Pokemon Black and White First Screenshots

15 Apr

First Screenshots of Pokemon Black/White

Pokemon Center B/W betaBy the looks of it, this Pokemon game has finally FULLY 3D using what appears to be the same 3D engine from Platinum(Distortion world) and parts of Heartgold/Soulsilver (Olivine lighthouse, safari zone path, ect) tho it seems to be implimented abit more throughout the ENTIRE world as opposed to just certain spots and by the looks of it even in the battling! Either that or they just lowered the camera angle abit.. I’m not sure which. Honestly I think it kind of distorts some of the NPCs in the distance but it’ll add a new level of puzzles and lots of secret spots for enemy trainers to pop out at you with a giant [ ! ] over they’re heads when you least want it ( lolz! we’ve ALL been there ).

Battle Screenshots from B/W

Even the battles have got an extra depth of 3D mixed into them! Probably nothing too spectacular but if you compare it to what were used to and where pokemon first was back in Red/Blue/Green, we’ve come a long way over the years. This is by far the sexiest battle terrain yet and by the looks of it we’ll actually be able to see out Pkmn completly – not just the top half of they’re heads and backs.

Unknown 3D city in Pokemon B/W

Check the official Pokemon B/W website for more screenshots (note: may require some japanese)! =D epicness! Now if only they add a better multiplayer option and for sure bring back the following lead Pokemon option from HG/SS (which has yet to be seen in ANY of the screenshots.. grr) then it could very well be set as the best Pokemon game of all- but for now we can only hope! Eitherway it looks frigging sexy!!!

2 Responses to “Pokemon Black and White First Screenshots”

  1. Brandon at 9:54 pm #

    omg you saw this too? lol idk if i want it or not.

  2. frozenbreak at 1:39 pm #

    the whole 3d stuff is nice.

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