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some roots ‘_’

26 Mar


i was checking back at live journal today, thats like a punch in the FACE from the past than a blast unless you want to say a blast from the past IN yo face thats fine too

but anyways, LJ links are still saved on our home pc so i wanted to look back and surprisingly its still running

its been 4ever since we’ve been on LJ but it was some memorable moments

i guess it was just another victim of “trends of the moment”




20 Mar

I downloaded the ost to FF XIII

now of course i knew beforehand that it would be nice, but now that i have it i have to say it is kickass

if you’re like me and you like listening to game music along with other music

you like having awsomeness lol

lately i’ve been getting around to finishing getting some game OSTs that i had before

so far i have


Z.O.E. 2nd




that’s to name a few

the FF XIII OST is amazing it was composed by Masashi Hamauzu

i don ‘t think he’s new but i know that Nobuo Uematsu left Square-enix along with some other composers not to long ago

he definatly was my favorite

but now i guess we’ll hear more from people like Masashi who did a great job for XIII

XII’s OST was good, it was classical but it wasn’t like the others it could have been better, so now with this  XIII is a very kickass one since a long time. It’s very reminiscent of X’s soundtract but still very much original there is a lot of tracts that i like in this one especially Sayuri Sugawara’s theme song which unfortunately didn’t come to the US version of FF XIII we got Leona Lewis not that her song is bad its actually good but i would of prefered Sayuri’s song

well i guess that’s all i can’t go specific with the songs cuz theres a lot lol

and i think this my first time kind of reviewing an OST or at least music for that matter well thats cool XD

laters friends

Skype XD

19 Mar

finally learned to use this blasted thing today, properly

skype oooo skype

i felt like i was right there with my friends it felt great, i miss my friends

but we sure did enjoy ourselves. from the time of separate game playing to laughing at other people singing

o my bad did i say at other people i meant to say we had nice great fun XD lmao

i really do miss u guys

Back in time.

19 Mar

Look what we used to use =D ohh the good times indeed.

Check out that blast from the past! too bad I don’t have any other games to play with it other than Pokemon Blue (one of the best Pokemon games released next to Silver). LOL and check out that link cable, I remember my uncle in Canada got it for me and I used it soo much when I was in middle school LOL man I was such a geek in middle school. Link cable was like a big priority too those Pokemon games especially if you wanted those Mystery Gifts LOL oh the past. Also I tried out my blue version today on the Advance and it still works! it was crazy how I only had one level 100 Pokemon and everything else was in the 50’s. I also looked at my Pokemon league and I had a lvl 16 Bellsprout in my Pokemon league hall of fame (LAWL) .

Lion Heart – EP

18 Mar

So I was catching up on 2 episodes of Ugly Betty and this song played at the end of one of the current episodes. The song is called “I wished for you” from an Indie artist Jasmine Ash. At 1st glance/listen I taught it would be Fiest but then after doing some looking up on the interwebs I found out it was Jasmine Ash. Now that i had the artist name click click itunes store and WOOP WOOP its there =D the Lion Heart EP and I’m REALLY digging it. The EP cost about $1.99 which was pretty awesome and it came with 3 tracks. Let me setup my whole cd layout thingy here…. lol

Lion Heart – EP

1. I Wished For You

2. All The Things We Do

3. Stop To Make A Start

Ok! here is my fail attempt to explain the tracks. The first track is a really nice sweet laid back relaxing song, the light piano keys and acoustic strums make the melody really relaxing I could say. It also has a really nice hook to the chorus that makes you get into the song.  Track two is more of the upbeat indie song. it starts off really strong with a really nice constant beat and then when the chorus picks it you get get into the song (man I really do suck at explaining music for someone who listens to it allll day). It somehow reminds me of Pin from Yeah Yeah Yeah’s but its totally different. The third track is a lot slower, something you might hear in a prom for slow dancing maybe, I like it but I prefer the 1st two songs more xD. I guess I have to listen to it more but I’m mainly jamming a lot to the 2nd song.

Botfly Larvae

18 Mar

So around 1pm-ish today I was channel surfing and came upon discovery channel and saw a show about people being bitten by things aka the title being “I was Bitten” and this one story came on and my reaction was like “OMG”. Ok the story was this kid had recently came back from Costa Rica and was bitten twice on both of his legs (one bite on each leg) after a while they began to puss but he noticed something moving inside the hole where he was bitten and noticed it was a botfly larvae in his leg. I was like ‘awaaaaahhhhhh eeweasdheefihdgjbgd” so I went around the net cause at 1st i forgot what it was that bit him and wanted to know what the worm was that was inside him and Luckily i came upon the actual video of him taking the worms out of his leg.

Yea just a warning don’t watch if your eating or can’t take it cause it was a bit gross. The methods he used to get it out was to use Vaseline to suffocate the larvae making it try to come out of the hole it was in. I would Link the video here embedded but due to his requests from youtube you have to go to that person youtube page (thanks for the heads up Brandon LOL) to watch it so anyways here the link to all three parts.

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Part 3 –

That red arrow point to it mouth parts. Imagine pulling this out of your own body :"(

WOW thats just wack! and it has to hurt like hell because the larvae has little spikes on it body pointing downward towards the tail so imagine he had to pull it out with the little spikes going against the flesh inside his leg. Awwww man the things we learn/see on discovery channel. ITS WACK!

WTH! 2?!?!

14 Mar

WOW!!!! this place is 2 years old now.


Happy Birthday Blog =D you have done well so far for 2 years :3

so lets take a lil look at the stats of this place.

Total views:91,393

Busiest day:496






For a complete random blog its handling itself pretty well =D. Weeeeeeeeeee 2 years I wonder how long it will stay up xD hopefully until wordpress gets tired of it xD.


13 Mar

Yea I’ve been hella lazy and not posting here lol but really there wasn’t much to post, and I’m still suprised that this place still gets over 100+ visitors a day LOL. Though when I look at the stats its all that Eliza Dushku crap so w/e.  Other than nothing really happening from the last post which was still nothing uhhhhh Alice in Wonderland came out, I saw it and I liked it it was really good, dunno why some people didn’t like it but meh I could care less what they think.

Oh and as of Last night my brother got married to his beloved girlfriend, though the wedding is in May they decided to have a family gathering and do this a bit earlier than expected. It was a nice little event and there was Ice Cream Cake at the end YUMMY =D. LOL hmmmmmm other than that nothing much really happened, unless you call my lawn growing so fast its like a  jungle again. then nothing.  Well hopefully something new happens soon, but mostly I’m waiting for the new moumoon minialbuma nd Rie Fu’s new session with Rie album to come out at the end of this month. Always hate it when they decided to release stuff at the end of the month its stupid LOL.  Ok I’m just blabbering about nothing that really matters so PEACE!

ALSO I should change that banner one day give ideas :3