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Being Sidetracked

15 Dec

During the past few days I began doing some X-mas shopping, so far is been god but then again I get sidetracked and end up spending money on myself. (blah I hate it when it happens XD) So in the process of getting some gifts I ended up splurging on getting these two items for myself. While shopping at The Falls I ended up caving in and continuing my Phantasy Star Collection and purchasing thew latest Phantasy Star 0(zero). The game is a lot of fun and I seem to be more on my DS more than I was with that brain killing Animal Crossing, and since its a Phantasy Star its online so if anyone else gets it or has it we should trade Friend Codes.After spilling like about thirty something bucks on PS0, I ended up getting Harry potter on DVD, and I told myself that if I was getting it, it would just be the regular wide screen DVD, but thus I ended up getting the 2 disc DVD set with the digital copy just because ORLANDO wanted to see the sneak preview for the 7th movie. So overall I spend a nice $20 something on that DVD and I was like oh crap I already spent $50 bucks on myself thats not good <_<. So now i have to really pay attention and kepe on track with my gift buying and not go after anything sprakly or shiny that grabs my attention.

Now I can’t believe I’m saying this but every year my brother makes a website and lists thing that he wants, and for once I’m actually waiting for that list to show up. QQ, well so far I have gifts for my bro,sister in law, I have an eye on something for my sister and I know what I’m getting my dad, but what to get that lil girl named Alex. I did see something but I knew she would be like LOL ok NEXT, gotta use my noggin on this one. Also I don’t even know what I want for myself, my sister asks me what i want and I can’t draw up a single thing, I have no idea what I want. I would say music CD or more XXXHOLiC but I dunno, I’m just drawing blanks O.o X-Mas is to confusing sometimes D:/