This is Intersting!

26 Jan

Having a talk with Ivan over Silent Hill was really interesting last night. He then showed me this really interesting puzzle that he had to find a digit for. At 1st when I read the clue I was like OMG wow this is visually graphic lol but the puzzle behind it was pretty cool.

OK if you did play the game don’t ruin the fun 😛 Heres the clue.

I place my left hand on your
face as though we were to kiss.
Then I suddenly shove my thumb
deep into your eyesocket.
Abruptly, decisively,
like drilling a hole.
And what would it feel like?
Like jelly?
Trembling with ecstasy, I obscenely
mix it around and around: I must
taste the warmth of your blood.
How would you scream?
Would you shriek “It hurts!
It hurts!” as cinnabar-red tears
stream from your crushed eye?

At 1st i was like WTF how do I get a digit form this but then he gave me a clue and when you look at it like this is really helpful. So I guess I will give you a hint. look at a keypad on your phone. that helps solving this sooo much easier. xD


2 Responses to “This is Intersting!”

  1. cybermewtwo January 27, 2010 at 7:39 pm #

    im guessing QERTY keyboard phones like mine are useless for this kind of riddle eh?

  2. frozenbreak January 28, 2010 at 3:18 pm #

    just like at a keypad, its easy

    1 2 3
    4 5 6
    7 8 9

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