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bleh! ~_~

27 Dec

So Christmas came and went by so fast, insane eh? Hope everyone got what they wants, I semi did got me a new sweater and Dollhouse season 1 =D. HEHEHEHE well other than present my X-Mas went pretty smoothly went to my Aunts house and stayed there half the day, then hopped down to where my sister lives and spent the rest of the day there. But what made X-Mas kinda sucky was the way how it started. Nothing happened or anythign bad, its what caught me. I woke up X-mas morning my nose was killing me with sinus pressure I dunno wtf happened but bam! it was sinus. Then today when  I woke up (due to my mother yapping at me for nonsense) the sinus wasn’t that much off a problem but boy did my throat hurt like hell it was sore, and every time i tried to swallow any type of saliva it was like jagged rocks. But now i do feel much better, dunno how tomorrow will start but i hope it stays like this.

Also on a note when going to your aunts house and your eating at the table try to keep your hands free from little cousins with some white nail thingy or this will happen to you. first they did a line and I was to busy eating my lunch so i told them to just put smileys on them and this came to be.

My nails are just happy to see you.




OH yea… PS Orlando you suck…