Starcraft 2 Builds: Mothership Rush

8 Feb

So my first build post discussion has to be the most epic of Protoss builds known to the Starcraft universe – The Mothership Rush!

Click here for Mothership Rush build order

The goal is basically the complete and utter surprise of the opponent during a huge, detection-necessary, micro-heavy rush. This is one of those All-in builds which leave you completly defenseless at the beginning. If it fails, you lose. If it succeeds you’ll more than likely win epically with the loudest nerdgasms from spectators and replay lovers.

Once the Fleet Beacon comes down you’ve got about 2-3 minuites before the beauty pops out of your Nexus, but as all hardcore Starcraft players know ALOT can happen in that time frame. If your opponent catches sight of that Fleet Beacon before the actual ship they’ll probably start building counters immediately to go against it before it has a chance to reap devastating damage. This build heavily relies on surprise to be effective.

It’s pure genius if played correctly but can be stopped with a simple observer from the enemy side. Luckily since Starcraft 2 isn’t as big on cloaked unit detection as it was during the Brood Wars (atleast in Wings of Liberty) most players generally skip cloak detection until they see a direct need for it. Terrans generally use the energy from their Orbital commands for Scan Sweeps if they haven’t been pumping their energy into M.U.L.Es (which generally most pro players focus on without so so much as blinking until maybe they want to scout around the enemies base after their initial SCV can no longer do the job and their out of factories to fly over). Scan-spamming can counter Mothership but it makes it alot harder to micro when jumping back and forth between scannings and unit control.

I always figured Mothership Rush was more of a 1v1 thing but I’ve recently come across a replay that proves just how devastating this Rush can be in a 4v4 player map.  

Imagine all that firepower from the marines, marauders, and zerg forces all hidden away and untouchable as they lay waste to the enemies advancing forces… Still requires precaution as the enemies ranged anti-air units can still focus fire you down but dancing around the edges of the battle just out of range of the damage while still covereing your team and Independence day laserbeaming of the opponent should do the trick…

Ofcorse the Mothership has more up it’s sleeve than just an invisibility cloak stolen from the Peverell brothers (Harry Potter Reference). The Mothership’s Vortex ability can make that giant army your enemies have been working so hard on building magically vanish down a cosmic Protoss toilet for a couple seconds. Enough time to reorder your strongest units to the front of the battlefield, get your weakest ones to the back where they belong, and give you that extra time they don’t have when a base race is underway. Vortex their firepower.. Mass Recall your elite Protoss army from anywhere on the map to you.. and while their army is still temporarily missing – go for they’re economy and those squishy little workers.

Visit for more crazy builds!

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