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20 Nov

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20 Nov

I’ve been a frequent listener to the MIPtalk, MIPtalk what is that you say Marc? Then let me tell you! (LAWL I sound so corny) But yes MIPtalk is quite and interesting place I learned about a while back. MIPtalk consists off two intellectuals Brad Rowe and Noam Dromi who as they say themselves “Seek out deep thinkers and shallow swimmers with reckless abandon as they attempt to find out anything and everything that is interesting about the world as we know it.”

I’ve listened to various numbers of podcasts and each (in its own) has its own uniqueness that makes you want to sit back and listen to the opinions, ideas, anything that is expressed on the show. It gets really good when they have guest speakers on their show it gets really interesting (lol I seem to be saying interesting a lot but its TRUE!) like the recent podcast with Esther Jeles. I can’t really say “oh my god go now and listen to every single podcast” but if you ever have some free time, give the site a visit and see if you can find any topics that interest you. Its a really interesting site and Brad Rowe is silly sometimes making a lil joke here with Noam Dromi. But yes! Give it a shot, a listen too and see if you can also become a recent visitor to the MIPtalk world =D.

Visit the site at – MIPtalk

Just a suggestion…

20 Nov

Can we please change the banner picture?! That damn bunny is starting to creep me out.