo: lol

[2:08:41 PM] CyberMewtwo: pretty epic

[2:08:42 PM] CyberMewtwo: lol

[2:08:47 PM] Hizaku: lmao

[2:08:51 PM] Hizaku: hes touching himself

[2:08:52 PM] Hizaku: WOW

[2:08:58 PM] CyberMewtwo: oh your still watching

[2:09:00 PM] CyberMewtwo: XD

[2:09:08 PM] CyberMewtwo: yea it was abit disturbing

[2:09:10 PM] CyberMewtwo: XD

[2:09:15 PM] Hizaku: so

[2:09:21 PM] CyberMewtwo: roman porn

[2:09:22 PM] Hizaku: this is how porn was viewed back then w/o internet

[2:09:31 PM] CyberMewtwo: XD

[2:09:38 PM] CyberMewtwo: slaves make lust

[2:09:42 PM] CyberMewtwo: oh and it gets better

[2:09:44 PM] CyberMewtwo: keep watching

[2:09:46 PM] CyberMewtwo: lol

[2:09:51 PM] CyberMewtwo: opium is a hell of a drug

Cake Desu Ne!

25 Jan

It should really be Caku but i’ll let Jamesy have it this time. So last night I chatted with my GOOD PAL JAMESY! and while chatting with him he decided out of the blue to make a cake. But not just any ordinary cake, the cake in question is a birthday cake ment for his mum! But alas I can say it was very random in the chat when he decided to just go out of his way and make a cake.  So everyone (drum roll) I proudly present to you Chef Jamesy making a Pumpkin cake! (in G flat? nah!)

Here we can see his slick hand movements  mixing the pumpkin with the other ingredients. Such skillful mixing! he beats the ingredients so fast that his hand becomes such an ominous blur!

Now as we see here, our cake mixture should look like similar to this after adding all the ingredients and mixing it properly. Well Done James! (claps)

Now if there ever comes a time when baking that you seem to find out a mistake do not be afraid to contact a fellow baker, one could reach out to their mum for help as James did here.

When all things are done the delicious pumpkin cake should turn out like this. Now lets all applause Jamesy for his spectacular show on making a pumpkin cake.

Bravo! Bravo! Truly an exquisite piece of art created right in front of us! Now lets look at what the great chef does while it is being baked in the oven.

Clearly he sees something that we do not see, but that is all the time we have for today! See you next time when we find out what


full moon live

20 Jan


moumoons Full Moon Live has just ended and it was a short but wonderful live. It started around 9pm Japan time so it was about 7am our time when it began. The live was a quaint acoustic live and I think they should have more streaming lives like they did today. Come to think of it I think this was their 2nd live streaming if you count the opening act they did for Do As Infinity on the Free Souls Free Live concert but anyways more live streaming yes! especially when they have a new album coming out next month which is good promotion. Well nothing much to say gotta head to class so Later Days ^^ =D


2.Sunshine Girl

If only…

16 Jan

If only my parents knew how to text… but this makes up for my lack of technologic parents.

Will it?

16 Jan

Will this be the poster that will be coming with my new Do as Infinity album this week? =D (PS SHUT UP ALEX!)

Looks cool but I have a feeling I like my Eternal Flame poster better. Can’t say to much cause its a small picture so I will see once it arrives =D

Latest Obsession

16 Jan

Well since I have some time on my hands and I haven’t posted anything about the latest crave I’ve gone through I’ll take this chance to do so lol. So not to long ago I finally got the chance to listen to the Florence and the machine (Florence + Machine) ( and no not because gLee covered Dog Days, I actually wanted to give her a listen too when I saw her perform at the 2010 VMA)  and I can say this album was amazing!!! Out of the 20 tracks of the album I can easily say that 15 tracks are my favorite, the remaining 5 (some are just demos or alternate versions) are ok but just not my favorite. Check out the tracklist and i’ll bold the tracks I really enjoy.

1. Dog Days Are Over

2. Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)

3. I’m Not Calling You A Liar

4. Howl

5. Kiss With A Fist

6. Girl With One Eye

7. Drumming

8. Betweeen Two Lungs

9. Cosmic Love

10. My Boy Builds Coffins

11. Hurricane Drunk

12. Blinding

13. You’ve Got The Love

Deluxe Edition

1. Bird Song Intro

2. Bird Song

3. Dog Days Are Over (Demo)

4. Falling

5. Hardest Of Hearts

6. Ghosts (Demo)

7. Girl With One Eye (Bayou Percussion Version)

Whats also interesting is the use of a harp in this album (as it shows up in most songs), its use creates a catchy melody that explodes into a joyful, exuberant chorus. Lyrically, Lungs finds Florence side-stepping mundane descriptions of the everyday in favour of flights of fancy. The track Howl is an excellent example of how she uses her lyrics to paint a dark picture but to descriptively sing a song about love. You are given the dark descriptions of a wolf (or a werewolf) breaking through the night prowling looking for something to hunt, to tear apart, but when put together with the other lyrics its a song about young lovers and the crave to be with each other.

Lol I’m trying to think of stuff to say but I have Felix and Orlando talking and I can’t really think to much LOL but alas this album is really good, you should check out the two songs I’m gonna post up they are my all time favorites. =D

Rabbit Heart ( Raise It Up)

Change is here!

15 Jan

Hey hey look at that the blog looks different. =D Hope you all like the new look :3, The Banner section gives a brief background behind the current Banner so check it out.  Enjoy :3

Change got delayed

12 Jan

Yea I know I’m late yet again on the change for here but I am looking for a new layout and the whole shabang (is that how its spelled? oh well). With school and work I don’t have much time to do much here so whenever I get the chance I will get back on the layout. Other than that I needed to make a post here cause I don’t think I have made one yet for the New Year so HAPPY BELATED NEW YEAR! lol yea thats corny but it works. With that all said and done I give you a quick chat from facebook.

Marc – do your own homework

Brandon – lol marc

Brandon – i want to check my answers silly

Brandon – how’ve you been

Marc – ok

Brandon – how good are you in math ^^

Marc – wrong asian to ask

Brandon – LOL

Brandon – hows htat possible xD

Marc – i learn the american way