Starcraft 2 Builds: 2Fact 2Port

23 Feb

Holy cow! For TvT here’s what has got to be one of the most exciting mirror matchup builds around.

Click here for 2Fact 2Port Build Order

This play style is all about using Terran units but playing them as Zerg instead!

Usually same race matches are a boring [I send my guy and ZOMG you sent that SAME exact  guy. *make another unit* – oh crap! he’s got the same guy as me, letme switch it up.. oh crap he copied me again.. Uggg] kinda things but not anymore (or atleast not with Terran versus Terran)! This genius build was created by player iEchoic (a top 50 US player) and has apparently been causing quite a stir among the SC community. The 2fact2port opening relies on an aggressive hellion + air composition.

M&Ms and Tanks just don’t cut it anymore and are limited in what they can do versus higher Tiered units. It seems all Terran compositions can be beaten with only Hellions, Banshees, Vikings, and Battlecruisers. This build utilizes two fast factories and then two fast starports (no sh*t – it’s in the freaking name!). You research Infernal pre-igniter as soon as possible. The quick 2 factories give you a strong early aggression-stopper (vs marines and hellions), and gives you map control. The hellions are mobile enough to zoom across the map quickly and have the ability to melt M&Ms into really warm pudding. The medivac is created to give you a good counter-attack and economic damage threat. This is a hard-counter to rushed cloaked banshees + bunker at front as you can simply carry your hellions to the back of their base and melt tons of SCVs with just a few flamethrowers. The double starports give you a HUUUGE amount of flexibility for countering most all popular terran openings (even my beloved Banshee Rush). Banshees can be countered by simultaneously creating a raven and a viking, while still dropping hellions. Marine/Tank openings can be countered by creating vikings and banshees both at the same time (banshees for the tanks, Vikings for the dropshits, and then land to cleanup the marines were squeezed out with your superior FIRE-POWAH! Reactor-starport openings can be countered by creating 3 vikings at once instead of two (for those of you bad at math: 3 > 2).

As I first meantioned your playing this build with a Zerg mentality. The composition works pretty much exactly the same way as mutalisk/zergling/baneling, and has a similar playstyle. The blue flamed hellions act as the banelings since they kill marines and are disposable except Hellions don’t always HAVE to blowup and double as being great for recon/scouting. The Banshees act as the mutalisk’s air-to-ground attack by cleaning up ground units after banelings hit. The Vikings act as the mutalisk’s air-to-air attack (holding air superiority while roaming the skies like a Jacket-wearing motorcycle gang of Tom Brokaws licking lemon lollipops in Lilly-hammer).  Should it get any further the battlecruisers (our favorite tanks of the skies) can act as broodlords, countering Thors although BCs are much easier to get and are also quite good versus marines.

This is NOT an easy build to master and it defiantly takes practice to master and to know what to do the correct time. This is not the type of build you read about, try, and immediately win all your games with. Scouting is KEY with this build! You must know exactly what your opponent is doing inorder to correctly counter it effectively (as with all battles) but this build allows you the ease to counter at the drop of a dime as well as prevent most cheeses. There are no Siege Tanks here period so turtling is NOT an option. This is a very aggressive build that allows you  to react to all TvT openings, has the flexibility to take/gain map control, and allows you to do economic damage faster than other “mobile” builds (mobile meaning: Mundo goes where Mundo pleases).  The build works for the same reasons as muta/ling/baneling and therefore surprises your enemy by changing the TvT into a ZvT with some added benefits. This build is more powerful on longer rush distances due to the mobility advantage. Keeping map awareness and map control is very important (scout at every opportunity). Losing air control is bad (similar to how losing all your mutas results in you being vulnerable to drops and banshees).  iEchoic said it best: “Play like a zerg player. Keep that mentality in mind.”

This build was uploaded by RaynorRaider and found while browsing the forums

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