I’m being slow

28 Sep

Yes I am being really slow on updates but here I am to fill you in on whats happened so far this month.

Well Sep 8th was my B-day so basically that was cool and all, watched Resident Evil and such nothing to big xD xD. Around the corner was Sep 13th and then I started my classes as ITT Tech and so far I am enjoying my classes there. I really don’t like the morning commute to class cause there is always a lot of traffic on the way to class but it can be nice at time to just turn up some tunes and Jam out in the car allowing random people in Miami to be like that kid is insane. LOL Well other than being a total loser int he car I’m studying Computer Drafting and Design at ITT and its not bad at all, its a lot of things that I’ve been introduced to while in High School and more, so its like a fresher with a lot of new knowledge.

Well other than school I got a PSP LOL yea I got a PSP when I started school, smart move on my part, but I had to get it only because Phantasy Star Portable 2 was out and you know me and Phantasy Star I can’t resist it. It’s like my crack and I can’t ever get rid of it no matter if I go to rehab or seek help from a psychiatrist LOL yea I should stop cause I myself am begining to sound really odd and stuff yea… LOL WE MOVE ON!

Ah yes the next subject I finally got my car! YAY! lol I’m driving the 93 Celica that was parked there for so long and its mine, well err not mine completely but Its mine for driving SO YAY! lol I can finally go to those strip clubs err I mean fundamental learning environments without any hassle… Yes learning environments that sounds about right. In the car there is weird ass Kenwood CD/radio/MP3  player my brother put in there while he was driving it and I am still confused on how to you it, I found a remote for it and stuff so I kind figured out how to work with it a bit, I’m just glad it works with the iPod, the only drawback is that the iPod puts your songs in random folders from F01 and so on and i have like 49 or 59 folders in there? so trying to find a song is a big pain in the butt because I can’t use the iPod directly I have to use the player in the car and its just skims through the folders. I did however figure out how to get from folder to folder now i jsut have to start a memory bank in my head to figure out which folder has which song I want to hear.

Ok! Other than that here is a few things thats cool about other stuff. The blog banner! LOL YEA its not up yet, but this blog banner I am NOT

doing. Yes someone else is creating my idea with their drawing skills. (and that person is somewhat going all out putting my previous banner drawing to a lil shame cause there is detail in them this time <_<) I could post previews off what has been done but I still need to reinstall the

scanner and a few other programs back onto my PC ( yea I reformatted recently was running a bit sluggish), Other than the banner the new Do As Infinity single is out today JIDAISHIN and also HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DO AS INFINITY!!! =D =D =D thats 11 years of Do As Infinity and it just gets better and better ^^. Also! I shouldn’t really be doing this but I am going to try tonight at 5:30am (eastern time) if you have an account at NicoDouga you could possibly watch it, If you have a premium account for sure you can watch but I have a regular standard one, so HOPEFULLY I can get to watch it! (pretty please? :’] ) Well other than what I discussed thats about all that happened so far in September or what I can recall what happened. Well hopefully on days like today when I don’t have class I can update more other than that LATER DAYS! =D

3 Responses to “I’m being slow”

  1. Chipmunkitis September 29, 2010 at 10:48 am #

    wtf, 5:30 am? Don’t you have class?

    • xemsaj September 29, 2010 at 11:02 am #

      Somehow I doubt that really matters to him. =P

      • frozenbreak September 29, 2010 at 7:29 pm #

        Haha Jamesy, you sir are right :3

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