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Soccer for South America

3 Jul

Why is it that when the World Cup starts people start hating on South America being in the semi-finals and possibility be the winner of the tournament.
Geez, don’t be hating a team because of their tactics and skills on the soccer field.

With the defeat of Argentina, so many people started bashing South America. (I wasn’t for Argentina to win instead I wanted Germany to win XD). But seriously as someone from south American decent gawd really people stop hating that your team didn’t make it to the semi-finals. Its all on skills really, well plus health condition before the game and weather condition and state of mind. BUT SKILL OVERALL lol

What got me ranting was the people at the Falls today bashing on south America saying they always have the glory ‘_’ …..they sound like bickering children really but also this comment kinda tick me off also

I came across this comment when I was searching for the Paraguay and Spain final results. a greeting of the Netherlands..congratulations with the nice defeat of Argentina.
Maybe now the south Americans will understand that real football is played in Europe.
Orange will meet Germany in the final..hope we… can show the world a clean, sportive and attractive game..that the best may win!

Real Football is played by anyone who has skill and heart to actually play the game. Not a tard like Mr. Anon who probably does not play so much soccer in order to respect the sport >_>.

*****And yes Marc, I have been drinking Hatorade 😀