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Scrabble Night

29 Jan

Check out these hot scores from scrabble night.

It was a hard fight but I made it out the victor.  Good Game Mr.Wesley ^^

Then game 2 came around and Wes totally cheated. so Here!!!! BE HAPPY WES, yea you cheated, while reading this behind me being nosy and everything YEA KEEP SAYING WOW you know you cheated totally, no way you had those scores from the start. YEA you think you can edit it out PSSSH ill demote you. (not on wow) Yea ILL TAKE ABOUT WOW

whats up with that gear score? EH?  LOL ok.

Here is the 2nd scores.



wheeer ma inernets at yo

29 Jan

so yea like i was sposta get ma inernets tuesday with the phone and cable n stuff

but they DID came an all but the was a situation, so they have to come during the day

but since that day every day they be coming at odd times tryin to be like we gots an oppointment but

i mad it fo tuesday of next week but they came again then i made it for sunday

nnow i ont kno when they coming o when i gettin ma inernets damit

*pardonner moi mon slang – merci*


Kuma Chang Outed?

27 Jan

Apparently Utada just outed her teddy bear Kuma Chang o.O? lol ya its pretty funny. In a way to show her support for Gay Marriage Utada decided to draw on these baseballs that were given out to random few during her San Francisco tour date. On these particular baseballs she drew her favorite teddy bear Kuma Chang holding up signs saying to legalized Gay Marriage. It was really off guard move from her seeing that it was her “1st” act towards this situation. She took to her blog and posted this picture and entry.

Gay Kuma series 🙂

Macho-gay Kuma, girly-gay Kuma, and drag queen Kuma!

Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever really explained it here, but Kuma really is gay (he’s a boy but likes men only, no interest in girls…) so these illustrations flowed pretty naturally.

Oh, did I just out Kuma?

There you have it, by the words off Utada herself, Kuma Chang is indeed and in fact now a gay Teddy Bear. Random but interesting/silly/o.O?

This is Intersting!

26 Jan

Having a talk with Ivan over Silent Hill was really interesting last night. He then showed me this really interesting puzzle that he had to find a digit for. At 1st when I read the clue I was like OMG wow this is visually graphic lol but the puzzle behind it was pretty cool.

OK if you did play the game don’t ruin the fun 😛 Heres the clue.

I place my left hand on your
face as though we were to kiss.
Then I suddenly shove my thumb
deep into your eyesocket.
Abruptly, decisively,
like drilling a hole.
And what would it feel like?
Like jelly?
Trembling with ecstasy, I obscenely
mix it around and around: I must
taste the warmth of your blood.
How would you scream?
Would you shriek “It hurts!
It hurts!” as cinnabar-red tears
stream from your crushed eye?

At 1st i was like WTF how do I get a digit form this but then he gave me a clue and when you look at it like this is really helpful. So I guess I will give you a hint. look at a keypad on your phone. that helps solving this sooo much easier. xD

I love being random

26 Jan

Oh how I love being random

φ( ゚-゚)/ Marcoslavakia says:
oh really.
ジェームス says:
φ( ゚-゚)/ Marcoslavakia says:
i never knew.
ジェームス says:
φ( ゚-゚)/ Marcoslavakia says:
i have proof now too.
so you can’t deny it.
ジェームス says:
φ( ゚-゚)/ Marcoslavakia says:
i can’t tell you.
ジェームス says:
ok then…
φ( ゚-゚)/ Marcoslavakia says:
i can show you…
ジェームス says:
okay? lol I’m so confused

Blast You Utada

22 Jan

Everyday a new video gets posted of her “In the Flesh” tour and makes me hate how she is not touring in Florida. But then I look up and see the awesome autographs o have form her and then I feel somewhat happy again. But still, I do wish she had come back here, that would have been a really nice awesome group thing to do.  Damn you Utada D:

here we go again XD

20 Jan

well just started another semester today ive had only one class so far but i have two more later.

i thankfully passed all my classes for the last semester and so now im here but im still unsure where the HELL i wanna go lmao

but this semester i took a class in computer science to see if i was still interested in that i also wanted to take guitar for the sake of a hobby or so but damn it it was full already so for next semester ill try to get it first lol

ive also been thinking acting  but thats just in my mind atm so nothing really sure yet

well anyway i have intro to geography and environment which i had earlier today its not bad so far and the teacher seems cool enough

then there intro to economics and french 2 which i have to take both my next classes for today

then i have my next english level, intro to computer science and my last gym that i have to take

in total 6 classes this semester i wanted 5 but i had to take another but hopefully i ll be able to handle it and im gonna prepare accordingly too that stupid wnedys job aint gonna control me for shit im reducing that thing extremly and i definatly have to find another job lol

well i guess thats it my next class is at 1:00 so i won’t dwaddle much

laters take care everyone 😉

When things happen

14 Jan

Well well random title name for this entry but its a bit cool/funny. Like lets say when you are good friends with someone lets say they randomly give you a scanner =D YEP! xD I got a scanner finally so YAY no more taking pics in order to make the blog banners so expect to see something new soon once the idea comes to my head.

Another thing that goes with this “When things happen” is for those who failed to fix/ignore links/don’t do stupid stuff on msn/live messenger. Like today as I sign onto live messenger I received a message from my cousin and at 1st I was like “Ah its my cousin how nice to drop me a message” but once I opened it up I was shocked what I saw =O. Lets take a nice gander at it. It made me laugh a lot cause its too funny.

Clearly that smiley face was appalled to what he saw, just look at his face!

Whats also funny is how this message was in a Jamaican accent, I am part Jamaican so this was pretty funny but a lil awkward? LOL Oh wells, that’s the internet for you!


9 Jan




❤ ❤ ❤

What I do to my friends

8 Jan

φ( ゚-゚)/ Marcoslavakia says:
playins console games now, i disown you now!
James says:
lol play dragon age and yo will understand
φ( ゚-゚)/ Marcoslavakia says:
i have played it
i msut keep away form it
or ill be a hooked addict like lets say you
NOW GO COOK ME SEOM FRIED CHICKEN, Extra crispy plz. and some potato wedges.  (for those who don’t get this Joke he works at KFC, you slow people keep up!)
James says:
i wanna slap you =)
φ( ゚-゚)/ Marcoslavakia says:
James says:
lol you know it

All typos are brought to you by the makes of the Nintendo DS for making me play and type at the same time.