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24 Aug

I actually meant to post this blog 😀

Sand from a Distant Shore

For the last week I’ve been trying to compile a post, adding a little here and there… only to look at it the next day and find it totally outdated already. In deference to this, I’m just going to skip most of everything that happened (for now) and talk about Naju!



I found out where my placement would be a few weeks ago, but I only learned about my home-stay on Monday night. That gave me only one full day, Tuesday, before my ceremonial departure on Wednesday afternoon. I didn’t know what I would do if I got a huge family — I’d gone broke shopping for gifts in Seoul, and only had enough items for three people. I also hadn’t been able to turn up any gifts for boys. If I got a host brother, I’d be screwed.

Fortunately, there are three people in my family: my…

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24 Aug

Wow no one has been here for a long time. Well any ways , I found this interesting blog of a friend who is doing her Fullbright Scholarship in South Korea.  ^_^ South Korea the hub of online gaming. Her method of writing is like reading a novel and its addicting I think you all should give this blog a go. 😀

just click on the link and it will take you to her blog 😛


Japan Culture Day Fund Raising Event

23 Apr

Made by Char 😀

Hey guys incase you don’t have anything to do on saturday, April 30th, you could come to the Japan Culture Day event at FIU.

We also need volunteers incase your interested 😀 just email: ( I check this email constantly >_<)

Plus we will have DDR tournament, Karaoke, Origami, Para Para dancing, Yosakoi dance (i’m in this one >_<),  Aikido demonstration (i’m participating in this, so you’ll probably see me get thrown), Kendo, Iaido (Traditional Japanese swordsmanship), Taiko Drumming ( its those huge drums they play on), Lots of food XD,  kanji face painting, keitai strap (phone strap, you learn to make them) and other activites cause yeah there is alot, ooh! i forgot there is also Japanese games as in Janken (paper, scissor rocks (but extreme), this bread race?  XD its really weird games.

Yeah just want to get it out there.

And um I couldn’t go out yesterday to Christine because i had no car and I um fell asleep after orly texted me so i missed most of the text you guys sent me.

Sowwy >_<

My dreams on paper

21 Oct

I have started to draw a series of comics, consist of the odd dreams I have been having . The again I am weird.   😀

They are also drawn as chibi because apparently i excel at drawing chibi and no longer tall people . ;_;


The first  random chapter is


Its the dream where marc, kevens, felix, orlando, chipmunk, sheilakira and I are in the sailor-moon world. And let me tell you we dont do well as super heros in mini skirts. Unable to speak Japanese, we do not understand our enemies because they speak Japanese even though they came from space and are far more advance beings.


Second Chapter is Silent Hill…….. ‘_’  its all i  have to say. Wes is the main character and you won’t guess who is his “daughter”.



Anyways I’m working on cleaning them up using photo-shop.

Stop Motion Madness

7 Aug

I found this awesome video while surfing Stovila’s blog site 😀

I’m in love with the video and the song. Thanks Stovila for finding this work of art.

Its called “Her Morning Elegance”

Somehow it portrays my life currently just that socks don’t fly by, but it would explain why i am missing pairs in my drawer.

Soccer for South America

3 Jul

Why is it that when the World Cup starts people start hating on South America being in the semi-finals and possibility be the winner of the tournament.
Geez, don’t be hating a team because of their tactics and skills on the soccer field.

With the defeat of Argentina, so many people started bashing South America. (I wasn’t for Argentina to win instead I wanted Germany to win XD). But seriously as someone from south American decent gawd really people stop hating that your team didn’t make it to the semi-finals. Its all on skills really, well plus health condition before the game and weather condition and state of mind. BUT SKILL OVERALL lol

What got me ranting was the people at the Falls today bashing on south America saying they always have the glory ‘_’ …..they sound like bickering children really but also this comment kinda tick me off also

I came across this comment when I was searching for the Paraguay and Spain final results. a greeting of the Netherlands..congratulations with the nice defeat of Argentina.
Maybe now the south Americans will understand that real football is played in Europe.
Orange will meet Germany in the final..hope we… can show the world a clean, sportive and attractive game..that the best may win!

Real Football is played by anyone who has skill and heart to actually play the game. Not a tard like Mr. Anon who probably does not play so much soccer in order to respect the sport >_>.

*****And yes Marc, I have been drinking Hatorade 😀

In the World of Mac

28 May

So apparently having a mac or attaining many mac products you slowly succumb to the Mac syndrome.

You become obsessive with mac products and their release date unless you work at the Apple store.

And if someone does not appreciate Mac ( as in buying one) they will become extremely hostile and try to convenience you about the wonders of mac even though they are not a sales representative for the store.

Well this happened to me today in the Dadeland Apple Store. An mac enthusiast had tired to convince me about the wonders of mac.  The person clearly need mental aid ‘_’ as he would not let me leave, i just came in only to look at the compy!

The man was repeating “Macs are the future, you have to understand that”. I couldn’t really escape until he was distracted by a person with a bright color shirt that said ” I Puf” with a picture of guy smoking  the picture looked kinda like this but its not quite the same So i saw my chance and ran out of the store. Now I’m scared of crazy mac people in the apple store >_<.


24 Nov


I found this interesting Drama called Ohitorisama meaning “one person”. It revolves around the life of Akiyama Satomi who is a very independent women who concentrates mostly all her energy in her workspace, hence she does not have time for romance. Akiyama sensei is well organized, and has superb time management skills……….at work that is. However at home, she is disorganized, she cannot cook so mostly she would order take-out.  She is 33 years old and teaches history at a prestigious all-girl school, high school that is. Because of a teacher getting married the school had to hire a temporary teacher, here comes the phenomenon that makes Akiyama’s world upside down. The substitute teacher’s name is Kamisaka Shinichi, he’s inexperience in teaching and so Akiyama Satomi gets chosen to mentor Kamisaka in honing his teaching skills. Already all the female staff (teachers) are head over heels with Kamisaka, but Akiyama. Oh i forgot to say that Kamisaka sensei is 10 years younger than Akiyama. What will happen with these two unlikely pair?

I’ll put the wiki explanation here:

33-year-old Akiyama Satomi is a history teacher at the prestigious all-girls high school she once attended. She has earned the nickname “ohitorisama” (meaning “one person”) for her perfectionism and capability to handle any work by herself. At the same time, the name also refers to her lack of romance. One day, a young man named Shinichi arrives at the school as a temporary instructor. He’s ten years younger than Satomi, has only worked part-time jobs, and has neither money nor status. Although the other female teachers and students find him cute, he is completely not Satomi’s type… or is he? Will love blossom between this unlikely pair? Tokyograph

I really like this drama, the storyline keeps me laughing and intrigue the whole entire time :D, its only about 11 episodes long.

While my point in posting this this here is for you guys to check it out. You might like it 😀
So I will post the first episode here 😀

The video is in parts (8 parts in total) I’ll upload the episode later.


Windows just gets more retard with each release

9 Nov

Well I have windows 7 premium, i thought it would be a lot better than Vista. It is in some aspects but in some parts it is not. It is depressing. I want to install a language pack other than English and I cannot do that because my windows is premium. You can only install lanuage packs on Ultimate and Enterprise. WTF?! Seriously? i have to pay extra to have a function that had always come basic with previous version of windows? Microsoft are your developers or marketers on crack? seriously? SERIOUSLY!!

no wonder people are turning to either Linux or Mac because it actually allows basic freaking features such as this exist!! Hell i just installed Linux on my computer so i can actually do things instead of paying for an “ultimate” version of windows to get what i want.  I keep windows because unfortunately some program only work on windows and not linux >_>. Damn Microsoft i hope your reading this, your marketing ideas or profiting ideas just get more depressing with each release. Its like you don’t really listen to the customers with taking away this option. You just lost a customer windows because my next computer will definitely have a Mac OS or any other OS that is not Windows installed.

Something Chipmunk forgot

4 Nov

princess whats her name gets replace by chipmunk