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26 Aug

Hellooooo people, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything of substance.. though I do enjoy making posts mocking Marc. While classes officially started for me on Monday and most of the summer consisted of me working, sleeping, eating, sleeping and working. I did get to go on vacation recently to Seattle to visit my brother and his girlfriend! It was so much fun, I never realized how much I really didn’t like fast food all that much until I went there. xD I didn’t see a single McDonald’s or Taco Bell… though I did see once the god forsaken Colonel. Anyway, before I start just rambling I figure I should organize this in linear order instead of me just talking in circles. =P

So anyway, on the day of my travel to Seattle, I got in trouble with airport security, which I feel that Columbus airport security was completely rude compared to Seattle’s but I digress. I had not taken my laptop out of my bag and so was sent back through the line, but they didn’t really tell me what to do and every single one of them pointed in different directions. Anyway, I had to go back through the line and do all the fun security checks again and finally got to go to the terminal, fortunately this was the only hassle I had to go through. Other than that there was just a two hour layover in O’Hare and finally after what was about 10 hours.. we arrived in Seattle’s airport at 8! We left at 3, that stuff just really never makes sense. So I arrived there and was starving because all I had had that day was some breakfast and a pretzel at O’Hare so my brother took me this neat drive-in place, which you never see any in my town. There were about 3 items on the menu: burgers, milkshakes, and fries. So I needed all 3 of these in order to satisfy my hunger. Other than that, the night was just spent chilling at my brother’s house and playing boardgames.

The second day was mostly spent walking around downtown Seattle. There was a market down by the bay which was flooded with people and all kinds of different wares, ranging from fruits to knickknacks and stuff. There was also a seafood place almost hidden away in the market which was superb, the fish and chips was excellent… especially since I’ve never had it before. xD The third floor where we ate also had a nice view of the bay and we watched a Navy parade come into the harbor, after eating we walked around the harbor listening to the navy band play and watching the ships. Speaking of the Navy ships, there were a bunch of protesters out and about.. I assume to protest the war or something =P. Anyway, we started walking back and Seattle is really hilly and I never, ever walk anywhere in Ohio so my legs were killlllling me, actually they hurt pretty much the entire trip since there were so many places we walked to xD. We also visited one of the locks and got to see a bunch of salmon… it was interesting lol, then we picnicked on a beach on the bay. We managed to sit next to the drunken 20 somethings who continously asked us “What’s up?!” Other than that it was pretty mellow and we just hung out at the house for the rest of the night.

The third day we went hiking on Mt. Si, which was beautiful landscape, but horrible on my unaccustomed legs.. Honestly this trip just made me realize how out of shape I was. Anyway, it was a 4 mile hike up and another 4 down, we only made it about 2 miles up before we decided to go back, not that my brother was out of shape or anything but my sister and I were unaccustomed to such things xD. That ate up a good chunk of the day and we spent the rest of the day going to the grocery store to buy food, because we had a cook-out that night, and basically just chilling at the house again.

The fourth day my sister and I got to walk around Seattle on our own because my brother had to work that day and couldn’t get it scheduled off, but we met him for lunch and had some indian tacos at the clinic he works for, then we took a tour of the underground of Seattle, which pretty interesting history wise. After that we rushed home because we were taking a little bit of a road trip to the Olympic Peninsula which is reachable by a ferry near Seattle. The reason for going to the Peninsula was mostly for my sister, she wanted to visit Forks. Now, for those of you who don’t know, and before this trip I didn’t know either, the Twilight movies are shot there or something, I think. Anyway, we rushed up to the ferry and found a two hour wait so we decided to have dinner before getting in line for the ferry and lo and behold the wait was much shorter after we had dinner. The ferry was the first time I had ever been on a boat, well a larger boat I guess, so it was a cool experience. Anyway, we stopped at a holiday inn not too far from the ferry and stayed there for the night.

The next day we drove on to Forks, I think the weather was reflecting my mood because it was cloudy and rainy most of the time. At one dismal point, I actually stepped into a souvenir shop. Thankfully, we didn’t stay that long since there were not really that many things to see. We had lunch in Port Angeles and drove up to Olympic Mountains to see the Hurricane Ridge which is supposed to provide a wonderful view of most of the peninsula, unfortunately the mist was so heavy you couldn’t see a thing except for one point the mist broke and we got to see a bit of the valley then promptly filled back in. Other than that we drove along a river which had a wonderful view and the low clouds actually looked awesome over the river. We waited for the ferry and hurried home, had dinner at a pub type place and then drove my sister to the airport because she was leaving earlier than I was.

The sixth day? I guess it was the sixth day, we went to the Kubota Garden. It was a garden created by a Japanese man.. who’s first name I can’t remember but his family name was obviously Kubota who created a very large garden using Japanese styles in gardening and Northwestern American plants. It was a cool little place and I spent a lot of time just wondering around, thinking “ooo where does this go!?” the one thing I loved was all the running water and little waterfalls in the garden. We also saw a duck! and some of it’s ducklings =D. Then we went to this Japanese restaurant called Oasis Cafe, which didn’t seem very Japanese to me but the Sushi was excellent and the Sukiyaki was very good too, though it was definitely more like a soup rather than the traditional way of serving it. To finish off the evening we watched The Men Who Stare at Goats, which was by far one of the strangest movies I’ve seen.

The seventh day, we literally did nothing. My brother and I just sat around beating this one tower defense type game on Kongregate, I won’t lie that I enjoyed it though. I really can’t remember doing much of anything else that day, although I believe we ate some Ethiopian food at this one Ethiopian place, which wasn’t bad.

The last day before I left was pretty interesting. We went kayaking and my brother and I had a double. Only the rudder was jammed or something and my brother accidently broke it trying to get it to steer correctly. Needless to say there was a bit of yelling, a bit of laughing and a lot of going the wrong direction trying to steer by using the paddles. After all that crazy nonsense we chilled at the house again and had some burgers, just spending some time together since it was my last night there.

Anyway, the travel home was pretty boring, my checked bag wasn’t actually checked because we got there too late to check it in but it ended up I could take it as carry-on anyway and just barely made it to my gate in time for my flight. There was a 2 hour layover in denver but it all went fine and then I got home! Woohoo.. Anyway, that’s the story of my trip to Seattle! The little bit of my summer that was left was taken over by my getting Starcraft 2 which I have been playing during most my free time! =P Xemsaj, signing out! xDD

Man that was lame of me.



23 Aug


Hakuōki 薄桜鬼 〜新選組奇譚〜, Hakuōki ~Shinsengumi Kitan

16 Aug

Well i got a new interesting anime, not that new, because it was aired on April 4th 2010 and the first season is already done (12 episodes), Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan is an anime based on a PS2 romance adventure otome game (games targeted toward girls). The story start with Yukimura Chizuru who travels from Edo (Tokyo old’s name) to the capital Kyoto (Long time ago main capital of Japan) in search of her missing father Doctor Yukimura, being chase by the Rasetsu (human-demon-like) she end up witnessing a fight between them and the Shinsengumi, due to this she is taken in custody by the Shinsengumi till they think what to do with her, after finding out that Chizuru is the daughter of Doctor Yukimura Kondou same doctor that they searching on, the Shinsengumi then takes Chizuru along on their search after the missing doctor, here is the interesting part (at least for me),the main males characters in this anime are based on real character of Japanese history, members of what in reality was the Shinsengumi (special police force) of the late shogunate period, though they are more anime and manga based in this characters this show is fictional, adding supernatural elements and fictional enemies, it mixes these elements with real events of the history of Japan and THEY ARE ALL HOTTIES, lol! I’m sooo into Saito Hajime in here ❤
There is a rumored second season coming out this October, well hoping you like it me off ^^ Ja ne!

Only guy pic is Hajime Saito (picture is current wallpaper on my laptop), isn’t he HOT? <3<3<3<3<3<3 :3

Long awaited James Corner

11 Aug
[2:46:55 AM] Marc: oh tell me you made a new folder for all the pics LOL
[2:47:04 AM] James: ummm…. no =P
[2:47:07 AM] Marc: LAWL
[2:47:08 AM] Marc: ok
[2:47:14 AM] Marc: ill fix it up and w/e
[2:47:47 AM] Marc: unless you compress it all into 1 file but knowing you, you didnt so LOL
[2:48:01 AM] James: uhhh nope! =D
[2:48:07 AM] Marc: ding ding ding
[2:48:16 AM] Marc: marc 1 lazy 0
[2:48:29 AM] James: hey… my name is lazy James… not just lazy
[2:48:54 AM] Marc: well i was jsut talkign to your lazy not specifally you oh i give up
[2:49:06 AM] James: then I win? =P
[2:49:09 AM] Marc: no
[2:49:13 AM] Marc: my lazy won that round
[2:49:14 AM] James: fkldslfkasdfds
[2:49:21 AM] James: wtf your lazy gave up
[2:49:27 AM] Marc: no
[2:49:32 AM] Marc: YOUR LAZY gave up
[2:50:19 AM] James: how the hell does that make sense… look at me my name is Marc and I saw things that don’t make sense like 2+2=4 and Narnia is real!
[2:50:34 AM] Marc: HAHAHA
[2:50:42 AM] Marc: don’t bash on my narnia bitch!
[2:51:11 AM] James: lol you didn’t even get the 2+2 thing
[2:51:14 AM] James: =P
[2:51:34 AM] Marc: 2+2=4 lol whats wrong with that
[2:51:40 AM] Marc: oooo
[2:51:42 AM] Marc: LOL
[2:51:55 AM] James: 2+2 obviously = fish
[2:52:02 AM] Marc: duhh!
[2:52:08 AM] James: xD
[2:52:37 AM] James: ooohhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaah

Stop Motion Madness

7 Aug

I found this awesome video while surfing Stovila’s blog site 😀

I’m in love with the video and the song. Thanks Stovila for finding this work of art.

Its called “Her Morning Elegance”

Somehow it portrays my life currently just that socks don’t fly by, but it would explain why i am missing pairs in my drawer.

Wes got JACKED

6 Aug

Cookies taste extra good when you know you jacked them from Wesley =D. MMMMMHMMMMM Wesley’s cookies! LOL

Heres what happened. After Orlando’s birthday dinner, well actually before the dinner Wes, Alex and I headed to publix and Wes got himself some doughnuts and cookies and placed them in his car. The scene after dinner was myself, and guy Alex working together to hi-jack his cookies and the heist was a success. Cookies never tasted better when you hi-jacked you friends cookies.

Graphics Card goes BOOM!!!

5 Aug

Well not really but it had an error. The funny thing about this is that it happened once before while I was raiding fighting a boss in Ice Crown Citadel in WoW. I was lucky enough to remember what I was supposed to  do and knew what buttons were on my bar xD. But now it happens again and now I can show you how it looked like while I was doing that raid.

Aren’t Pixels Fun!!! =D

New Friends =D

3 Aug

Well while I was warming up my lunch today I saw there was A LOT off these guys outside so I had to take snap shots of them. Its really awesome that they are used to me cause they see me a lot, or they are around humans a lot but still I had a lot of fun taking these! Enjoy =D

Its nice to know the mango trees and my flower trees are there for these guys, gives them shade/cover, food, and a home to keep them safe from idiots in my neighborhood.

Oh Daisy

3 Aug

I'm too old for this shit

LOL my brother posted this picture not to long ago of Daisy and every time I see it, I always think she looks like some old lady and it keeps reminding me of my grandmother xD its really silly and cute. Oh Daisy you are one weird dog xD

Sunshine Girl acoustic!

3 Aug

The acoustic version of Sunshine Girl! =D Yuka is so good live! =D Enjoy =D I think they should release an acoustic version off this, but they don’t really release acoustic mostly English versions. Maybe it will be an iTunes special release or something =D