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24 Nov


I found this interesting Drama called Ohitorisama meaning “one person”. It revolves around the life of Akiyama Satomi who is a very independent women who concentrates mostly all her energy in her workspace, hence she does not have time for romance. Akiyama sensei is well organized, and has superb time management skills……….at work that is. However at home, she is disorganized, she cannot cook so mostly she would order take-out.  She is 33 years old and teaches history at a prestigious all-girl school, high school that is. Because of a teacher getting married the school had to hire a temporary teacher, here comes the phenomenon that makes Akiyama’s world upside down. The substitute teacher’s name is Kamisaka Shinichi, he’s inexperience in teaching and so Akiyama Satomi gets chosen to mentor Kamisaka in honing his teaching skills. Already all the female staff (teachers) are head over heels with Kamisaka, but Akiyama. Oh i forgot to say that Kamisaka sensei is 10 years younger than Akiyama. What will happen with these two unlikely pair?

I’ll put the wiki explanation here:

33-year-old Akiyama Satomi is a history teacher at the prestigious all-girls high school she once attended. She has earned the nickname “ohitorisama” (meaning “one person”) for her perfectionism and capability to handle any work by herself. At the same time, the name also refers to her lack of romance. One day, a young man named Shinichi arrives at the school as a temporary instructor. He’s ten years younger than Satomi, has only worked part-time jobs, and has neither money nor status. Although the other female teachers and students find him cute, he is completely not Satomi’s type… or is he? Will love blossom between this unlikely pair? Tokyograph

I really like this drama, the storyline keeps me laughing and intrigue the whole entire time :D, its only about 11 episodes long.

While my point in posting this this here is for you guys to check it out. You might like it 😀
So I will post the first episode here 😀

The video is in parts (8 parts in total) I’ll upload the episode later.