Starcraft 2 Builds: Banshee Rush

11 Feb

My absolute favorite build – If HuK’s most well known Protoss build is the Mothership Rush, mine has to be the Banshee Rush when I play Terran.

Click here for Banshee Rush Build Order

The match has just barley started, you just started gaining enough tier 1 units to send out and begin battle with your opponent, you mobilize your units and to your surprise when their halfway across the map you hear “BASE IS UNDER ATTACK!”… your sitting there wondering – wtf? You zoom your map back to find that half of your mineral gathering workers have vanished and hovering above them 2 little banshees are wreaking havoc. You rush back to base to take them out and they vanish in midair! WTF?! Their cloaked?! The match just started about 5 minuites ago and your out of minerals and workers to mine them. Theirs nothing else you can do and your tier 1s are now getting picked off one by one as more bashees decide to join in on the fight. You’ve just been Banshee Rushed… GG?

The very first build I tried was this cheesy little number which I have adored since day one of my ladder matches. This build can be easily countered if scouted early enough so (like most cheese builds) this relies heavily on surprise to be effective. Destroying the enemy economically is the main aim of this build, however it may be possible to damage tech structures or production facilities or trigger an overreaction. Since the Banshee’s are your main focus your base usually ends up with nothing to block against their leftover units.

Most people call it an “All In” strategy but I disagree. Banshee’s will not win you the game every time but it will however stop or atleast slow down your enemies economy if done correctly. Two simultaneous hits from two Banshees is enough to one shot any worker unit (as well do insane damage to any other nearby units). After your fourth banshee is out, you’ll want to stop and change up your strategy. At this point you’ve forced your opponent to find a last minute counter to your invisible ragecopters. Watch them carefully while your over there and counter their counters. Not to mention since the Banshee’s are your main focus, your base usually ends up with nothing to block against their left over units. Personally, I like leaving a Sieged Tank at my front door just after my first 2 Banshees are ready to rollout to welcome anyone just incase. Your opponent will often end up desperate and will more than likely attempt to finish my base off by sending the last units they could make. Once the tanks blow them up theres nothing more they can do but surrender and push your profanity filter to the max. You can never stop making units even after the Banshees pop out since it’s NEVER a guaranteed victory. You always wanna have a backup plan to transition into to take care of whatever is left on your opponent’s side.

Banshees are weak against Stalkers, Hydralisks, Thors, Phoenix, Vikings, and Mutalisk. Lucky for us you don’t usually see any of these counters that early into the game unless your opponent has been scoutings nonstop and dancing around the insides of your base. Banshees will go againt Tier1 Units usually. Terran players generally tend to make M&Ms first (Marines and Marauders) isn’t a bad opening but if the marines can’t see what they are firing against due to the Banshee’s super special awesome cloaking ability – their useless! (same goes for the Stalkers but usually Protoss players don’t get them out in time) As for the Marauders, Roaches, Zerlings, and Zealots – well there isn’t much they can do except watch your enemies income drop to zip and maybe try and push against your base.

Whenever I play a Terran opponent I throw up a Missle Turret towards the back of my base to protect my workers just incase they try the same to me. More players will start building air defense when it’s already too late. You’ll have to watch out and keep an eye for any missile turrets, canons or spore crawlers during the assault as they can detect and easily kill off your banshees. SCVs can be easily focused during turret construction and halt that turret from finishing. The other canons and crawlers you’ll want to destroy ASAP before they popup.

In terms of Multiplayer, I’ve seen some crazy 2v2 replays using this strategy. Whether both teammates decide to do it at the same time, or just one of you decides to give it a shot. One player in a teams match with no income means either they will rage quit or his teammate will have to bail him out with some of their income to recouperate – eitherway your team gains a major advantage so use it wisely and strike fast. I’ve also seen a Protoss Counterpart to this build using the Phoenix’s which basically does the same thing (aside from the cloaking). Phoenix’s can only attack flying units but with their Graviton Beam they can easily pick up worker units and kill them one by one. Not bad but since Phoenixes lack cloaking ranged units can focus fire them down without much trouble.


Visit for more crazy builds!


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  1. September 11, 2013 at 7:29 pm #

    sjalu,lav obo unntatt våken mellom området
    . blekemiddel gjennom sterkt .

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